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CA Service Catalog
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Doc ID# Implementation Technical Support Documentation Last Revision
TEC1876136 How to install Apache Ant for compiling and packaging Catalog API plug-ins. 08/10/15
TEC1624955 CA Service Catalog Request: Attach file with diacriticals in the filename. 06/17/15
TEC1592744 CA Service Catalog Readme R12.9.01 02/05/15
TEC600622 How to hide the 'request link' in email message body for a Catalog Request. 10/16/13
TEC599736 Read me for CA Service Catalog Release 12.7.06 09/30/13
TEC597392 Read me for CA Service Catalog Release 12 8 02 08/16/13
TEC593856 Read me for CA Service Catalog Release 12.7.05 06/14/13
TEC593421 Error when copying a (large) service option: 'Error occurred while creating a copy of service option' 06/06/13
TEC592866 How to control the 'host name' in the request-link of an email message, sent through Service Catalog. 05/28/13
TEC591742 Read me for CA Service Catalog Release 12 8 01 05/07/13
TEC591475 Import Export Utility (ixutil) on CA Service Catalog 12.8 05/02/13
TEC588974 Readme for CA Service Catalog Release 12.6.06 03/25/13
TEC588729 Read me for CA Service Catalog Release 12.7.04 03/20/13
TEC586424 Read me for CA Service Catalog Release 12 7 03 02/11/13
TEC585948 Read me for CA Service Catalog Release 12.5.04 02/04/13
TEC560739 CMDB CI Association and/or Form Designer Links are Missing 01/15/13
TEC551822 Fixes Included with CA Service Catalog Release 12.6 SP2 01/15/13
TEC549795 How to Install and Configure CA IT PAM for Integration with CA Service Catalog 12.6 on Windows 2008. 01/15/13
TEC548532 After configuring Service Catalog and Apache Software Load Balancer for single sign-on, I receive Windows Security pop-up window requesting username and password. 01/15/13
TEC547724 List of Features & Fixes included in Service Pack 5 for Service Catalog & Accounting r11.2 01/15/13
TEC547397 Fixes Included with CA Service Catalog Release 12 5 SP2 01/15/13
TEC540897 Web Service User Permissions - After upgrade getting "User does not have access to execute web services" error for anyone other than spadmin when trying to use Web Services 01/15/13
TEC538401 Fixes Included with CA Service Catalog Release 12.6 01/15/13
TEC529292 List of Features & Fixes included in Service Pack 2 for CA Service Catalog & CA Service Accounting r12(12.0.02). 01/15/13
TEC500335 Steps to Backup and Restore CA Service Accounting and CA Service Catalog r12. 01/15/13
TEC496184 How to Upgrade Tomcat Instance for Service Pack 3 of CA Service Catalog r11.2, CA Service Accounting r11.2, CA Service Metric Analysis r11.1 and CA Service Assure r11.1 01/15/13
TEC482662 How to Configure Service Catalog for NTLM (SSO)? 01/15/13
TEC481688 Revealing Additional Options For Displaying Charts 01/15/13
TEC481077 List of Fixes and Enhancements included in Service Pack 2 for Unicenter Service Catalog & Accounting r11.2 01/15/13
TEC479523 Unable to find Microsoft SQL Client, please install SQL Client. 01/15/13
TEC478546 How to Correctly Install/Configure a Remote MDB on SQL for USM 01/15/13
TEC478148 I've installed Service Catalog using a remote MDB, and when I log in, the web page is blank. 01/15/13
TEC566786 Language Pack for CA Service Catalog r12.7 Release 01/13/13
TEC484642 Service catalog and UAPM integration error on displaying Service Option Element detail, using the "gold brick" icon. 01/11/13
TEC482593 How to install USM 11.2 SP1 on top of an MDB created by Service Desk R12. 01/11/13
TEC481398 Is it possible as an Administrator (spadmin) of Unicenter Service Catalog, to log in to any user's worklist and check the requests pending with that particular user and perform or cancel the requests? 01/11/13
TEC479300 Is there a hard maximum limit to the number of Service Option Groups you can create in Unicenter Service Catalog? 01/11/13
TEC478488 How to find what offerings are being requested by users and the volume of these requests with SQL queries: 01/11/13
TEC478486 Service Catalog/Embedded Entitlements Manager Sync utility 01/11/13
TEC582837 Readme for CA Service Catalog Release 12 6 05 01/10/13
TEC581834 Read me for CA Service Catalog Release 12 7 02 01/10/13
TEC577557 Creating a Description field for Check Boxes 01/10/13
TEC573668 Read me for CA Service Catalog Release 12.7.01 01/10/13
TEC571137 Read me for CA Service Catalog Release 12.6.04 01/10/13
TEC568636 Fixes Included with CA Service Catalog Release 12.5.03 01/10/13
TEC566335 Fixes Included with CA Service Catalog Release 12.6.03 01/10/13
TEC540639 Fixes Included with CA Service Catalog Release 12.5 SP1 01/10/13
TEC540635 R12.5 SP1 - Upgrading to CA WF 1.1.5 SP6 (build 130). 01/10/13
TEC537832 After configuring Service Catalog for NTLM/SSO (single sign-on) I am still directed to http://<hostname>:<port>/usm/wpf?Node=icguinode.login. 01/10/13
TEC536192 The "Gold Brick" icon in Service Catalog (UAPM integration) fails to fulfill with web service errors. 01/10/13
TEC535338 Selecting Service Options with CA Workflow Forms Launches New Browser Window 01/10/13
TEC526162 Incorporating schema changes when CA EEM gets upgraded to EEM 8.4 SR03 01/10/13
TEC502074 Installing CA Workflow from the Service Catalog r12 media fails with "CA workflow installation failed. Please check usmInstall.log file for details". 01/10/13
TEC486292 Unable to bind to the Service Catalog RequestService web service in Visual Studio 2005. 01/10/13
TEC493866 Error when trying to unzip RO05288 (Service Pack 2 for SMA 11.1 and Catalog 11.2) using cazipxp. 07/29/09
TEC478035 I'm using the saveRequest Service Catalog web service method, and specifying the 'req_by_user_id' field doesn't work. 12/25/08
TEC477735 Unable to uninstall Service catalog AFTER removing Catalog Best Practices Content. 12/21/08
TEC477734 How to remove the "registered" symbol from the login screen? 12/21/08
TEC477696 Is it possible to limit the size of attachments in Service Catalog? 12/20/08
TEC477449 Is there a way to change the starting number for request ID numbering to a higher or lower value? 12/19/08
TEC477317 How can an existing install of Service catalog 11.2 SP1 be configured/migrated to share an existing MDB already utilized by Unicenter service desk? 12/18/08
TEC477284 In a multi tenancy service model, can 'E-mail notification rules' and the content of the email notifications, be unique for each Business Unit? 12/18/08
TEC477283 Quick way to find if required mdb patches for Unicenter Service catalog 11.2 SP1 have been installed. 12/18/08
TEC477280 How to create and define a JDBC actor to use in CA-Workflow 12/18/08
TEC477279 Does Unicenter Service Catalog R11.2 SP1 work with SQL 2005 64bit? 12/18/08
TEC477271 How to Pre-Populate Form Select Controls 12/17/08
TEC477169 Unable to uninstall Service View after all other components (Workflow, Catalog Best practices and Catalog) have been removed. 12/17/08
TEC477154 How can I add a "calendar" lookup to a Service Offering? 12/17/08
TEC477152 How can I change the default starting id number for requests, so that they don't start at 10001? 12/17/08
TEC477151 Unable to import data using the IXUTIL utility, getting error "String index out of range". 12/17/08
TEC476756 Can I use a DB2 Database as a Data Source in Report Builder? 12/12/08
TEC476570 Can I configure Service Catalog to use SSL for users and to connect to CA Workflow, and then remove all non-SSL connectors? 12/11/08
TEC476569 Can I add an image to a service option group definition from a remote location, so all of our images can be centralised? 12/11/08
TEC476567 Can we define custom roles for use in Service Catalog? 12/11/08
TEC476565 When I log in as a "Request Manager" and list the users who I can create a request for, it lists all defined users, not just those in my Business Unit. 12/11/08
TEC476564 If Service catalog has been configured to use single sign on (NTLM), how can we specify which Business Unit a user log into? 12/11/08
TEC476563 How can I use the new "Pre-Populating Text Fields" feature in Service Catalog 11.2 SP1 FP1 or later? 12/11/08
TEC476561 Disabling Directory listing within Tomcat 12/11/08
TEC476559 How to reapply FP2 to just CA-workflow and bring back up to build 1.1.94, incase it is uninstalled. 12/11/08
TEC476768 How to disable NTLM authentication for Unicenter Service Catalog 11.2 SP1? 12/03/08
TEC476761 Errors during the SQL patchMDB process of a new Service Catalog 11.2 SP1 installation when applying 16291505 and 15875618 (in that specific order) prohibit the complete and successful patching of the MDB. 11/27/08
TEC476759 How to Import Service Catalog Web Services into Service Desk's Workflow IDE 11/27/08
TEC476581 Can I install SMA 11.1 on the same system as Service Catalog 11.2? 11/26/08
TEC475341 How to manually install the sample Report Data Objects, Views and Layouts 11/26/08
TEC475336 How to manually install Catalog Events-Rules-Actions 11/26/08
TEC473756 How to change the database (MDB) server. 11/06/08
TEC471006 Integrating Unicenter Service Catalog with Unicenter Service Desk R11.2. 09/25/08
TEC465257 Installing and configuring an access policy certificate (PKI certificate) in Unicenter Service View for integration with Unicenter Service Desk 11.2. 06/21/08
TEC464648 Workflow 1.0 and 1.1 - Schema Maintenance 06/12/08
TEC449593 CA Workflow r1.0 recent patch readme 06/12/08
TEC423639 Workflow 1.0 and 1.1 - SQL Server Maintenance 05/22/08
TEC450041 When creating a new Service Option Item in Service Catalog, there is a limit of 512 characters. Can this limit be changed? 04/11/08
TEC449988 When creating user in Service Catalog, the error "Error - User with this user id already exists. Choose a different user id." appears, but the user account cannot be found. 04/10/08
TEC449921 How do I configure a secondary View server to store request attachments? 04/10/08
TEC449918 How to increase the JVM heap size? 04/10/08
TEC444120 Upgrade procedure for Unicenter Service Catalog r11.2 to r11.2 SP1 01/17/08
TEC441945 What URL should be used when USM is configured for NTLM (SSO)? 12/12/07
TEC436996 How to manage a multi level Catalog? 10/31/07
TEC435886 Why some users cannot view dashboard content published within the Personal Content folder? 10/14/07
TEC435068 How can I modify the Company logo and product banner in the Service Catalog of USM 11.1 10/05/07
TEC431092 How Can I Create the Browse Catalog Dashboard Item? 08/10/07
TEC431091 Are the code fields in the rate item definition and offering related? 08/10/07
TEC426015 Passing Form Attributes to CA Workflow 06/07/07
TEC424120 How to create a Data Object in Report Builder based on two data sources, each defined on separate and remote databases. 05/10/07
TEC396771 How to reconfigure the imqbroker 05/21/06
TEC415787 Rule Engine does not work on a Secondary Viewer. 03/24/05
TEC337112 Requirements for iCan Database user 08/13/04
TEC335784 iCan View External Web Application Integration 08/13/04
TEC333568 Launchpad Node Properties - Left Hand Pane 08/13/04
TEC337322 Configuring iCan with Oracle 07/31/04
TEC333538 How to configure iCanView in WebLogic Environment 07/17/04
TEC337111 Changing the Directory Manager Password 07/02/04
TEC436998 My Service Delivery logs have grown to a very big size, what can I do? 04/23/04
TEC333573 Configuring iCan with Ingres, Oracle and SQL Databases 08/13/03