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N/A Technical Document Index for Migrations
TEC431505 Fixes for Service Desk r11 Migrations 08/15/07
TEC1911912 Connecting Maileater to Office 365 Mail 09/06/15
TEC1021286 Xtraction for CA Service Management Windows 2003 - End of Support 07/13/15
TEC1357874 Service Desk Outgoing Email Using Office 365 05/04/15
TEC1267885 CA Service Desk Manager (CA SDM) Exports fail only through Microsoft Internet Explorer 04/29/15
TEC1178415 Problem installing Embedded Entitlements Manager (EEM). The following popup windows message appears: CA Directory configuration failed. 03/25/15
TEC1143747 Does the GRLoader utility convert spreadsheet data types? 02/26/15
TEC1216954 How do I use non_NX_NTF attributes in a custom notification method 02/10/15
TEC1348993 When a user tries to attach an event to an incident, they cannot attach an event that showed up in the event search window and/or see an error like: AHD04656: No Matches Found For Event Search 12/29/14
TEC1433415 Unable to create CIs when SQL is configured with a non-standard port. 12/14/14
TEC1984361 On LINUX/UNIX platforms, the CA Service Desk Manager (CA SDM) or CA Service Management installer does not allow you to modify/type characters into the text boxes that accept values that are needed by the installer/configure tools. 12/12/14
TEC477003 Web Services Best Practices 11/17/14
TEC618552 How does Service Desk handle multiple updates in the same session to the same ticket? 10/04/14
TEC618550 In Service Desk Advanced Availability mode, how do I find out the server type (background, standby, application server) and their hostnames. 10/04/14
TEC494391 If I add a new Change Type, and schedule a new Change Order using this Change Type, will it automatically show up on the Change Order Schedule? 10/03/14
TEC618273 When configuring CA Service Desk Manager (CA SDM)'s Email options using TLS, getting errors like: Error (15) Failed to find the CA certificate OR Error (13) Certificate name does not match 09/10/14
TEC616734 How can we tell if we are using FAST ERP or EBR? 09/10/14
TEC611947 What approach is normally preferred when we need to install a CA Service Desk Manager (CA SDM) Patch in Advanced Availability environment? 07/10/14
TEC613359 Unable to run pdm_configure after copying an MDB from a Production Environment to Development or Test Environment 06/30/14
TEC605477 Issue importing the new CA Business Intelligence (CABI) Universe BIAR file provided with the Content Pack for ITIL for Service Desk Manager 12.9 ISO 01/31/14
TEC490750 What are the out of box CA Business Intelligence reports available in ServiceDesk R12? 01/30/14
TEC604592 CMDB_UPDATE_AMBIGUITY Limitation 01/14/14
TEC585516 How to make the userid field required in Service Desk's contacts, without causing the same restriction to be applied to groups. 01/02/14
TEC603717 How to install Xtraction v13.3 12/26/13
TEC520339 CA Business Intelligence 3.1 installation and configuration for Service Desk R12.5. 11/29/13
TEC509849 I would like to remove the priority field from the Employee interface. How can I do that? 11/29/13
TEC601583 When using the Analyst Queue capability of CA Service Desk Manager (CA SDM) Mobile Enabler 2.0, the following errors may be received: Error:100 or Alert:100 10/31/13
TEC601581 The CPUStats_.txt getting the file size without being rolled over for a long operation. Is there the way to avoid that the CPUStats_.txt becomes huge filesize? 10/31/13
TEC600294 How to replace existing expired licenses in Xtraction with new ones? 10/09/13
TEC600293 How to replace existing (non-expired) licenses in Xtraction with new ones? 10/09/13
TEC600292 How to Map the LDAP Department to the Admin Organization within CA Service Desk Manager (SDM) 10/09/13
TEC600154 Google Chrome Creates Many CA Service Desk Manager Sessions for Every Activity When Single Sign On is Used in IIS 10/07/13
TEC599830 Does CA SDM Mobile Enabler 2.0 support single sign-on into CA Service Desk Manager 10/01/13
TEC599737 What is the minimum level access needed to use Analyst Queue capability? 09/30/13
TEC469212 CA Service Desk Manager Diagnostic Report Tool 09/30/13
TEC599103 How do I configure Xtraction for iPad client access? 09/18/13
TEC599102 How do I upgrade Xtraction v13.1 to v13.2? 09/18/13
TEC599101 How do I upgrade Xtraction from v3.x to v13.2? 09/18/13
TEC599097 What are the changes to the integration steps for CA Service Desk r12.7 and Process Automation Manager (PAM - formerly ITPAM) 4.x compared to 3.1? 09/18/13
TEC599031 The reference number of tickets created by emails sent to the maileater may not be in the same order as they are sent. 09/17/13
TEC598585 When running Web Intelligence (WEBI) report in Infoview, receive error "AHD12020:Can't find ODBC session 1799904666 - (WIS 10901)" and "An internal error occurred while calling processDPCommands API. (Error ERR_WIS_30270)". 09/10/13
TEC598393 When trying to use CA Service Desk Manager (CA SDM) Mobile Enabler to access Approvals/Analyst capability or trying to use CA Service Desk Manager's REST API, we get an HTTP error 404 Not Found 09/05/13
TEC596115 When using Embedded Entitlements Manager to handle the authentication for CA Service Desk Manager, logins to CA Service Desk Manager are timing out or taking a long time. 08/19/13
TEC597401 A "Debug Assertion Failure" popup error message appears when any Service Desk executable is run. 08/16/13
TEC597394 Does CA Remote Engineer work with CA Service Desk Manager 08/16/13
TEC556362 After changing the value of 'web_cgi_url' in the Options Manager for the notifications, Web Screen Painter (WSP) doesn't working any more. Is there a way to use an alternate "web_cgi_url" for WSP? 08/08/13
TEC512274 Default Functional Access security settings for 12.5 08/08/13
TEC479384 Summary and Detail reports fail when the Service Desk Manager service runs under an account other than the local system account. 08/08/13
TEC596108 On the last configuration step of the PDM_EDIT utility, where you enter 'X' to save and quit, you receive an error "Can't open alias_install.bat for writing". 07/25/13
TEC596102 A new Data Partition setting does not appear to be enforced when running CA Business Intelligence reports. 07/25/13
TEC595859 When adding words to the userdict.tlx lexicon file using pdm_lexutil -a or pdm_lexutil -a -f inputFile we get a message: "The lexicon to be modified cannot be located in the lexicon list..." 07/20/13
TEC595857 How can I make the data migration part of the CA Service Desk Manager (CA SDM) Upgrade take less time? 07/20/13
TEC566603 How to install CA Business Intelligence (CABI) 3.2 Service Pack 5 (SP5) 07/20/13
TEC595780 Working with CA Support & Troubleshooting a "Crashing" or "Hanging" CA Service Desk Manager Process 07/19/13
TEC595775 Modifications made to the pdm.xml file do not take effect even if the steps in the Implementation Guide are followed. 07/19/13
TEC595768 Is CA Service Desk Manager compliant with the Common Criteria? 07/19/13
TEC595767 Working with CA Support & Troubleshooting a "Crashing" or "Hanging" CA Service Desk Manager Process on a UNIX/LINUX platform 07/19/13
TEC595754 What CA Service Desk Manager (CA SDM) connection settings are preferred on the CA SDM CABI Universe? 07/19/13
TEC590417 Is it possible to create a new Change Order Status that cancels all remaining Workflow Tasks? 07/17/13
TEC588097 How can I make a field required dependent on the current status 07/17/13
TEC577381 The "ldap_dn" has changed for users in LDAP. How do I get the same to be reflected in Service Desk? 07/17/13
TEC571317 pdm_configure fails with remote Oracle database 07/17/13
TEC571273 Multi-Tenancy environment; while in the web interface tabbing out of "Affected End User" field of a new request, the following message is reported: getCandidateTenants(cr:83274874,3986928649836438928346) failed - tenantcache is not correctly initialized 07/17/13
TEC568935 Mail notifications to external email addresses aren't sent. Error 550 (5.7.1) unable to relay occurs. 07/17/13
TEC567522 How to pass the variables in a script to write the data in text file which will be used in Notification method in CA Service Desk 12.5. 07/17/13
TEC567457 How to include the total time in hours or days for incident ticket open on the BOXI report. 07/17/13
TEC567455 When trying to run pdm_configure the error pops up stating SQL command error, ERRORLEVEL=1, unable to connect to master database 07/17/13
TEC567454 How to import users in EEM using command line? 07/17/13
TEC567418 How to modify the "required" word to say "mandatory" on the web forms? 07/17/13
TEC567417 How to modify the field names suffixes "(T)" and "(TO)" on the analyst web forms when multi-tenancy is enabled? 07/17/13
TEC567416 How to publish Knowledge Document URL's in an online portal or a webpage? 07/17/13
TEC566602 How to install CA Business Intelligence (CABI) 3.2 Service Pack 4 (SP4) 07/17/13
TEC566267 External windows authentication fails when connecting to Service Desk from a web browser that is directly on the primary server. 07/17/13
TEC556429 How can I search for all contact records associated to one particular role? 07/17/13
TEC556418 Quick upload repository doesn't show, when inserting images into Knowledge Documents 07/17/13
TEC555676 Issues downloading attachments when on Windows 7 and using IE 8. 07/17/13
TEC554896 After upgrading from Service Desk r11.2 to Service Desk Manager r12.5 or r12.6, some webengines are missing. 07/17/13
TEC554136 How do I know how many licenses are in use in CA Service Desk Manager? 07/17/13
TEC552464 Users are not able to login after installing Cumulative Fix 1, Jumbo patch and Hyper Fixes for r12.5. 07/17/13
TEC549194 How to include Call Request and Change Order Attributes in a Multiple Notification Macro? 07/17/13
TEC549015 Tickets gets created through mail eater, however the description is blank 07/17/13
TEC548398 Unable to open attachments when Service Desk is an external(internet) website. Error: Page not found. 07/17/13
TEC548395 How do I send scheduled Business Objects (BOXI) reports to an email recipient instead of being stored at a location? 07/17/13
TEC548394 How to use a Custom Mapping in EEM External Directory configuration to change the Directory Server Attribute used by EEM for User Name and for Login purposes? 07/17/13
TEC545858 How many properties can be added to a Service Desk Category or Area? 07/17/13
TEC543552 Recommended performance modifications for the Service Desk CA Workflow engine. 07/17/13
TEC542628 Configuring Workflow to use a 64-bit JRE 07/17/13
TEC541832 When Configuration Items are created from a Change Order, the link between the Change Order and the Configuration Item occasionally is not established and the relationship between the 2 items does not exist. 07/17/13
TEC536656 BOXI DLLs fail to register during the Business Objects installation in a 64-bit environment. 07/17/13
TEC536616 How may we restrict the view of Problem Categories, Change Categories, and Issue Categories based on the Category name? 07/17/13
TEC536453 Getting a large number of messages in the pdm_tomcat_cawf.log file about AbandonedObjectPool, is this a problem? 07/17/13
TEC532471 Deleting asset data from the shared MDB that is integrated with UAPMUSDCMDB. 07/17/13
TEC528233 mdb upgrade failed, can't create database 07/17/13
TEC526592 Email notifications not being sent out with error "501 5.1.7 Invalid address" 07/17/13
TEC520330 Knowledge Search criteria automatically removes few letters towards end of the search criteria words. 07/17/13
TEC520323 After upgrading CA SDM from Release 12.1 to 12.5, the embedded images in knowledge documents might do not show up. 07/17/13
TEC520322 Unable to see the manual notify option in the drop down in IE 8, when accessed from Windows 7 OS? 07/17/13
TEC485994 How do I configure Worklist and Workflow Manager for automatic login? 07/17/13
TEC485856 The tomcat for CA Workflow fails to logon to SLUMP. 07/17/13
TEC427262 How to determine the Functional Access Area or the Function Group of an object. 07/17/13
TEC416138 Is it possible to migrate from a supported language in Service Desk 6.0 to a different, though supported language in r11? 07/17/13
TEC592708 How to apply CA MDB for Oracle update to CA Service Desk Manager on Windows when the MDB is on a remote Linux / UNIX Oracle database server 07/15/13
TEC591369 Where can I find the list of vulnerabilities found in Tomcat webserver? 07/15/13
TEC589907 While viewing a CA Process Automation Manager (CA PAM) task in the CA Service Desk Manager (CA SDM) Mobile Enabler Approvals App, the CA SDM ticket information associated with that CA PAM task Is not visible. 07/15/13
TEC589887 When using the Approvals App in CA Service Desk Manager (CA SDM) Mobile Enabler, no CA Process Automation Manager (CA PAM) Approval Tasks appear 07/15/13
TEC589886 Not able to use CA Service Desk Manager (CA SDM) Mobile Enabler Approvals application because of errors on login 07/15/13
TEC589780 Getting error "ERROR WorkflowManager 1509 Software (CAWF) not installed" in APPROVE.LOG 07/15/13
TEC584938 How can we consume the RESTful Web Services for Service Desk Manager r12.7 with Java in Eclipse 07/15/13
TEC582452 Recommended CA Business Intelligence (CABI) Backup and Recovery Techniques 07/15/13
TEC582350 What the difference between the Generic ODBC driver and the Generic ODBC3 driver on the CA Service Desk Manager (CA SDM) Universe of CA Business Intelligence (CABI)? 07/15/13
TEC581935 How to resolve a Certificate Error with Internet Explorer (IE) similar to "There is a problem with this website's security certificate." when using CA Service Desk Manager (CA SDM) Tomcat with a Self Signed Certificate? 07/15/13
TEC581864 Is there any automation to backup CA Business Intelligence (CABI) objects into a backup (BIAR) file? 07/15/13
TEC581814 Receive error "[OpenAccess SDK Service] Required User name is missing" when trying to configure CA Service Desk Manager (CA SDM ) Data Partitions enforcement for CA Business Intelligence (CABI) reports. 07/15/13
TEC581796 How to add any missing Indexes/Procedures/Foreign Keys/Triggers back to the CA Service Desk Manager (SDM) MDB Oracle database? 07/15/13
TEC578799 Implementing Single Sign On (SSO) using WAFFLE for CA Service Desk Manager (SDM) using Tomcat Web Server 07/15/13
TEC578771 Users are required to use a Web Director URL to load balance the CA Service Desk Manager (SDM) Web Services requests using the 'bopSID' method. The CGI URL usage does not load balance such requests within SDM. 07/15/13
TEC578196 On a CA Service Desk Manager (CA SDM) system hosted on a VMware virtualized Linux server (Suse/Redhat), normal Service Desk operations like Creating a Request, Saving a Request are unusually slower than expected. 07/15/13
TEC577021 Searching for blank fields with Additional Search Arguments results in Error AHD04199. 07/15/13
TEC573198 Inbound email design change when non-matched "%Customer" data provided. 07/15/13
TEC572713 Can Service Desk Web Services work with MIME for the attachment methods: createAttachment() and createAttmnt()? 07/15/13
TEC567458 While installing CA EEM, the installation terminates with an error: "Windows 2008 sanity testing failed" 07/15/13
TEC567415 How to import new users to EEM. 07/15/13
TEC566753 The search keyword in the local language does not work via the knowledge search with the Knowledge Tools search engine. 07/15/13
TEC564699 How to create an attachment repository for a specific tenant for knowledge documents? 07/15/13
TEC564110 What does the following error mean and how do I resolve it? bpebr_nxd 2424 ERROR BPebrPreProc.c 1462 EBR::BPebrPreProc::LoadDictionary():Wrong dictionary word = '' ID = 0 DF = 0 07/15/13
TEC561094 pdm_configure fails with an AHD50072 error 07/15/13
TEC561092 How does Auto-Assignment works for Groups & Locations? 07/15/13
TEC557793 What are the steps required after upgrading from SQL 2005 TO 2008 07/15/13
TEC556717 Report tab shows up the blank/white screen when appropriate ports between web cilent box and SDM and BOXI servers are not opened in the firewall. 07/15/13
TEC556414 How to get the table size and row count of all the tables in the MDB Database? 07/15/13
TEC556360 What does the "webLicenseCt" KPI count? 07/15/13
TEC556359 Wildcards don't work with the new function "Search-as-you-Type". Why? 07/15/13
TEC556346 The pending Workflow tasks are not visible, if a CA Workflow Process has been triggered via an Execute CA Workflow Macro. 07/15/13
TEC555404 Cannot load JDBC driver class error causes CA Workflow login to fail 07/15/13
TEC555259 The assignee of a request does not blank out when the group is populated from the request area and the user is not a member of the group. 07/15/13
TEC553460 No Response After Clicking the 'Export' button on the Search Screen 07/15/13
TEC552789 Is it possible to show multiple lines per ticket in a list screen instead of 1 line? Is there the way to stop the collapse of the fields? 07/15/13
TEC552465 What does the Auto Close feature base the hours setting on? 07/15/13
TEC551701 "Fastchannel open attempt failed" ERROR message in stdlog 07/15/13
TEC550799 Database logon screen appears during create a report. 07/15/13
TEC550780 The access type is not assigned but is set to null when a new contact is generated from the LDAP integration. 07/15/13
TEC549196 What operation in Service Desk Manager (SDM) may cause "ERROR SearchEngine.c 1008 EBR::search error=3::ks_search::failure::An error occurred: packfql: Query Error: Wildcard pattern without literals:?" to be written to the stdlog? What is the impact? 07/15/13
TEC549191 How to disable sending emails in Service Desk. 07/15/13
TEC549013 The SDM Reports tab displays the error message ' (Error; INF)' 07/15/13
TEC549011 Microsoft Excel 2003 errors with "Problems During load" when trying to open a list of objects exported from Service Desk Manager (SDM). 07/15/13
TEC548493 How are the htmpl files and xml files in the 'tagged' folder used? 07/15/13
TEC548397 Boplogin Can't Be Started 07/15/13
TEC546923 FAST ESP does not create the index separately when the word is structured by a word like "??????" which is "source code" in Japanese. 07/15/13
TEC546656 When you copy a Change Category, the content in the "3. Auto Assignment" tab is not copied. 07/15/13
TEC540919 Steps to upgrade to JRE 1.6.0_21 in order to avoid vulnerabilities with the out-of-the-box JRE version of Service Desk r12.1 and r12.5. 07/15/13
TEC539563 The Web interface of Service Desk Manager r12.5 sometimes hangs and only partially populates some forms. 07/15/13
TEC538502 Tomcat: How to redirect http://:/CAisd/ to http://:/CAisd/pdmweb.exe 07/15/13
TEC537603 Using a Service Desk Macro to launch an ITPAM process. 07/15/13
TEC537007 How to extract patch names and install dates from the .HIS patch history file. 07/15/13
TEC536862 Microsoft FAST service cannot start 07/15/13
TEC536862 Microsoft FAST service cannot start 07/15/13
TEC531308 Both "Open Incidents" and "Closed Incidents", or both "Open Requests" and "Closed Requests", are missing from "Look up my existing Tickets" for an Employee 07/15/13
TEC523832 Giving the Request Area on a new Request opened by an Employee a default value that cannot be edited. 07/15/13
TEC523830 Setting up Employees to be able to view and update requests that are in their organization. 07/15/13
TEC520321 Could not hit the knowledge document when we try to hit the attached file of the knowledge document by searching a double byte Japanese character on the environment that is integrated FAST ESP engine. 07/15/13
TEC492018 How to configure Single Sign On for Tomcat web server in CA ServiceDesk 12.1? 07/15/13
TEC489874 Changing the Date Format for the Service Desk Web Client and Outgoing Notifications. 07/15/13
TEC489046 How to log activity on a customised field? 07/15/13
TEC473185 How may we identify performance issues in Service Desk and what type of data is helpful to Support to resolve these issues? 07/12/13
TEC595228 Knowledge documents imported from the sample Knowledge Broker data do not show the images. 07/11/13
TEC591361 Maileater will not create a ticket even though the "from" email address is valid for an active contact in Service Desk 07/11/13
TEC580890 When the display product name is changed and includes "à", this does not cause the Latin small letter a with grave character to appear in the Web browser title bar, although it does appear in both the login page and the product banner. 07/11/13
TEC578669 Using the Swing-Box method for Upgrading/Migrating to a new version of CA Service Desk Manager 07/11/13
TEC578202 What is a JUMBO patch? 07/11/13
TEC575984 Workflow tasks added to a change order are not saved when creating a template from a Change Order that has a Category assigned which has a list of workflow tasks defined. 07/11/13
TEC575362 Export of a list to MS Excel fails and a popup window displays the message "Fatal error has occurred in servlet please see jsrvr.log for details. "; The message "AHD13104:Export Process exited or is not responding" is in the jsrvr.log file 07/11/13
TEC575347 While exporting a list to MS Excel, there is no popup displayed that presents an option to open or save the file using Excel even though Internet Explorer has "Automatic prompting for file downloads" enabled. 07/11/13
TEC572817 Enable Email Server Plug in on Business Intelligence for Reporting 07/11/13
TEC571305 Cannot start CA Service Desk Manager Server from Windows Services. The error message includes the statement, "Some services stop automatically if they are not in use by other services or programs." 07/11/13
TEC571055 Copy is missing from the File pulldown of the Role Detail form. 07/11/13
TEC568970 When an user running under the Employee role clicks on Submit Knowledge and then attempts to select a sub-category from the Category lookup, the sub-category cannot be found. 07/11/13
TEC567597 Lines in htmpl files appear as a continuous line in Windows Notepad. ".exe" is not specified for Windows executables in the startup files. 07/11/13
TEC567596 AHD05910 is received when setting the status of a contact or a group from inactive to active. 07/11/13
TEC567206 The notification email sent by Service Desk Manager contains [[- and ]]- around the subject text. 07/11/13
TEC566268 How to delete a table that I created by mistake using Web Screen Painter 07/11/13
TEC565735 AHD04405 internal error is received during login whilst the following ERROR is written in the stdlog: SQL Parse error: parse error, expecting "(" at READ_PGROUP 07/11/13
TEC560743 Starting and stopping the Service Desk Manager services on Windows (manually, automatically, locally, remotely) 07/11/13
TEC560741 How to avoid a cartesian product in a where clause and error message AHD03106 07/11/13
TEC552227 Unable to apply patches to a Service Desk Manager R12 5 that was installed using DVD03092318E iso 07/11/13
TEC548886 Related Configuration Items tab is included for a Configuration Item (CI) but then disappears when the class of the CI is changed. 07/11/13
TEC548399 Tenanted knowledge documents under tenanted knowledge categories are exported, but when the package is imported, the documents appear under the public knowledge categories. How do I get them imported under the tenanted knowledge categories? 07/11/13
TEC548396 Error In Getting Aty Dob 07/11/13
TEC548051 The creation of tickets via a secondary server does not work but other actions like viewing tickets may work. What could be the cause? 07/11/13
TEC547485 CA Service Desk Manager r12.6 PDM Macro Definitions 07/11/13
TEC546657 Can Archive and Purge rules be used to delete Service Desk contacts? Can Archive and Purge rules be used to delete configuration items (CIs)? 07/11/13
TEC546182 When searching for a Request/Incident/Problem Template from the Quick Profile, no templates are returned. 07/11/13
TEC545715 Targeted SSL Login in a Mixed SSL and Non-SSL Environment 07/11/13
TEC541884 An analyst contact is defined with an organization and a group; The group is defined with a different organization. Which organization is considered to be the organization of the contact? 07/11/13
TEC540980 Steps to upgrade to TOMCAT 5.5.30 in order to avoid vulnerabilities with the out-of-the-box Tomcat version of Service Desk r12.1 and r12.5 07/11/13
TEC536830 Startup & Shutdown Procedure for a CA Service Desk Environment with Secondary Servers. 07/11/13
TEC536210 Why is there no error message displayed when the number of parents for a Configuration Item (CI) exceeds the Quantity value specified under the Inventory tab for the CI and when the allow_exceed option is not installed? 07/11/13
TEC535983 "AHD05800: Bad where clause. invalid constraint. Unable to resolve <attribute>", is displayed after clicking "Save" on the Create New Stored Query form. 07/11/13
TEC535604 How to change the hot key for a button on a customized form from the fall-back hot key, "$", to an available hot key. 07/11/13
TEC532983 Maileater Appears to be Working Intermittently 07/11/13
TEC532604 How do I define a stored query that lists all of the active requests that have been reported by members of a particular group of users or contacts? 07/11/13
TEC532315 The Activity Type is missing from the "Create New Activity for <ticket_type>" page and other fields are not aligned correctly 07/11/13
TEC503137 Steps to upgrade to TOMCAT 5.5.29 in order to avoid vulnerabilities with the out of box Tomcat version of Service Desk r12.1. 07/11/13
TEC502606 Setting up CA Workflow 1.1.x embedded with CA Service Desk 12.1 as SSL. 07/11/13
TEC502605 How do I display my company's banner text and logo image on web browser pages in place of the CA Service Desk banner text and logo? 07/11/13
TEC593094 Unable to install CA Embedded Entitlements Manger (EEM) r12 on Windows 2012 server operating system 07/10/13
TEC591548 What are the list of operators that can be used for Data Partition Constraints 07/10/13
TEC591543 Steps to change EEM host name (Version 12.0) 07/10/13
TEC585208 When scheduling a CA Business Intelligence (CABI) report to a remote File System destination, following error is received: "Login error. [CrystalEnterprise.DiskUnmanaged]: [Logon failure: unknown user name or bad password.]" 07/10/13
TEC578572 The List of New CMDB Reports that are included in Service Desk Manager r12.7 07/10/13
TEC574945 The message, Error AHD04013:Internal error in method (got_cnt_pin):1, is received when users with PIN authentication try to login. 07/10/13
TEC561093 Web Summary/Detail Reports Fail with Web Browser Script Error: 'rpt_top' undefined 07/10/13
TEC561091 Ttsd-r12.6:chgsched_config:bcs 07/10/13
TEC558533 Need To Reset Password For Adm 07/10/13
TEC557602 Session Timeout Infoview 07/10/13
TEC556345 What's new in Service Desk Manager r12.6? 07/10/13
TEC553721 How To Use A Default Role For All Contacts. 07/10/13
TEC553715 How to Change a Contact's Tenant when the Multi-Tenancy Option is in Setup State. 07/10/13
TEC549501 The User Role that Was Set Prior to Logging out Continues to Appear When the User Logs In Again 07/10/13
TEC548993 Knowledge search function does not work for Traditional Chinese characters. What Parse settings need to be used for Traditional Chinese character searches? 07/10/13
TEC548606 Error when deploying an existing FAST synonym dictionary to FAST ESP using Linguistics Studio 07/10/13
TEC547475 How to configure Data Direct ODBC Version 6.0 for Service Desk r12.5 implemented in a cluster. 07/10/13
TEC547319 Error "You do not have rights to use scheduling functionality" when dragging scheduler analytic services in the Dashboard. 07/10/13
TEC547013 The Export button does not work on a list screen resulting from a Search using IE Browser. 07/10/13
TEC536657 Slow startup of Service Desk service when certain preload .mod files are present 07/10/13
TEC536614 Error "AHD04760:Can't rename ddict.sch to ddict.sch.old at line 503." is received when running pdm_publish. 07/10/13
TEC535357 How to manually install the Business Intelligence (BOXI) r3 ODBC driver. 07/10/13
TEC535346 How to change the start day of the week for the Change Calendar. 07/10/13
TEC531276 Error "DEBUG - The CREATE UNIQUE INDEX statement terminated because a duplicate key was found for the object name 'dbo.rootcause'" appears in the install_mdb.log while migrating from 11.2 to R12.5. 07/10/13
TEC526597 Cannot select Authentication Type from the CA Business Intelligence 3.0 InfoView logon screen 07/10/13
TEC523875 Running PDM_CONFIGURE on Windows 2008 fails. 07/10/13
TEC523859 Can the version/copy of Business Intelligence that comes with Service Desk r12.x be used to report against other 3rd party software? 07/10/13
TEC523857 CA Service Desk Manager ODBC Agent and CA Service Desk Manager ODBC DataAccess services will not start. 07/10/13
TEC523851 How to manually install and configure Data Direct ODBC Driver for CABI 3.1? 07/10/13
TEC523850 Are the CABI reports in Service Desk Manager R12.5 going to fail if the Service Desk server's IP address is changed? 07/10/13
TEC508406 Resolving various CA Business Intelligence related problems using CA Knowledge Documents. 07/10/13
TEC505354 How to remove, change or add quick launching icons in Service Desk R12.1? 07/10/13
TEC473991 What are the steps involved in replicating an existing ServiceDesk installation to a new server where MDB is on SQL server 2005? 07/10/13
TEC595023 Send the close notification when a parent ticket is closed, and not send the close notification when a child ticket is closed. 07/08/13
TEC595022 How to prohibit to modifying an activity log entry 07/08/13
TEC594916 Fast Channel connections fail at startup of CA Service Desk Manager (CA SDM) 07/04/13
TEC590407 Making Manual Changes to the NX.env and NX.env Template Files 06/28/13
TEC594205 Are there prohibited characters to input into the description field on the incident detail and the add comment of the activity log? 06/21/13
TEC594068 Multiple/duplicate events are triggered when updating a Change Order ticket's status field 06/19/13
TEC593935 Critical Option to configure in Options Manager: Monitor Joins 06/17/13
TEC593420 SDM CABI BOXI Error: Installer User Interface Mode Not Supported Error when installing on Windows 2012 06/06/13
TEC593189 Availability OF Reference Page Response Time And KT Memory Benchmark Matrix For 12.6 And 12.7 06/03/13
TEC593170 How to configure REST Web Services on a CA Service Desk Manager (CA SDM) Secondary Server 06/03/13
TEC592854 When trying to create a new column in Web Screen Painter (WSP), I am getting the message: Error in checkin_done in Wsp_Column 05/30/13
TEC592862 CA Service Desk Manager (CA SDM) data partitions are not being enforced on the Values presented on CA Business Intelligence (CABI) Web Intelligence Report prompt dialog boxes 05/28/13
TEC592851 AHD58040:Updates are not allowed for this table through Email Interface 05/28/13
TEC592339 The MDB install log includes the message "INFO - MDBTools_0322I - Detected MDB release 1.4" but the actual MDB version is 1.5. Does this indicate that there is a problem with the MDB? 05/21/13
TEC592337 Slowness in User Authentication when using CA EEM integrated with MS Active Directory 05/17/13
TEC591368 The answer to the age old question of the difference between Configuration/Adaptation and Customization. 05/15/13
TEC591370 Migration removes menu tree resources, which could impact installs with copied Menu Trees. 04/30/13
TEC591284 Physical attachment files are not archived when running an archive/purge rule on CA Service Desk Manager (CA SDM) tickets 04/29/13
TEC562926 2012 Leap Year Date Compliance 04/26/13
TEC495392 How to upgrade from CMDB 11.1 to CMDB 11.2 with secondary servers. 04/23/13
TEC492504 Visualizer button is grayed out, unable to save database information.  04/23/13
TEC590618 When upgrading to CA Service Desk (CA SDM) r12.7 on Linux, migration wizard fails with the error: "starting daemons/opt/CAisd/bin/pdm_d_mgr: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory" 04/18/13
TEC573200 Auto-Close rules run off Affected End User Tenant 03/19/13
TEC588098 Re-Installing Spectrum 9.2.0 base over an existing install (i.e. 9.2.2) fails during the running of the post-install SPMDEConfig.cus script 03/08/13
TEC588038 What are the required Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.0 libraries/packages to install CA Service Desk Manager r12.7? 03/08/13
TEC587931 On accessing BO Infoview, a database login screen is shown although SSO is configured 03/07/13
TEC586940 How to overcome test connections problems for Service Desk policy in CA Open Space 2.0. 02/21/13
TEC480124 Is CA Service Desk r12 using any additional ports? If so, where can I find additional information? 02/14/13
TEC480066 How do I upgrade EEM to the version used by CA Service Desk r12? 02/14/13
TEC480064 If I am running a combined r11.2 install of Service Desk/CA CMDB, in what order should I upgrade? 02/14/13
TEC480062 I am running Service Desk r11.2 on Windows 2003 SP1. According to the latest Certification Matrix, this is not certified with Service Desk r12. Service Desk r12 is certified with Windows 2003 SP2, but that is not certified with Service Desk r11.2. 02/14/13
TEC480061 What are the direct migration paths to Service Desk r12? 02/14/13
TEC480059 How can I download a copy of CA Service Desk r12/CA CMDB r12? 02/14/13
TEC480058 When are CA Service Desk Manager r12 and CMDB r12 generally available? 02/14/13
TEC586523 How to check the BOXI version and service pack level of the installed CA Business Intelligence (CABI)? 02/13/13
TEC486099 Is there a 64 bit version of Service Desk/CMBD? 02/13/13
TEC505572 How to set up CGI and Metabase Compatibility features in IIS 7.0? 02/12/13
TEC480060 Where is the Logical Data Model (Entity Relationship Diagram) for Service Desk r12.x? 02/12/13
TEC504409 Running the Service Desk or CMDB r12.1 Update MDB installer fails with error: 11-14,08:17:17 DEBUG - The ALTER TABLE statement conflicted with the FOREIGN KEY constraint "$ca_di_r000002ac00000000". 02/11/13
TEC511091 At any point of time if Multi tenancy is turned off will the data entered be still be associated with the Tenant? 02/05/13
TEC489792 When installing or upgrading to CA Service Desk or CMDB r12 or r12.1, Configuration fails with the error: "unable to validate extension tables". 02/05/13
TEC489669 How do we import a vendor supplied certificate into Service Desk's Tomcat? 02/05/13
TEC489643 Steps to upgrade to TOMCAT 4.1.39 to avoid vulnerabilities with the out of box Tomcat version of Service Desk r11.2 02/05/13
TEC500061 How to import a Microsoft Certificate Authority certificate into Tomcat. 01/22/13
TEC585211 Do we purchase CA Process Automation, (formally IT PAM), separately to use with CA Service Desk Manager? 01/16/13
TEC585210 Can CA Process Automation be installed standalone? 01/16/13
TEC480129 Will running knowledge re-index utility pdm_k_reindex found error "The program was not successful due to a critical error", what to do? 01/16/13
TEC479596 What type of access does the dbuser need for Notification Manager? 01/09/13
TEC479595 Why am I getting a 'findcommon' error message when trying to update my Notification Manager database for Automation Point? 01/09/13
TEC479594 Does Automation Point create and populate the SQL Server Notification Manager Database or does that have to be done manually? 01/09/13
TEC479593 Due to restrictions I can not use the default port 1433 for MS SQL Server. Does CA support the use of a different port? What are my options? 01/09/13
TEC583897 Searching for tickets using a long custom string field results in a case sensitive search rather than a case insensitive search when the database is Oracle 01/08/13

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