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CA Patch Manager
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Doc ID# Implementation Technical Support Documentation Last Revision
TEC1561689 Integrating CA Service Desk Manager with CA Patch Manager 02/10/15
TEC573686 Managing Oracle Solaris 10 Critical Patch Updates with Live Upgrade in CA Patch Manager 09/04/14
TEC546663 How to Manage Oracle Solaris Recommended Patch Clusters in CA Patch Manager? 06/04/14
TEC534958 UPM Policies do not evaluate successfully when Patch Management is installed on an Enterprise Server and the Policy is based on an edited CA Rollup Patch. 12/10/12
TEC559808 Problem installing "CA UPM manual Download Function" package 12/11/12
TEC532327 Content download fails after upgrade or install of r12.5 12/10/12
TEC525845 Does the UPM installation has to be the same version as DSM/ITCM? 12/10/12
TEC512418 UPM Inaccessible after both nodes of cluster install are complete 12/10/12
TEC546676 How to Manage RedHat Enterprise Linux 5 updates through CA Patch Manager? 12/07/12
TEC546669 How to Manage Redhat Enterprise Linux 4 updates in CA Patch Manager? 12/07/12
TEC546668 Managing HP-UX Quality Pack (QPK) Patch Bundles in CA Patch Manager 12/07/12
TEC509910 How to change the default software delivery download method from Internal - NOS to DTS-NOS-less on UNIX agents? 12/07/12
TEC481690 None or few patches are visible in UPM console 12/11/12
TEC542091 How to set the default software delivery download method as 'Internal - NOS' in an environment where the scalability server is on Windows and agents are Unix/Linux based? 12/07/12
TEC476737 Can UPM be installed standalone? 12/12/08
TEC467819 UPM based patches now require User Parameters 12/02/08
TEC434303 UPM Installation Fails at Cleverpath Reporter install Phase 09/27/07
TEC429388 After a successsfull UPM installation, the Online Status returns 'failed' after re-linking the DSM Content Download job to the System engine. 07/20/07
TEC413416 r11.1 backup / restore for Unicenter DSM Manager, Database and UPM on Windows Operating Systems 12/17/06
TEC398324 Implementation Guide 06/04/06