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CA Service Metric Analysis
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TEC496184 How to Upgrade Tomcat Instance for Service Pack 3 of CA Service Catalog r11.2, CA Service Accounting r11.2, CA Service Metric Analysis r11.1 and CA Service Assure r11.1 01/15/13
TEC478148 I've installed Service Catalog using a remote MDB, and when I log in, the web page is blank. 01/15/13
TEC547725 List of Features & Fixes included in Service Pack 5 for CA Service Metric Analysis & Assure r11.1 06/15/11
TEC507438 How to create an SMA metric type for percentage disk space usage. 02/05/10
TEC507427 How to apply SMA R11.1/SP2, Patch RO05288 on a TNGWVSERVER-Only system. 02/05/10
TEC507426 How to configure the log file size in SMA 02/05/10
TEC507425 How to backout SMA R11.1, SP3-patch RO08981. 02/05/10
TEC507423 How to create metric instances for NSM-CA-Agent-monitored disks through the slmloadcoll utility. 02/05/10
TEC491376 Even after upgrade to SP2 there are still negative values in SMA charts (especially in interface octets, packets, queue drops). How do you overcome the negative values in graphs? 06/25/09
TEC489840 Unicenter Management Portal launches SMA reports via the URL http://<server>:<port> which only works for internal users. 06/05/09
TEC479995 Importing CSV files causes SMA to create individual metric instances from each imported record (each row of data). 01/18/09
TEC478984 SMA Login Screen Refreshes when Launching Reports from Portal 01/09/09
TEC478344 Is there a limit to the number of metrics that can be monitored by a single DC Hub? 12/31/08
TEC478143 How to install SMA's NSM-WV gateway on a cluster? 12/28/08
TEC477408 How to limit the number of files to import at a time in SMA 11.1 Sp1 (to address low memory issues during the process of importing metric collections). 12/18/08
TEC477289 How do we restrict SMA users to view only common reports or those for their own Business Unit? 12/18/08
TEC477275 I would like to upgrade to SMA R11.1 SP1 but do not want to upgrade to SQL 2005. Is upgrading Unicenter Service Metric Analysis (SMA) R11.1 W/SQL 2000 SP4 to R11.1 SP1 w/SQL 2000 SP4 supported? 12/17/08
TEC477269 Unable to delete a report group from SMA. How to manually delete a group from the application via SQL 12/17/08
TEC477259 How to reload out-of-the-box metrics in SMA 11.1 SP1? 12/17/08
TEC477258 How do you load a 3rd-party MIB into SMA R11? 12/17/08
TEC477257 Adding a Business Process View (BPV) from Unicenter CORe ends with error: "Database save failed" 12/17/08
TEC477245 When I create a "TCP ECHO response time and availability" metric and test it, I get an error 12/17/08
TEC476834 When will metric instances deleted through the SMA GUI actually be physically deleted? 12/12/08
TEC476832 What MDB tables are associated with the Unicenter repository of a Service Metric Analysis R11 installation? 12/12/08
TEC476575 Does Unicenter Service Metric Analysis support any sort of failover or high availability? 12/11/08
TEC475824 Graph label in Service Level report, partly displays the metric instance name or doesn't display it at all 12/03/08
TEC468396 Unicenter Service Delivery: Service Metric Analysis: NSM Performance Management Cube importer configuration. 08/13/08
TEC463838 When running "Refresh Classes and BPVs" NOT all classes from Unicenter NSM are imported into SMA. 05/29/08
TEC463327 UNISLM-SMA-NSMGateway new repository not found 05/18/08
TEC446633 SMA scheduled reports are not running. Ad-hoc reports containing the same metric instances work with no problems and contain the correct data. 02/23/08
TEC446632 A Guide to Metric Instance status colors. 02/23/08
TEC406674 Understanding how the SLM Collector Process Works 01/23/08
TEC435005 When using slmloadcoll to load metrics into SMA, it's ignoring the checkUptime setting which is specified in the input file 10/04/07
TEC430034 Automatic SMA metric creation through NSM Performance Management Cubes (.pcm files) 07/28/07
TEC427914 The Size of the Microsoft SQL Server transaction log (smmdb_log.ldf) increases rapidly and may be GB's in size 06/30/07
TEC427273 How can I filter the Resource type and Resource Sub-type that will be imported into SMA as metrics when importing Unicenter Performance Management Cubes? 06/22/07
TEC426213 Sometimes the SLMnotify.log starts to grow in size alarmingly which causes the production server to crash or decrease the performance. How can this be avoided? 06/09/07
TEC424121 How to stop SNMP collection from being removed when the collection does not respond (temporarily). 05/10/07
TEC420840 Trying to use 'HTTP Server response time and availability' metric but over http proxy server 03/29/07
TEC406672 Include service incidents in availability measurements. 09/24/06
TEC396982 How to add a 3rd-party MIB to be managed through the SNMP Metric Wizard 05/20/06
TEC348005 Using the Unicenter SLM Collection Profile 11/17/04