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TEC597608 N/A Regular Expressions in Passwords for End Users 09/16/15
TEC595975 N/A Number of resources required to respond to an Action Item 09/16/15
TEC567468 N/A Post Timesheets Job Posts One Timesheets At Each Run 08/23/15
TEC1468463 N/A Jaspersoft request processor does not correctly handle requests when PPM is configured for external SSL 08/18/15
TEC602370 N/A "DMS-02107: Unable to create the directory in the DMS. Contact your system administrator." while uploading documents to the knowledge store. 08/17/15
TEC561472 N/A XOG-3850: BaseCalendar does not exist on System error when attempting to upgrade from 12.0.6 to 12.1.1. 08/11/15
TEC510825 N/A Euro exchange rate not used for computations in WIP but the default exchange rate. 08/11/15
TEC435572 KB7248 How should I configure my Time Slices? 08/05/15
TEC1829325 N/A Backslash is deleted when saving a gel script that reads a pipe delimited file 07/30/15
TEC594209 N/A CA Clarity PPM on VMWare: avoid multicast issues when using vSwitch 07/29/15
TEC605767 N/A Clarity 13.3.0 Generic Patch available to resolve reported issues 07/27/15
TEC572363 N/A How to Delete Skill Definitions 07/13/15
TEC435561 KB5953 How does Clarity calculate Net Present Value (NPV)? 06/29/15
TEC569127 N/A DMS-05304 Unable to upload document because the system file scanning program cannot be found. Contact your system administrator. 06/28/15
TEC497239 N/A Error PRJ-10011: You do not have rights to extend the project dates. This error occurs when saving updates in the Resource Planning: Allocation > Weekly Detail view. 06/26/15
TEC444416 N/A Clarity: Can an OBS associated to an entity be modified or deleted 06/19/15
TEC496502 N/A When using Open Workbench, if multiple people use the same computer (with different logins) only one of them can see the default favorite views. The favorite views for all other users is blank. Why is this? 06/18/15
TEC1853116 N/A How do I activate enhanced logging for app-access logs using Apache Tomcat 7? 06/08/15
TEC555252 N/A Reconfiguration of a Matrix Columns causes the application to select an incorrect matrix row 05/13/15
TEC507803 N/A Numeric overflow error in BG logs after POST TIMESHEET job completes 05/01/15
TEC495372 N/A Applying BO Row Level Security for CA Clarity PPM 04/30/15
TEC495262 N/A BPM-0704: An error occurred while executing custom script 04/30/15
TEC494158 N/A What is the function of the beacon multicast address, and what should it be set to? 04/29/15
TEC493634 N/A Excel files created via CA PPM show special characters 04/29/15
TEC492396 N/A When is a Process associated to a template shown as 'Available' to Projects? 04/29/15
TEC484045 N/A TMA-0111 timesheet error when adding tasks or saving timesheet 04/28/15
TEC491664 N/A How do I add a group as a participant group to a project? 04/27/15
TEC491656 N/A Calculated Allocation on Project Team Staff page is incorrect. 04/27/15
TEC490184 N/A Why I can't select attributes of type "Large String" in the Audit Trail section of my object? 04/27/15
TEC545084 N/A Clarity: How can we use our own user-defined lookup with the Time Entry User Value 1 field? 04/23/15
TEC490093 N/A Recommended configuration change for clustered multicast environment using Cisco Ethernet Switch cabable of IGMP snooping 04/23/15
TEC489246 N/A How to change print window for Business Objects from ACTIVEX to PDF. 04/23/15
TEC487554 N/A After upgrading the LDAP synchronization jobs are failing 04/22/15
TEC485421 N/A Intermittent errors when running Business Objects reports from the application. Reports work some or most of the time. 04/21/15
TEC483514 N/A Connecting Business Objects to the Database results in an error message to set the compatibility level 04/21/15
TEC483297 N/A A NullPointerException occurs when using keytool to create a CSR file 04/21/15
TEC483248 N/A An Error occurred while creating a page server sub process while trying to view/Schedule a Crystal Report. 04/21/15
TEC482079 N/A General Migration XOG Guidelines 04/21/15
TEC480143 N/A What does the "Cache Distributed" option on the Application page in the CSA application do? When should it be used? 04/20/15
TEC479392 N/A Password History Count 04/20/15
TEC478549 N/A Clarity: Why is Microsoft SQL Server Standard Edition not supported? 04/20/15
TEC477597 N/A What access rights are required to enable users to remove participants of a project? 04/20/15
TEC474788 N/A What is a 'custom key file' that is referenced when encrypting Clarity passwords in the System Administration? 04/20/15
TEC473267 N/A Clarity: Unable to see chart legends in Business Object Reports on Unix 04/20/15
TEC473189 N/A How to Copy and Distribute Open Workbench Views 04/20/15
TEC473072 N/A Performance: Index missing on odf_ca_task table for both MSSQL and ORACLE 04/20/15
TEC444471 N/A Company Name or Billing Currency cannot be changed after transactions have been posted 04/17/15
TEC576037 N/A Where is the Investment Stage lookup? 04/01/15
TEC551205 N/A The Resource Roles Rates appearing in Open Workbench are not the values expected 04/01/15
TEC439086 N/A Error Received: [The time periods requested do not exist. Review the column's Time Scale settings.] after changing timescaled view configurations. 03/27/15
TEC562496 N/A Cannot delete a Charge Code or change the Charge Code ID Messages TMA-0200, TMA-0205, TMA-0207 03/26/15
TEC448232 N/A The 'Admin' password needs resetting, login is locked, or Invalid User or Password 03/26/15
TEC440299 N/A Post To WIP: The user does not have permission to perform this action 03/26/15
TEC440278 N/A How do I hide the 'Financial Plan', 'Hierarchy' or 'Processes' tab on the Project object? 03/26/15
TEC577683 N/A How To Configure Collaboration Folders and Documents for Non-Participants 03/23/15
TEC564415 N/A Match scores may be inaccurate if availability dates do not fall within the following range 03/23/15
TEC440165 N/A If we configure a Graph Portlet to use the 'Consistent Colors' option, can we 'map' the datapoint value to a specific color? 03/20/15
TEC440054 N/A How can I use a Power Filter to filter for IS NULL or NOT NULL conditions 03/19/15
TEC598579 N/A Cannot login to the Timesheet Mobile app if the server is using SSO 03/16/15
TEC440309 N/A How to reset the System Administration (CSA) password? 03/16/15
TEC435579 KB7719 How to XOG in / out documents for an Object 03/13/15
TEC435594 KB7939 What are the possible GL Allocation Exceptions? 03/05/15
TEC547352 N/A User cannot see the Available option on the Processes tab even though they have been given Process - View and Process - Start rights 02/28/15
TEC525516 N/A A conditional comparison doesn't work in Pre-conditions or Post-conditions 02/28/15
TEC494588 N/A The process on timesheet does not get invoked. 02/28/15
TEC484783 N/A Dedicated Service for the Process Engine 02/28/15
TEC611227 N/A MyCalculatedNumber01 was not added to the Portfolio Investment object because the following contributing attributes were missing 02/27/15
TEC526931 N/A Cost and benefit plans not copied over from the template when a project is created from a template. 02/27/15
TEC438803 N/A Tips & Tricks for Setting up SSL 02/27/15
TEC435571 KB7056 How do I track down data discrepancies in Actuals, Estimates or Allocation? 02/23/15
TEC435580 KB7733 Tips on using JDBC in GEL 02/20/15
TEC435592 KB7825 Exporting to Excel generates XML Code 02/19/15
TEC435586 KB7813 Why can't I see all the Clarity Job Logs in the Job Logs Listing View? 02/19/15
TEC435578 KB7627 Why does the Datamart Calendar table set up the weekly periods to start on Mondays? 02/19/15
TEC435563 KB6266 Time Slicing Terminology Explanation 02/18/15
TEC435558 N/A Timesheet Population (What determines tasks appearing on a timesheet) 02/18/15
TEC435552 N/A Logic for Calculating ETC for Timesheets and Posting 02/18/15
TEC523856 N/A Cannot start Clarity Application Server: Error "NSA-0001: A service error occurred. You may deploy the service and try again. If the problem persists, please contact Niku Support. Error code 1." 02/11/15
TEC538116 N/A How can we make a Private Rate Matrix Public? 02/09/15
TEC1826525 N/A CA PPM and VersionOne Integration available for 13.3 Patch 10 01/26/15
TEC1185594 N/A The Program Gantt inherit the overall ETC,Actuals from the next project. 01/21/15
TEC511318 N/A [MSP] - "RunTime Error! Program:... gram FilesCAClaritySchedule ConnectbinSchedLink.exe". 01/18/15
TEC573491 N/A Using Action Trace 01/14/15
TEC1913499 N/A When logged in as user with Project - Risk, Issue, Change Request - View - All rights and Projects - Navigate right, user is able to do the inline Editing and unable to edit in the Issue edit page. 01/08/15
TEC574506 N/A Clarity: ODF-0103: Not authorized to update instance null of object (1) 01/07/15
TEC530518 N/A Duplicate Processes or Duplicate Steps in Processes 01/06/15
TEC439811 N/A Additional periods created when Fiscal Time Periods are set to a 4-4-5 weekly structure for monthly period type 01/06/15
TEC1625649 N/A Passing processes with XOG In 'Active' or On 'Hold Mode' 12/31/14
TEC566764 N/A Clarity: XOG: Override Auto-Numbering is giving an error when the flag is set to False - unexpected attribute "overrideAutoNumbering" 12/30/14
TEC546654 N/A Clarity: Chargeback Messages 'Unable to credit full amount of charge', 'Error disbursing debit charges (over allocation)' 12/30/14
TEC488108 N/A Clarity with MSSQL Database Performance: MSSQL Server Maintenance Guidelines 12/17/14
TEC594540 N/A MSP Resource Leveling information is currently not supported in Clarity. Clarity cannot currently save the leveling information upon round-trip to MSP. 12/16/14
TEC552786 N/A Clarity: Create BO Users Job Does not create user accounts for resources marked as 'External' 12/16/14
TEC524703 N/A Clarity: Describe the 'Project - Discussion Manager (Auto)' Access Right that appears on the License Information Portlets. 12/16/14
TEC522264 N/A Clarity: Emails between internal users do not work on hosted or On Demand system 12/16/14
TEC468721 N/A Why does Clarity allow some rights to be granted to users from outside the Administrator function? 12/16/14
TEC524757 N/A Clarity: End-user receives a System Error if the partition is deactivated after they have configured an attribute from that partition as a sort column. 12/09/14
TEC530394 N/A Clarity: User-defined Hierarchical Portlets do not include the children rows when the data is Exported to Excel. 12/08/14
TEC438924 N/A Clarity: Assignees within Processes from Resource Browse Lookups 12/08/14
TEC439273 N/A The Investment Status Lookup is not showing all active values 12/03/14
TEC541550 N/A GLPERIOD field on ppa_wip Table Deprecated. 12/02/14
TEC567551 N/A Clarity: PMO Lookup Mappings - New Button Missing 11/20/14
TEC435570 KB6430 Is it possible to import data via XOG for custom objects created by the user in Clarity? 11/20/14
TEC548967 N/A Clarity: Upgrade - CSA Overview screen, Installation Status shows as Incomplete - due to no reports installed from CSA 11/17/14
TEC544384 N/A Xcelsius - Client/Workstation Installation and Software Download Documentation 11/17/14
TEC481071 N/A Mapping fields in Microsoft Project to Clarity 11/12/14
TEC522900 N/A 'ODF-0107:Object Definition is locked for updates, please retry' error message. 11/03/14
TEC601946 N/A 2014 Clarity On Demand Maintenance Window Schedule 10/31/14
TEC1039393 N/A How are investments ranked in a portfolio, if there are no ranking rules defined? 10/29/14
TEC525139 N/A OWB: When the Actual Cost field is timescaled and totaled, the columns are not totaled correctly. 10/27/14
TEC599354 N/A Clarity 13.2.0 Generic Patch available to resolve reported issues 10/03/14
TEC581256 N/A Clarity 13.1.0 Generic Patch available to resolve reported issues 09/30/14
TEC565733 N/A Clarity: XOG Errors When Requirement Name Has More Than 32 Characters 09/30/14
TEC618024 N/A Clarity: Upgrade Business Objects 3.2 to 3.3 failed with pre-filled password from previous installation 09/29/14
TEC562214 N/A Clarity: There are no items that match the filter criteria for Project Manager Browse Filter Status = 'Inactive' User 09/29/14
TEC617801 N/A Clarity Data Recovery Plan 09/25/14
TEC546486 N/A Clarity: List View or Portlet Filter Options message/tip incorrect when Filter Section contains 'Required in Filter' fields 09/25/14
TEC544789 N/A Clarity: What is the XC_ADMIN Resource User Account? 09/19/14
TEC468122 N/A Resource Object not available in the primary object list for Process 09/18/14
TEC571030 N/A Clarity: Actuals shown in wrong quarters on cost plans 08/19/14
TEC533010 N/A Configuring an OS Image to allow the desired Organisational Unit (OU) of the Directory to be selected when building a PC via Operating System Installation Management (OSIM). 08/11/14
TEC572991 N/A Clarity: XOG ActCurve Segments seem to erase ETC segments 08/08/14
TEC590541 N/A Production Databases are not supported on Virtual Environments. 07/28/14
TEC528902 N/A Clarity: Scheduled BO report remains in processing status when report schedule output format is set to Excel. 07/15/14
TEC581889 N/A Clarity: "Display Condition" of subpage definition doesn't work if it contains multivalue lookup attribute and this attribute is blank (no value). 07/09/14
TEC568850 N/A Clarity: Error 500 - Submit Cost Plan as a new Budget for Approval when Start Period is different than existing approved Budget Start Period 05/26/14
TEC521556 N/A Clarity: XOG OBS complete='true' flag fails to replace unit changes 05/20/14
TEC511198 N/A Clarity: The hyperlinks in the BO report does not link to the clarity page, if you have the application running in a different port other than the default. 05/20/14
TEC435613 KB5410 Clarity - Document Manager Filestore Questions 05/20/14
TEC446975 N/A Clarity - What is Entity-Based Security for Financial Processing? 04/11/14
TEC566080 N/A Multiple instances of BOXI reports spawned after daylight savings time change 04/01/14
TEC567424 N/A Clarity: DMS File Upload Size Limit is not checked and user is able to check-in larger files for existing files 02/20/14
TEC562514 N/A Clarity: 13.0 Upgrade - Knowledge Store Files seem to be missing 02/20/14
TEC580666 N/A Clarity: Timesheet Entry Cells are not showing the background color for the CSS element 'calNonWorking' days 02/18/14
TEC575618 N/A Clarity: odf_class_code warnings seen when investments are XOGGED in with custom attributes 12/18/13
TEC575535 N/A Clarity: Lookup Filter Section containing more than one checkbox or the checkbox is between other data type fields generates unexpected results 12/18/13
TEC582552 N/A Clarity 13.0.1 Generic Patch Alert 12/15/13
TEC479054 N/A Clarity: How to calculate Portfolio Score and Scenario by genetic algorithm (GA) 12/04/13
TEC572268 N/A Clarity 13.0.1 Generic Patch available to resolve reported issues 11/26/13
TEC602241 N/A Clarity: Modify Discussion Topic shows 'Selected Resources/Groups' saved with some resources that are not on the project and not selected and saved by the end-user 11/14/13
TEC568422 N/A Clarity: Investment ID Lookup On Transaction Details Page Shows Blank 11/13/13
TEC558961 N/A Clarity: Cost Plan Aggregate View Not Updated When 0 Is Saved From Flat View 11/12/13
TEC568588 N/A Clarity: Updating a Submitted Budget Plan Cost to Zero Is Not Reflected in 'ODF_SSL_CST_DTL_COST' Table 11/05/13
TEC570813 N/A Clarity 12.1.3 Generic Patch available to resolve reported issues 10/14/13
TEC600153 N/A After performing an upgrade to Clarity 13.2, the Job Scheduler is not working 10/07/13
TEC528269 N/A Clarity: System Error after adding an attachment attribute to a list view on an object 09/26/13
TEC598578 N/A Websphere and Clarity Compatibility 09/10/13
TEC523651 N/A ORACLE Character set AL32UTF8 is not supported with Clarity. 08/30/13
TEC597468 N/A How to Restore Default Clarity SQL Database for Fresh Install on SQL Server 2008. 08/19/13
TEC596213 N/A Optimization of CABI services while integrating with Clarity 07/26/13
TEC596111 N/A Missing Tabs and Menus by applying patch on MSSQL DB. 07/25/13
TEC583037 N/A Sharepoint Connector: Latest version for Clarity v13.x with Sharepoint-2010 is v2.1 07/11/13
TEC553491 N/A Clarity 12.1.1 Generic Patch available to resolve reported issues 06/25/13
TEC593352 N/A How to install CABI 3.x on Solaris step-by-step 06/05/13
TEC593351 N/A Minimum Patch Level for Solaris 10 when installing CABI 3.x 06/05/13
TEC531086 N/A Clarity: Resource General Properties Department Browse comes up blank 05/31/13
TEC592952 N/A Clarity: LDAP Sync job brings in AD users in all lowercase, while the BO LDAP sync brings in the AD users in the same case as they are in AD. 05/29/13
TEC592786 N/A CLARITY: Enable Clarity to support both 'Secure' and 'http-only' session cookies. 05/24/13
TEC547328 N/A Clarity: SVG process graph labels do not display for IE7/IE8 on Vista/Windows 7 if the Clarity server host is windows based and has asian language support installed 05/23/13
TEC567263 N/A Clarity has a vulnerability to Cross Site Request Forgery (CSRF) Attacks 05/16/13
TEC530989 N/A Clarity: Long process will not validate, gets HTTP 503 error, and causes java.lang.outofmemory errors. 04/26/13
TEC591093 N/A Clarity: Upgrade failure, unable to delete directory 04/25/13
TEC567425 N/A Clarity: Cost Plan Detail page generates Error 500 04/24/13
TEC589700 N/A Unable to connect to Clarity via IP when using HTTPS 04/09/13
TEC589778 N/A How to create another requisition when a resource is already hard booked to a project via an earlier requisition? 04/08/13
TEC553472 N/A Clarity: XOG-2027: userValue2 attribute not found in system (for TimeSheetEntry specified) 04/07/13
TEC589701 N/A If the booking manager modifies the allocation percentage or dates and proposes it, the updated values are not retained when the project managers books the requisition with proposed allocation. 04/05/13
TEC588878 N/A Numeric Range Filter Problem 04/04/13
TEC511524 N/A Clarity: Fact Sheet: Clarity Beacon with Multicasting - include FAQs 04/02/13
TEC588976 N/A Script starts mysql DB, Instead of SQL anywhere DB 03/25/13
TEC586859 N/A Clarity Reports Service Deployment on BO Report Server, and Managing From NSA 02/21/13
TEC586860 N/A Clarity: Unable to start the Clarity application 02/20/13
TEC575991 N/A Clarity PPM On Demand V13.1.x Upgrade Process 02/19/13
TEC569257 N/A Clarity: Originating idea is a read only string field, and no longer links back to the originating idea of the project. 02/19/13
TEC569214 N/A Clarity: Time Slicing Job Slow Performance - Taking Longer to Finish 02/19/13
TEC569037 N/A Clarity: RPT-0006: Invalid Login. Contact system administrator 02/19/13
TEC568807 N/A Clarity: Documents with 'pptx' and 'docx' extensions are not found in search results 02/19/13
TEC568589 N/A Clarity: Error 500 generated when attempting to deactivate an Entity Fiscal Time Period 02/19/13
TEC568237 N/A Clarity: Team Default Allocation saved in a non-English Locale format causes the application to use 100% instead of the default value 02/19/13
TEC567829 N/A Clarity: Change Impact and Upgrade Guide v13 - Offline Timesheets 02/19/13
TEC567759 N/A Clarity: My Projects portlet shows values for secured subpage attributes always 02/19/13
TEC567758 N/A Clarity: A file cannot be opened from General Search Results, If a file name contains a hash or pound symbol (#) 02/19/13
TEC567722 N/A Clarity: Date Fields Behave as Strings when Exporting to Excel 02/19/13
TEC567433 N/A Resource Allocation Time Scaled Values are not displaying when the project is marked inactive. 02/19/13
TEC567400 N/A Clarity: Activating Fiscal Time Periods - Automatically locks 'Active' field andcannot be changed back to inactive immediately 02/19/13
TEC567205 N/A Clarity: Error: Partition code on plan cannot be different than that of Investment 02/19/13
TEC567203 N/A "ETC for Labor Resources" in Capacity config displays seconds instead of hours in time-scale value 02/19/13
TEC567202 N/A Clarity: Project XOG Write action generates a NullPointer Exception when the Project has a Company Name defined 02/19/13
TEC567196 N/A Clarity: Object Action Menu Item should appear if the end-user has Instance Access Right 02/19/13
TEC566763 N/A Clarity: "Logon Failed" error when using Crystal Reports to access CA Clarity universe 02/19/13
TEC502601 N/A Clarity: How to XOG Read Portlet pages? 02/19/13
TEC502242 N/A Clarity: On projects and tasks, the charge Code field displays all charge codes, including those open for time entry. 02/19/13
TEC578741 N/A Clarity: Unable to move an OBS Unit to any level except to an existing unit without any children units 02/18/13
TEC578738 N/A Clarity: XOG Project Instance Access Rights for a user is not assigning rights as expected 02/18/13
TEC578494 N/A MSP2010: When launching a project to MSP2010 the view does display as expected. 02/18/13
TEC578152 N/A Clarity: Portlet filters are missing new attributes added to their data providers 02/18/13
TEC578149 N/A Clarity: Slow performance caused by new view: INV_WIP_COST_V 02/18/13
TEC577441 N/A Clarity: Investment Team Members Inactive, Rate Matrix Resource Class Column Configured, Populate Cost Plan, Error Rates Missing 02/18/13
TEC577332 N/A Clarity: Cannot XOG in Other Work Investment Description greater than 256 characters 02/18/13
TEC576884 N/A Clarity: When can the Project Billing Currency be changed? 02/18/13
TEC576784 N/A Clarity: Sub-object lists/sub-pages links go missing in release 13 object views 02/18/13
TEC576638 N/A Clarity: The Chart Data Label is Green on our Graph 02/18/13
TEC576585 N/A Clarity: Time slice not deleted when saving 0 or blank on a custom fiscal Time-Scaled Value field 02/18/13
TEC576153 N/A Clarity: Required Field Icon disappears when a Filter Portlet is rendered as a Toolbar 02/18/13
TEC575619 N/A Clarity: Error 500 stops the exporting a the Program List View to Excel 02/18/13
TEC572639 N/A Clarity: Double Click on a stacked TSV cell on the cost plan/benefit plan list view doesn't always apply the value after you move away (onBlur) to another TSV cell on IE8 02/18/13
TEC572611 N/A Clarity: ProcessLoader.loadAndExecuteUncommittedCustomActions() is broken at v13 due to new multitenant code 02/18/13
TEC572267 N/A Clarity 12.1.2 Generic Patch available to resolve reported issues 02/18/13
TEC572193 N/A Clarity: PMO Accelerator Project Manager Schedule Dashboard Portlet generates an error message 02/18/13
TEC572178 N/A Clarity: Knowledge Store Collaboration Icons for expand or collapse actions 02/18/13
TEC572158 N/A Clarity: Export to Excel: exported dates may shift by +/- 1 day depending on the user's time zone 02/18/13
TEC572066 N/A Clarity: A task attribute in a different partition, when added to the task create screen & marked required, does not need to be populated when creating a task. 02/18/13
TEC571825 N/A Clarity: How to Configure 'My Projects' Portlet for all users? 02/18/13
TEC571818 N/A Clarity: Microsoft Internet Explorer 8 needs to use Compatibility View Mode > Export to Excel generates Error 'Unable to open this internet site. The requested site is either unavailable or cannot be found. Please try again.' 02/18/13
TEC571809 N/A Clarity: Process Fails - BPM-0704: An error occurred while executing custom script: ../config/properties.xml (no such file or directory) 02/18/13
TEC571386 N/A Clarity: Group OBS Access Rights for SubObject Edit All access does not allow the end-user to edit all SubObject instances 02/18/13
TEC571385 N/A Clarity: The application is incorrectly allowing the default tab to be deleted 02/18/13
TEC571127 N/A MSP: When I export my project to MSP my resources latest rates are not coming over, why? 02/18/13
TEC571031 N/A Clarity: Receiving warning "The time periods requested do not exist" when creating a cost plan (New Manual Plan) for a project that has actuals 02/18/13
TEC570814 N/A Clarity: Time Reporting Period was incorrectly set up. How can I correct the dates? 02/18/13
TEC570662 N/A Clarity: REVMGR-01027: Cannot copy staff plan because data is missing. Make sure the investment is staffed, all tasks have a charge code, and staff is financially enabled. 02/18/13
TEC570661 N/A Error 500 in bi-dimensional portlet if, in Row Grouping, "Data Columns" comes first and, in the Column Layout, there are 2 or more columns below "Data Columns" despite the sql working when run against the database. 02/18/13
TEC570534 N/A Clarity: "More+%3E%3E" Displayed As The Label For The "More" Dropdown Button 02/18/13
TEC569833 N/A Clarity: Copy Cost Plan - Detail TSV Data shows all zeros 02/18/13
TEC506534 N/A When time is entered into a timesheet and the Locale setting uses a comma as the decimal separator, the message "System error. Contact system administrator" occurs. 02/18/13
TEC502938 N/A Clarity JOB(s) Sequence: This sequence will update all of the out-of-the-box Clarity-Tables. 02/18/13
TEC574509 N/A Clarity: A project can be deactivated with a Financial Status Open or On Hold 02/16/13
TEC501149 N/A Should not schedule to stop Clarity and to start jobs at the same time 02/16/13
TEC586687 N/A Clarity: Opening any projects in OWB give the following error: "Unable to open project XXXXX. The expected data type from the stream was different from what the stream contained." 02/15/13
TEC581819 N/A Using the CMC to Increase the session timeout in BOXI 3.1 SP3 02/15/13
TEC581263 N/A CSA - SSL(https) & http: Selecting enablePort=True & enablePort=False 02/15/13
TEC581262 N/A Clarity: If nls_date_format is incorrect, you cannot filter for timesheets by prior time period or current time period as it throws a system error. 02/15/13
TEC581241 N/A Clarity: Project XOG read performance is slow on 13.0.1 02/15/13
TEC581217 N/A Clarity: CA Clarity Project & Portfolio Management v13.1 Upgrade Information 02/15/13
TEC579127 N/A Clarity: Edit Mode Display Problem using double-click 02/15/13
TEC579112 N/A Clarity: PMO 3.1 throws system error when selecting all items to be applied because the file name is incorrect in the Dependency File 02/15/13
TEC579111 N/A Clarity: XOG Write action fails for Percent Attribute Configured with Zero Decimal Places 02/15/13
TEC578887 N/A Does CA package Clarity software with RPM? 02/15/13
TEC578810 N/A Clarity: The path node does not exist in the repository error received when running Clarity reports 02/15/13
TEC573667 N/A Clarity Sharepoint Connector compatibility and availability information 02/15/13
TEC573512 N/A Clarity: Gantt Sorting Configuration 02/15/13
TEC573495 N/A Clarity: Actuals and Actual Cost don't display in the correct fiscal periods when the periods are set up to be different from calendar periods 02/15/13
TEC573322 N/A Clarity: How Do Timesheet Notifications Get Sent Automatically Without Using A Process 02/15/13
TEC573321 N/A Clarity: Delete Process Instance Job Deletes Sub-processes That Are Still Running 02/15/13
TEC573005 N/A Clarity: v13 Do you want to view only the webpage content that was delivered securely? 02/15/13
TEC573001 N/A Clarity: When we Export to Excel (Data Only), we can see that line feed is ignored. 02/15/13
TEC573000 N/A Clarity: URL which contains Japanese Is Garbled on IE6, IE7 02/15/13
TEC572996 N/A Clarity: The lookup value which does not permit the edit shows Japanese as HTML unicode style 02/15/13
TEC572988 N/A Clarity: Date Wrongly Displayed on Excel 02/15/13
TEC572902 N/A Clarity: Portfolio Scorecard Performance Issue 02/15/13
TEC572901 N/A Clarity: 2D Bubble charts do not render all data points when only one dimension member is returned for the Series Dimension 02/15/13
TEC572836 N/A Clarity: PRASSIGNMENT.PRBASESUM deprecated field is used in Timesheet view : Baseline field instead of table PRJ_BASELINE_DETAILS 02/15/13
TEC572800 N/A Clarity: XOG FATAL [Error] :0:0: attribute "name" has a bad value: the value is not a member of the enumeration. 02/15/13
TEC572798 N/A Clarity: Timesheet Browsing Error 500 02/15/13
TEC572797 N/A Clarity: Slow posting due to MANY redundant calls to cost curve calculation logic 02/15/13
TEC572711 N/A Clarity: REVMGR-5002:Exchange rate not found for billing currency 02/15/13
TEC572707 N/A Clarity: The structure of the existing Budget and the Cost plan of record do not match 02/15/13
TEC509127 N/A Clarity: A Custom tab holding a portlet with a chart does not display a chart after filter. A refresh of the page then displays the chart. 02/15/13
TEC508097 N/A Clarity: <OBSSecurity, <GroupSecurity and <UserSecurity tags in Security setting via xog, must be specified in this order. 02/15/13
TEC511214 N/A BO Reports prompt for "Further Info" (database login, password, etc) when run from Clarity. 02/14/13
TEC511211 N/A Install Actuate 9 - High Level 02/14/13
TEC511210 N/A Clarity: When upgrading to 8.* from 753 you get an error on the postupgrade_reorg_finmgr_links.xml ORA-20006: PARENT MENU/ACTION DOES NOT EXIST 02/14/13
TEC511148 N/A Clarity installation fails on a 64-bit Windows environment. - ' is not expected at this time' 02/14/13
TEC510784 N/A Clarity: When installing Actuate 9 on AIX 5: "Error: Operating system level mismatch. Trying to install iServer on an unsupported version of OS..." 02/14/13
TEC510782 N/A Clarity: Actuate 9 error occurs after submitting a report: "com/actuate9/rsse/interfaces/RSSE". 02/14/13
TEC510781 N/A When running reports from Clarity UI and Actuate 9 installed: Error "HTTP Status 404 - /acweb/viewer/viewframeset.jsp" with description "The requested resource (/acweb/viewer/viewframeset.jsp) is not available" 02/14/13
TEC511764 N/A Clarity: How can I obtain an AWR Report from the Oracle Database? 02/13/13
TEC511328 N/A Clarity Sharepoint Connector Failing to Install. 02/13/13
TEC523017 N/A Clarity: Process XOG will successfully XOG in a description field of >250 characters even though description fields >250 characters are not allowed in the UI. 02/12/13
TEC521557 N/A Clarity: Incompatible jobs wait for a long time 02/12/13
TEC499839 N/A Clarity: Why baseline fields in PRASSIGNMENT table are not always updated? 02/12/13
TEC499824 N/A Clarity: Message from NSAPI plugin: No backend server available for connection timed out after 10 seconds or idempotent set to OFF. 02/12/13
TEC499485 N/A Open Workbench Help Files are not always Accessible after Install from Clarity. 02/12/13
TEC500376 N/A BO Reporting - One or More Users receive Invalid Expression error running any Business Objects report from Clarity. 02/11/13
TEC500369 N/A Custom weekly slices and custom monthly slices that have a From Date other than Monday will revert to a Monday start date after rollover occurs. 02/11/13
TEC500348 N/A Clarity: Datamart Entity. 02/11/13
TEC500256 N/A Clarity: Error "RPT-0007: Specified report did not execute properly." when running reports and BO XI is installed. 02/11/13
TEC500251 N/A Error when Uninstalling BO XI: "This application has failed to start because msi.dll was not found..." 02/11/13
TEC526489 N/A Business Objects requirement so that the Business Objects servers don't run the same query on both Job Server and Pageserver. 02/09/13
TEC525562 N/A Clarity: SSO integration, XOG and Scheduler considerations 02/08/13
TEC525556 N/A Clarity: What are the general steps to follow if Clarity needs to get moved to another system? 02/08/13
TEC525554 N/A Clarity: Does the Beacon service require root privileges? 02/08/13
TEC525535 N/A Clarity Install fails with error: ExecTask) CASharedComponentsScanEngine was unexpected at this time. 8/13/09 12:08 PM (UnknownElement) Task "exec" finished with error. 02/08/13
TEC525494 N/A Clarity: Error: <HTTP Status 404 - /acadmin/viewer/viewframeset.jsp> Occurs when executing report from Clarity (Actuate reporting server). 02/08/13
TEC525493 N/A Clarity: How can I determine how frequently a report is used by the user base? 02/08/13
TEC525492 N/A Clarity: "An error occurred at the server: The report you are trying to access (ID=###) has recently been removed from the server..." Occurs when running a report from Clarity and the Business Objects is the reporting engine. 02/08/13
TEC525486 N/A Clarity: How to download Actuate 9.0 from Clarity Support page. 02/08/13
TEC500403 N/A Clarity: French Translation issue in Changing Password. 02/08/13
TEC500402 N/A Clarity: How do I get a correct sorting order for Auto-numbering Objects when an Alpha-Numeric counter is used? 02/08/13
TEC544505 N/A BPM_ERRORS table filling up impacting database performance 02/07/13
TEC544503 N/A Clarity: Attribute properties are not available for multi-value lookups (MVL)/ "Value Required" and "Presence Required" 02/07/13
TEC543956 N/A Clarity: OWB fails to open a project with "Unable to open project XYZ: the value specified is outside bounds of the specified minimum/maximum", when % Complete Calculation Method for the project is not Manual 02/07/13
TEC543644 N/A Timesheets don't post 02/07/13
TEC543544 N/A Static Lookups attributes not sorted in alphabetical order in OWB. 02/07/13
TEC543386 N/A Clarity: Microsoft Internet Explorer 8 Compatibility 02/07/13
TEC543084 N/A Chronological Order of IDs 02/07/13
TEC542313 N/A Clarity 12.1.0 Generic Patch available to resolve reported issues 02/07/13
TEC541382 N/A How to install Xcelsius. 02/07/13
TEC526490 N/A How to troubleshoot HTTP://400 Bad Request Errors in Clarity. 02/07/13
TEC526445 N/A BO: Troubleshooting HTTP 404 errors. 02/07/13
TEC526440 N/A Resolving HTTP 500 errors. 02/07/13
TEC526346 N/A Clarity: How to Test Clarity multicast communication using Jgroups? 02/07/13
TEC526289 N/A How to Generate a CSR Request for Tomcat? 02/07/13
TEC525564 N/A Clarity: Is Business Objects XI R2 supported on Windows 2008? 02/07/13
TEC525546 N/A How to properly uninstall CABI. 02/07/13
TEC525533 N/A Clarity: When you change an "Attribute name" in "Object Definition: Attributes" the attribute view labels are changed inconsistently for "view - List Column Fields" and "view - List Filter Fields". 02/07/13
TEC525526 N/A Error "NJS-0401: Execution of Job failed" when running job "Post Transactions to Financial". 02/07/13
TEC525510 N/A Clarity: Error -SubObjectDuplicateLinkPostUpgrade class are not found> Occurs during upgrade 8.1.4 database error received in admin.log:. 02/07/13
TEC525429 N/A Installation/Upgrade fails with the following error at "com.niku.xog.client.XOGAdminClient.processFileDescriptors..." in the install.log 02/07/13
TEC525424 N/A Clarity: Why do I see more resources listed in the portlets on the Resource Planning > Allocations tab page when I have only restricted access to see specific resources? 02/07/13
TEC525423 N/A How to convert an existing project into a program. 02/07/13
TEC525358 N/A Editing folder permissions within the knowledge store. 02/07/13
TEC525331 N/A Clarity: Process Error on Save As when username is longer than 30 characters. 02/07/13
TEC525328 N/A Clarity: XOG read of documents using OR criteria fails. 02/07/13
TEC547394 N/A Clarity: The the 'Primary Role' field in the Department Resources portlet filter section is empty when browsing for a value 02/06/13
TEC547363 N/A Clarity: XDM installation via NSA on Windows 2008 fails due to permissions issue creating temporary files 02/06/13
TEC546956 N/A Clarity: Is Xcelsius Client software compatible with Microsoft Office 2010? 02/06/13
TEC546107 N/A How to monitor process engines in Clarity? 02/06/13
TEC546104 N/A How to Create Clarity Database for Microsoft SQL Server? 02/06/13
TEC544766 N/A Clarity: OBS Move Items - Selecting 'Top' indicates 'There are no organizational breakdown structure units to display' 02/06/13
TEC541827 N/A Timesheets don't appear on Timesheet Detail report if time slice request id 2 is not configured correctly. 02/06/13
TEC530207 N/A Enabling Security Features in Custom Universes and Custom Crystal Reports starting with CA Clarity PPM v12.1 02/06/13
TEC529977 N/A Clarity: When adding a display condition to a subpage on a non-project investment object where the defined condition is based on a multi-value lookup, the NPIO then renders an error when you attempt to create a new instance of that object. 02/06/13
TEC529885 N/A Clarity: Can we tell which tasks were assigned by a Project Manager versus assigned by a Resource through their Timesheet? 02/06/13
TEC529799 N/A Error Installing Stock Reports in Clarity 02/06/13
TEC529595 N/A OWB: Unable to save project CA Clarity PPMprojectm. An error occurred while trying to save your project: java.lang.Exception: Insufficient right to add record. 02/06/13
TEC529593 N/A Clarity: How to install FORMS. 02/06/13
TEC529546 N/A Clarity: How to configure logging for Websphere and Weblogic? 02/06/13
TEC529516 N/A XOG-3912 Error when installing PMO 2.1 02/06/13
TEC529506 N/A How to Resolve 'BillingCurrencyCode' Errors During PMO Installation 02/06/13
TEC529336 N/A Clarity: Creating a Project-based Portlet with Partition OTHER than System (NIKU.ROOT), a System Error occurs 02/06/13
TEC529329 N/A Clarity: SVG Viewer enables Mouse-over text to appear 02/06/13
TEC529302 N/A Clarity: How to configure Incidents for Time Tracking? 02/06/13
TEC528878 N/A [BO - Crystal Reports]: Cannot print / export reports run from Clarity, an error message is shown "missing Active-X component". 02/06/13
TEC528176 N/A ORA-04030: out of process memory when trying to allocate NNNN bytes errors in BG Log file. 02/06/13
TEC527899 N/A Cannot Open Stock Clarity Reports in Crystal Designer. 02/06/13
TEC527898 N/A Clarity: How to Create a Database for Microsoft SQL Server 2005. 02/06/13
TEC527894 N/A How to Import a report using Business Objects Publishing Wizard. 02/06/13
TEC527893 N/A Clarity: Process Action items do not use the Initial Grace Period for Escalations. 02/06/13
TEC527892 N/A Clarity: How to Verify Database Settings using Microsoft SQL Server 2005. 02/06/13
TEC511213 N/A Clarity requires the VIEW SERVER STATE permission with MS SQL, why? 02/06/13
TEC511208 N/A Clarity: NSA UNKNOWN STATUS SERVICES - 'net' is not recognized as an internal or external command. 02/06/13
TEC510858 N/A How often should I run the Investment Allocation Job? 02/06/13
TEC510856 N/A Clarity: How do baseline detail slices relate to the baseline tables in the Schema 02/06/13
TEC510822 N/A Clarity: Issue Credit Memo: character string buffer too small ORA-06512: at "NIKU.PAC_BIL_CM_INVLOOKUP_SP". 02/06/13
TEC510821 N/A Clarity NSA is not reporting the status of the Actuate 9 service properly. 02/06/13
TEC510752 N/A Clarity Grants Manager: Some strings are not localized in the Fund Profit and Loss Statement Report. 02/06/13
TEC510700 N/A Clarity: LAST_LOGGED_IN_DATE not updated when login user name is not an exact match to the literal string stored in the database 02/06/13
TEC510544 N/A Clarity: How to configure Business Objects to use Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) 02/06/13
TEC509855 N/A Clarity: PMO Version 2.0 Upgrade BPM-0704 Error. 02/06/13
TEC509852 N/A Clarity: Unable to update project status attribute via XOG when the attribute is linked to lookup INVESTMENT_OBJ_STATUS 02/06/13
TEC509787 N/A Clarity: Error "DMS-02102: A database error occurred while processing your request. Contact your system administrator." while adding or moving any document in knowledge store. 02/06/13
TEC509496 N/A Clarity: Error when running PMO Accelerator reports after installation. 02/06/13
TEC509439 N/A Clarity PMO Version 2.0 Upgrade Error XOG-3052: Query record has not been inserted 02/06/13
TEC509129 N/A Clarity: How do I activate enhanced logging for app-access logs using Apache Tomcat? 02/06/13
TEC508811 N/A How can I figure out what table my custom time slice's records are being inserted into? 02/06/13
TEC508534 N/A Memory errors occur in Internet Explorer when navigating between pages in Clarity. 02/06/13
TEC508148 N/A Clarity: Intermittent System errors are occurring the Application and Background Servers 02/06/13
TEC508147 N/A Clarity: In 12.0.5, Export to Excel (Data Only) option does not download. 02/06/13
TEC506121 N/A Clarity: The 'NIKU DEPLOY' command executed against the Clarity application (non clone) will change the properties.xml file so that it uses the default ports and URL. 02/06/13
TEC506120 N/A Clarity: How can I change the application and bg log file size and the number of backup versions? 02/06/13
TEC549877 N/A Clarity: XOG-2015 This timesheet cannot be saved because it has since been updated by another user 02/05/13
TEC549599 N/A Clarity: XOG Write Update for Resources with Apostrophe character fails 02/05/13
TEC549494 N/A Cannot install Excelsius 2008 SP3 with Office 2010 installed. 02/05/13
TEC548415 N/A Clarity: Attempting to Create Events and we get a System Error 500 message 02/05/13
TEC547586 N/A Clarity: SQL Server 2008 Configuration 02/05/13
TEC547450 N/A Clarity: Audit Trail Mishap 02/05/13
TEC531578 N/A Clarity: During an upgrade, the database installation fails - 'Error occurred: com.niku.nsa.service.ExecutableException: Content Pack Installation - XOG Install failed Failure occurred while applying processes/proj_man_appr.xml' 02/05/13
TEC531098 N/A Clarity: Process flow diagram does not display correctly for a long process 02/05/13
TEC531082 N/A Clarity: Project List View > Filter > OBS Unit : Location OBS Unit does not return expected projects 02/05/13
TEC531072 N/A Clarity: Post Timesheet Job incorrectly creates financial transactions for projects with Financial Status not 'Open' 02/05/13
TEC530990 N/A Clarity: Oracle RAC customers only - slow performance and max(id) on tables/nextval on sequences is increasing rapidly. 02/05/13
TEC530983 N/A Clarity: Idea sub-object rights should be the same as idea object rights. 02/05/13
TEC530980 N/A Is Oracle 11g R2 compatible with Clarity 12.0.6? 02/05/13
TEC530816 N/A Errors when installing Clarity XDM from CSA. 02/05/13
TEC530792 N/A Clarity: XOG Charge-back Allocation Write action to update existing Standard Rules updates the wrong rules 02/05/13
TEC530607 N/A Clarity: Process definition will not xog out if there is a gel script in the start step. 02/05/13
TEC520725 N/A Clarity: Is it possible to change the Display Type of a Multi Valued Lookup attribute from Browse to Pull-down in the Edit Views Page? 02/05/13
TEC520563 N/A "Error in Page" on lower corner of browser page when trying to delete a link? 02/05/13
TEC520562 N/A Can I use project object attributes in a new calculated investment object? 02/05/13
TEC520490 N/A Filters values disappear and the entire list is displayed. 02/05/13
TEC520430 N/A Clarity: Unable to create new Ideas. 02/05/13
TEC520316 N/A Object Instance XOG errors out with java.lang.NullPointerException. 02/05/13
TEC520259 N/A Clarity: LDAP passwords showing in clear text inside app-niku.log whenever com.niku.union.web debug is turned on 02/05/13
TEC520189 N/A Clarity: Are portlets within Clarity Project Portfolio Management JSR-168 or JSR-286 Compliant? 02/05/13
TEC513175 N/A Clarity: 'Project - Risk, Issue, Change Request - Delete' Instance or OBS rights do not work 02/05/13
TEC512535 N/A What files need to be modified to change the Logos within Clarity? 02/05/13
TEC511766 N/A Clarity: How can I import only one or selected reports into Business Object using Import Wizard? 02/05/13
TEC511329 N/A Clarity: Changing the Assignment Dates changes the Parent Task Dates incorrectly. 02/05/13
TEC557571 N/A Clarity: Department on NPIOs Not Updated Properly When Change Is Made Through the NPIO List View 02/04/13
TEC557076 N/A Clarity: Technical Reference Guide shows Tables 'PRJ_OBS_REPORTING' and 'PRJ_OBS_LABELS'. No data appears in these tables. Why? 02/04/13
TEC557075 N/A Clarity: XOG write Risks fails with a FATAL error - XOG-6010 and XOG-6014 02/04/13
TEC556191 N/A Clarity: Specific Navigation between User-defined Portlet and User-defined Resource Subpage generates Error 500 02/04/13
TEC556190 N/A Action items are only part translated when setting the Language to Non-English. 02/04/13
TEC556189 N/A Clarity: When trying to copy data from a custom view in Open WorkBench, OWB crashes 02/04/13
TEC556188 N/A Clarity: Users with restricted rights are able to see secured attribute values on the 'Select Resource' page 02/04/13
TEC556185 N/A Clarity: Department Browse on Resources Not Listing All Entities Until Clicking on Show All 02/04/13
TEC555916 N/A Clarity: URL attribute does not display on the Project List View 02/04/13
TEC555773 N/A Clarity: URL attribute does not display on the Project List View 02/04/13
TEC555772 N/A Clarity: Missing Created By Resource and Last Updated By Resource fields under the Resource Fields tab in process action items 02/04/13
TEC555468 N/A Clarity: Configuring a default value for Chargeback Subtype when creating a new investment-specific GL Allocation is not populating 02/04/13
TEC555035 N/A Clarity: PMO Portlet Actuals by Transaction Type does not expand and generates an error in the application log 02/04/13
TEC554884 N/A Clarity: Required attribute on Department or Location Object prevents Entity creation if OBS definition already has OBS units 02/04/13
TEC554782 N/A Clarity: NSQL backed Portlet throws "Operand type clash: datetimeoffset is incompatible with int" SQL Exception in 12.1.2 for MSSQL 2008 02/04/13
TEC554532 N/A When adding the Detailed Planned Cost, Detailed Budget Benefit, Detailed Budget Cost, Detailed Forecast Benefit, Detailed Forecast Cost, or Detailed Planned Benefit attributes causes all but 1 investment to disappear. 02/04/13
TEC554531 N/A Project Risk Fields no longer available on Portfolio Scorecard Investments portlet 02/04/13
TEC554008 N/A Clarity 12.1 + and Websphere 7.0+ with Webtier Plugin 02/04/13
TEC553811 N/A Clarity: Schedulers: Unable to generate input schedlogging file on Windows 7 systems 02/04/13
TEC553809 N/A Clarity: GEL Process is generating Error - Could not create taglib or URI: jelly:core tag name: set java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: core 02/04/13
TEC553492 N/A Clarity: How does Open Workbench store the path to subprojects in a master rmp file? 02/04/13
TEC553477 N/A Is MSP 2010 64 Bit supported on Clarity 12.1.1? 02/04/13
TEC553476 N/A Clarity connector for MSP2010 installation instructions update 02/04/13
TEC552788 N/A Clarity: System Error When Creating New Fiscal Time Period of Any Period Type 02/04/13
TEC552242 N/A Clarity: License Information Portlet License Type for Global Security Right for 'Project - Risk, Issue, Change Request - Edit - All' 02/04/13
TEC552084 N/A Clarity: Portfolio Audit Trail generates Error 500 for 'Parent Portfolio' attribute 02/04/13
TEC551920 N/A Installing CABIr3 BOXI 3.1 on 64bit Windows. 02/04/13
TEC551810 N/A CABIr3.2 Install - Zero byte CABIHOMETomcat55webappsCustomParamsWEB-INFclassescom folder 02/04/13
TEC551734 N/A Clarity: Any Clarity Job will not work when the SQLServer Agent is enabled in Microsoft SQL Server 2005 and 2008. 02/04/13
TEC551501 N/A Clarity: 12.1.0 Post Upgrade: OBS Power Filter format changed; causes existing OBS Power Filters to fail or prevents end-users from accessing pages. 02/04/13
TEC551499 N/A Clarity: The Benefit Plan or Cost Plan is not presenting the end-user with a choice for selecting a Partition Model Unit 02/04/13
TEC535984 N/A Clarity and PMO Accelerator: Supported Combinations Clarity + PMO Accelerator 02/04/13
TEC535116 N/A Clarity: Timesheet Menu item and Icon missing for Timesheet entry 02/04/13
TEC535110 N/A Export of requirement objects to excel from a partition does not show hyper links 02/04/13
TEC534855 N/A Is there a way to dictate the colors used for different status indicators in graph portlets? 02/04/13
TEC534850 N/A All tasks, on create, are defaulting to "key tasks", even when the configuration of the Task object does not have that field as "checked" by default. 02/04/13
TEC532931 N/A Clarity: Slow database performance after upgrading to Oracle 02/04/13
TEC532929 N/A Clarity: Attempting to save 'Scenario Toolbar' portlet properties page generates system error - cannot update ("CLARITY"."CMN_PORTLETS"."SOURCE") to NULL 02/04/13
TEC532312 N/A Importing tasks via XOG results in duplicate tasks. 02/04/13
TEC532189 N/A How to resolve Invalid Characters being Displayed in Clarity Application. 02/04/13
TEC531907 N/A Clarity: Error 500 page when trying to access the application. "Messenger init failed. This could be due to an incorrect 'preferIpv4Stack' setting." 02/04/13
TEC531904 N/A PMO: The Project Stakeholder lookup is case sensitive when browsing and entering values in the Lastname field 02/04/13
TEC531762 N/A Clarity: Delete Button is not Active Using Safari 3.2.1. 02/04/13
TEC531720 N/A Clarity: Would like contoured task to remain as contoured when reopened from Clarity into MSP 02/04/13
TEC525048 N/A Clarity: User with only "Project - Create from Template" rights can create a Project when converting an approved Idea 02/04/13
TEC525005 N/A How to download and install Clarity offline timesheets? 02/04/13
TEC524999 N/A What are the pre-requisites to install Clarity offline timesheets? 02/04/13
TEC524981 N/A Clarity Add-In Details page shows incorrect version information after upgrade 02/04/13
TEC524968 N/A Clarity: Business Objects error generated when user is added to CA-PPM-Reporting-User group 02/04/13
TEC524880 N/A Clarity: The lowest OBS level is missing from the Datamart NBI_DIM_OBS table. 02/04/13
TEC524879 N/A Error 500 is displayed on export to excel if chart portlet is placed to the left of a grid portlet. 02/04/13
TEC524876 N/A Clarity: Not enough events raised for a process - process takes long time to complete. 02/04/13
TEC524873 N/A Clarity: Cannot delete tasks from Template Process System Action. 02/04/13
TEC524871 N/A Clarity: Locked Document Attribute causes incident not to save properly. 02/04/13
TEC524863 N/A Clarity: Subproject List and Subproject Filter View changes in Studio do not appear to work. 02/04/13
TEC524859 N/A How can I enable auto-numbering only on one partition and not on System Partition? 02/04/13
TEC524846 N/A Clarity: Export to Excel fails with Error 500 when a progress bar is added to a portlet 02/04/13
TEC524845 N/A Clarity: Only 1000 users are found by the LDAP Add/Modify New and Changed User's job when a search filter is used. 02/04/13
TEC524827 N/A Clarity: Investment XOG Write does not make an entry in the INV_HIERARCHIES table. 02/04/13
TEC524814 N/A Clarity: Startup time for the app service is very slow 02/04/13
TEC524813 N/A Clarity: Xogging a user into Clarity via user xog changes the partition for the resource. 02/04/13
TEC524544 N/A Unable to move Attached Instance under Unit. 02/04/13
TEC524529 N/A Clarity: When Xogging multiple instances into an object which contains an auto-numbering attribute, only the last instance is Xogged in and then it is replicated multiple times. 02/04/13
TEC523694 N/A Process email notifications pick up the entry url for the NSA. 02/04/13
TEC523617 N/A Clarity: Read Only and Enter Once attributes are changed after a gel-script process that updates the same attribute runs. 02/04/13
TEC523304 N/A Clarity: SQL database error during getMessages() kills the Message Receiver thread. 02/04/13
TEC523303 N/A Clarity: Project XOG does not export Earned Value information from the Schedule subpage. 02/04/13
TEC523299 N/A Clarity: Microsoft Excel Compatibility 02/04/13
TEC523288 N/A Clarity: Upgrade causes unexpected change in values for CMN_AUDITS.RAW_VALUES_BEFORE and CMN_AUDITS.RAW_VALUES_AFTER fields 02/04/13
TEC523158 N/A Clarity: Project Status Reports Summary Attribute Name and Label should be consistent to specifically say 'Project Manager'. 02/04/13
TEC523077 N/A Error:0:0: uncompleted content model. expecting: &lt;filterValue&gt; Invalid xml data 02/04/13
TEC523062 N/A Saving a read-only field (custom attribute) with more than 20 characters on the Project Properties Page results in a "Value is too large" error. 02/04/13
TEC523061 N/A Error: "Incorrect date and time format" while saving the date attribute with display type other than default in a grid portlet. 02/04/13
TEC523060 N/A XOG does not pick default values for custom attributes 02/04/13
TEC523020 N/A Clarity: Action Items for the Requirement Object do not generate a link 02/04/13
TEC523019 N/A Clarity: Over-Allocation % does not work in Power Filter on the Resource Planning page 02/04/13
TEC523018 N/A Clarity: Cannot remove tasks from System Action in Process definition? 02/04/13
TEC523015 N/A Clarity: XOG Write Project Instance Fatal Error 'cannot insert NULL into CMN_INSTANCE_PAGES.PAGE_FRAME_ID' 02/04/13
TEC523014 N/A Error "ODF-0010 Invalid Expression. Check the format to make sure it is correct." When trying to create custom attributes. 02/04/13
TEC522888 N/A Clarity: How can you change the default scheduler (OWB & MSP) and place the scheduler format attribute on either project create or project properties page? 02/04/13
TEC522853 N/A Clarity: Multi-Valued Lookup attributes are not available for configuration in a List View 02/04/13
TEC522707 N/A Clarity 12.0.6 Generic Patch available to resolve reported issues 02/04/13
TEC521711 N/A Clarity: Process does not auto-start when a new idea is created via XOG. 02/04/13
TEC521699 N/A Clarity: After applying Service Pack 1 on Clarity 12, Cost Plan detailed view displays internal ID and NOT the names of Transaction Classes and Charge codes in the list. 02/04/13
TEC521565 N/A Populating Timesheet with Option of Copying from Previous Timesheet Add More Tasks Than Expected 02/04/13
TEC521560 N/A Clarity: Full Name field is not changed when you use the rsm_resources_write xog even when first and/or last name is changed 02/04/13
TEC521559 N/A After upgrading Clarity, there is no data being displayed in Project Team: Detail page on the time-scale grid. 02/04/13
TEC521554 N/A Clarity: The space in "Lookup Value ID" causes the data not to show after saving. 02/04/13
TEC521187 N/A OWB: Subproject actuals and ETC are not rolling up to the subproject level in views, but Total Usage does. 02/04/13
TEC520772 N/A How to Change Database Server Passwords 02/04/13
TEC561949 N/A Clarity: Capacity Vs Demand by Resource Report by Weeks shows zero hours when weekly time slice requests start on a Sunday instead of Monday 02/01/13
TEC561604 N/A Last password change date field is not updating when a resource password is changed via the Clarity admin tool 02/01/13
TEC561595 N/A Xogging out a cost plan does not xog out the forecast 02/01/13
TEC561175 N/A Clarity: Documentation does not include information about NOT using OBS_BROWSE_FLT_RES and OBS_BROWSE_FLT_PRJ lookups in custom reports 02/01/13
TEC561156 N/A Clarity: GL Allocation XOG Causes Updates To last_updated_date Column for the Entire CBK_GL_ALLOCATION_DETAIL table 02/01/13
TEC561106 N/A Clarity: Trusted Authentication Shared Key Gets Corrupted When Saving Changes On the Reporting Tab in NSA 02/01/13
TEC561105 N/A Clarity: The defined hint is not shown for a Read-Only URL Attribute 02/01/13
TEC560747 N/A Clarity: BPM-0522: Internal Process Engine Error. Contact your site administrator (Error executing action). java.lang.NullPointerException 02/01/13
TEC560676 N/A Clarity: 12.1 Upgrade Documentation Contradicts for CABI Upgrade Guide Says One Thing and Installation Guide Says Another 02/01/13
TEC560665 N/A Clarity: 'Create Business Object Users' job does not bring over users 02/01/13
TEC559875 N/A Clarity: User-defined Report does not execute (RPT-0007) 02/01/13
TEC559121 N/A Clarity: Multi-Currency Rates are not calculated for the Rate Matrix Extraction Job using the 'Extract Cost and Rate Information for the Scheduler' option 02/01/13
TEC559023 N/A Clarity: PMBOK portlets generate Error 500 message 02/01/13
TEC557592 N/A How to Create Custom Folder for Use in Business Objects Infoview. 02/01/13
TEC557591 N/A How to Add Parameters to Java Virtual Machine in Clarity. 02/01/13
TEC536896 N/A Does Clarity 12.* Support Red Hat 6.x? 02/01/13
TEC536829 N/A Upgrade from to 12.1 is missing DB columns and tables needed for Business Objects. 02/01/13
TEC536795 N/A Where in Clarity can I find the last login date by resource? 02/01/13
TEC536548 N/A Clarity: IOException while loading persisted sessions: 02/01/13
TEC536547 N/A Performance tuning and Optimization for Oracle usage by Clarity Shared Pool Size & Buffer Cache considerations 02/01/13
TEC536205 N/A Clarity: How to change your app-system.log settings? 02/01/13
TEC536203 N/A How to restore Clarity Oracle databases on Linux, Solaris, or AIX? 02/01/13
TEC536202 N/A How to reset sys Oracle password in Linux? 02/01/13
TEC536200 N/A Cannot view CSA Page after Installation 02/01/13
TEC535910 N/A Task attribute Critical can not be updated by XOG 02/01/13
TEC535754 N/A Required Oracle Database Parameters for use with Clarity 02/01/13
TEC535438 N/A An overview of NSQL's and its use in Clarity 02/01/13
TEC535437 N/A Failed to send a SOAP message generated to 'https://my_host_name:8043/niku/xog'.HTTPShostname wrong: should be <my_correct_hostname> at... 02/01/13
TEC535436 N/A The Dashboard and Processes tabs do not display 02/01/13
TEC535435 N/A In Clarity, where is the directory to install the SSL certificates when they expire? 02/01/13
TEC535434 N/A How to control the order and the colors that appear on graphs. 02/01/13
TEC535430 N/A How to restrict access to Portlets and Pages. 02/01/13
TEC535414 N/A When installing Clarity you receive an invalid directory error regarding Tomcat. 02/01/13
TEC535411 N/A Error 501 generated when user clicks on Dashboard icon. 02/01/13
TEC535380 N/A What are the supported Operating Systems for use with Clarity 12.1? 02/01/13
TEC535328 N/A Clarity: Xdm-1021 Errors preventing completion of the Post Upgrade step during 8.1.5 Upgrade 02/01/13
TEC535084 N/A Missing sub-menu links from collaboration tab 02/01/13
TEC534929 N/A What are the Supported Database Platforms for use with Clarity 12.1? 02/01/13
TEC534894 N/A Unable to delete any object like Project records, Query record, or Process records from the Clarity Application. 02/01/13
TEC534747 N/A Clarity: Can Fiscal Time Periods be XOGGED? 02/01/13
TEC534746 N/A How do I delete action items? 02/01/13
TEC534728 N/A How to change a resource status in Clarity? 02/01/13
TEC534721 N/A Required Security Settings for Internet Explorer 7 for use with Crystal Reports ActiveX Viewer 02/01/13
TEC564892 N/A Clarity: Creating a project 'from template' via XOG fails due to missing attribute (manager_id) if template and project in the same XOG write file 01/31/13
TEC564831 N/A Clarity: When Exporting to Excel a portlet we receive a warning that the fileformat differs from the format that the file name extension specifies 01/31/13
TEC564715 N/A CLarity: What table is updated when Add/Remove from my Projects is selected? 01/31/13
TEC564410 N/A Clarity: v13 Upgrade Notes 01/31/13
TEC563874 N/A With r12.1.1 Export to excel (data only) does not honour the formatting of date fields in Clarity according to language and regional settings of the PC if the language setting of the Clarity account settings is set to English. 01/31/13
TEC563852 N/A How to Increase Concurrent Job Limit in Cabi 3.2 01/31/13
TEC563851 N/A XOG 3850 Base Calendar error during Clarity Upgrade 01/31/13
TEC563850 N/A Code 5 Error Installing CABI 2.1 01/31/13
TEC563849 N/A Error received saving Webi document to CA Clarity Folder 01/31/13
TEC563478 N/A Clarity: Portfolio Alignment report is not returning data 01/31/13
TEC563382 N/A Clarity: PMO Project Manager Dashboard Portlets Generate Error 500 caused by a future date value 01/31/13
TEC562930 N/A Clarity: When Project properties attribute Status is configured as a Browse type, the entire list of status lookup values are displayed 01/31/13
TEC562929 N/A Clarity: How to configure Investment Hierarchy Views with user-defined custom attributes 01/31/13
TEC562909 N/A Clarity: Document 'Check Out' window is broken 01/31/13
TEC562733 N/A Clarity: Mapping Idea attributes to Project attributes 01/31/13
TEC562489 N/A Clarity: Closing A Charge Code for Time Entry From Charge Codes List Removes Its Association to Project Tasks 01/31/13
TEC562217 N/A Clarity: How are the fields calculated for the PMO Accelerator Key Performance Indicators Portlet? 01/31/13
TEC562020 N/A Clarity: Export to Excel with hyperlinks is hitting 65530-links XML Spreadsheet 2003 limitation, throwing Unknown error when opening the xls 01/31/13
TEC540456 N/A Clarity: Project Financial Subpage is removed when attempting to restore the view in Admin Tool 01/31/13
TEC538649 N/A Clarity: Units Missing When Cost Plan Is Populated If Rate Matrix Uses "Middle of Month" dates 01/31/13
TEC538173 N/A LDAP - Synchronize New and Changed Users job synchronizes only 225 users 01/31/13
TEC537826 N/A Where are the downloads for Xcelsius available? 01/31/13
TEC537775 N/A Error message "Maximum rows exceeded" when exporting data to excel in versions prior to 8.1 01/31/13
TEC537416 N/A Clarity: Online Timesheets Error 91 when retrieving a timesheet which has a charge code name not equal to the charge code ID. 01/31/13
TEC537214 N/A Clarity: XOG failure when using tilde (~) in column name for custom object 01/31/13
TEC525181 N/A Installing PMO Accelerator 2.1 changes the Auto-numbering schema for the Project Object. 01/31/13
TEC525070 N/A Submitting offline timesheets in Clarity 01/31/13
TEC573879 N/A Clarity: Level 2 Subtotal Incorrect on the Actuals By Transaction Type portlet if Resource Location or Department is Changed 01/16/13
TEC472546 N/A GRC: UCF Correction script to prevent duplicate specific requirements from being inserted while loading new UCF updates on top of an existing UCF update. 01/12/13
TEC473076 N/A GRC: PPM - ETC on TPC after control has been assigned to project will update TPC if you rerun the create process on a project 01/11/13
TEC583915 N/A Clarity: LDAP Synch Job Errors out under Windows Server 2008 R2 due to LDAP: error code12 - 00002040: SvcErr: DSID-031401E0, problem 5010 (UNAVAIL_EXTENSION) 12/26/12
TEC563146 N/A eHealth 6.3 installation fails during the creation of the Oracle DB on Windows 2008 (step 12 of 23) 12/12/12
TEC529675 N/A A Sample SMSDK Custom Auth that redirects the java stdout and stderr to log files. 11/26/12
TEC525031 N/A Clarity: Error 500 when filtering for OBS with thousands of units. 11/01/12
TEC437456 N/A Parameterized Lookups Example 10/30/12
TEC437455 N/A Things to Know When Using Master Projects in MSP 10/30/12
TEC576582 N/A Clarity: Class not found error received when calling a java class via a gel script 08/18/12
TEC566005 N/A Clarity: Cost Plan Details Grouping Attribute for Transaction Class is displaying the Transaction Class Name instead of the full Description 03/22/12
TEC565638 N/A Clarity: Portlet > Export to Excel > Date TimeStamp always show AM and some dates are incremented by 1 or 2 days 03/07/12
TEC520560 N/A Exporting a list portlet with a gantt virtual field to excel may cause aggregation row to shift values several rows or not at all. 09/07/10
N/A N/A Overview of Project Management: Open Workbench and Miicrosoft Project 11/03/07
N/A N/A White Paper - Clarity SQL Server Maintenance 11/03/07
N/A N/A Clarity 8.0 FP03 Windows SQL 2005 Server Performance White Paper v3 11/03/07
N/A N/A Clarity 8.0 FP03 Windows Oracle Server Performance White Paper 11/03/07
N/A N/A LDAP Troubleshooting Guide 11/03/07
N/A N/A Improving Clarity Performance White Paper 11/03/07
TEC435612 N/A Clarity 7.5.x Datamart: Technical White Paper 04/23/03
TEC435560 KB5621 What fields in MSP does Clarity use? 04/23/03