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CA Secure Content Manager
Implementation Document Index

Doc ID# Implementation Technical Support Documentation Last Revision
TEC417871 How to bypass incoming SMTP filters for users defined under the Enterprise Allow List. 08/14/09
TEC494022 How to change the User Name & Password that is used to login to the CA SCM 8.0 / CA GS 8.1 Manager Console 08/13/09
TEC494708 How to create a HTTP/SMTP rule for a Group of Active Directory Users? 05/12/09
TEC487508 How to configure the LDAP settings in Gateway Security 8.1 to perform Invalid recipient protection and for authentication while logging into the user self managed quarantine folder. 05/03/09
TEC483091 eTrust SCM Manager Console: Warning Message: "Unable to logon. Please verify that the Data Collector Service on <Control center IP> is up and running." 02/28/09
TEC483090 Incorrect web layer shows on user received quarantine reports. iTechnology iGateway shows as web layer; though IIS was chosen as the web layer when installing GS 8.1. 02/28/09
TEC479940 Generating SCM/GS reports gives the following error: Default printer does not exist on the server. 01/18/09
TEC414824 Migrating eTrust Secure Content Manager from an Ingres database to a MS SQL database - Rebuilding the database records for quarantined message items using the Qrestore.exe utility. 02/21/08
TEC435924 How to recreate a corrupted SCM Quarantine database running on Ingres and retain the existing quarantined messages? 01/12/08
TEC442062 When trying to load the user self admin login page with iTechnology iGateway as the web layer, the login page keeps looping or loads a page with XML contents instead of the login screen. 12/13/07
TEC436994 How to block inbound emails from specific sources on Secure Content Manager. 11/29/07
TEC440552 After executing the SCM database maintenance procedure through the eSCMConfig.exe utility, the Reporter database size in Microsoft SQL Server may not reduce to the expected low level. 11/21/07
TEC436993 Unable to see the quarantined emails of 'Secondary email address' when logged in to the 'User Self Admin Quarantine' interface, which is using the 'Primary email address' option. 10/31/07
TEC434967 How to modify the sender Email Address of the NDR (Non Delivery Report) after the SCM installation. 10/12/07
TEC434971 Where to find the logs for the Total SMTP Recipients Blocked By Open Relay? 10/04/07
TEC433656 How to log specific information about all the traffic passing through SCM into a file for future reference. 09/16/07
TEC432709 How to Configure SCM to accept incoming emails only for valid recipients. 09/02/07
TEC432707 How does the Sender Policy Framework (SPF) mechanism function in SCM 8.0? 09/02/07
TEC397431 Using Microsoft IIS as the web server layer for the Self Managed web interface. 08/24/07
TEC431449 Secure Content Manager (SCM) may not be able to send emails to certain external domains that do sender verification by sending an empty sender email back to the original sender for verification before accepting the original email. 08/15/07
TEC429484 Users cannot add new Domain or Email address to their SCM Personal Allow List and Deny List through the option Allow/Deny List from the SCM Self Admin Quarantine Web Interface 07/29/07
TEC429387 "Failed to create database" when migrating the CA SCM Report & Quarantine databases from Ingres to SQL 2000. 07/20/07
TEC427810 Why is there a delay of up to 10 minutes when an email is "released" from a user's web based personal quarantine area? 06/29/07
TEC427619 How to verify if ASF updates are occuring. 06/27/07
TEC422146 Is it possible to install SCM with localized language settings but on an English (ENU) Operating System? 05/06/07
TEC420250 Potential incompatibility issue between CA Integrated Threat Management (ITM) 8.1 and eTrust Secure Content Manager (SCM) environments where iGateway has been selected as the web server layer used for "Self Managed Quarantine". 03/22/07
TEC417975 How to migrate (backup & restore) 1.x data and settings from an eTrust Secure Content Manager 1.x to a new machine with release 8.0 installed 02/28/07
Is it possible to allow users to manage quarantined items intended for public folders or distribution lists? - Exploiting the QmailAccessFor attribute 02/24/07
TEC417873 eTrust Secure Content Manager (SCM) 8.0 CF3 and above will block emails (SMTP Reply code 521) which have been sent from an External Domain to an External Domain via an Exchange Server's "Auto forward action" 02/22/07
TEC414679 How does eTrust Secure Content Manager determine how an email should be relayed according to "Incoming" or "Outgoing" SMTP Relay Settings? 01/24/07
TEC397441 How to Manually Rebuild Performance Counter Library Value 05/26/06
TEC397429 Changing the IP address of the SCM machine 05/26/06
TEC397419 SMTP/HTTP port conflicts while installing eTrust SCM r8 on Microsoft SBS2003/2000 05/25/06
TEC387972 Sequence of Rules 01/29/06
TEC380186 Using regular expressions option in a "Keyword Dictionary" 10/08/05
TEC351534 Upgrading from eSCM 1.0 to eSCM 1.1 12/25/04
TEC346727 Installing the ADCP Agent in Distributed Source Mode 10/31/04