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CA OPS/MVS Event Management and Automation
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Video: Using The CA OPS/MVS R11.7 OPSCMD Subcommand Mode
The CA OPS/MVS OPSCMD subcommand mode provides an easy way to enter several operating system commands.
2 KB 2.6 MB - - -
Video: OPSMVS - How to Dynamically Define/Allocate/Activate & Hot-Swap an OPSLOG via OPSVIEW 4.13? 2 KB 3.8 MB - - -
Video: "How to use OPSVIEW 7.1.2 to create an OPSLOG archive dataset for a specific time period."? 2 KB 3.0 MB 518 KB 3.5 MB 1.6 MB
VIDEO: A brief narrative about basic steps needed to be done in order to install and
customize the OPSMVS Switch Operations Facility (SOF sever) started task.
2 KB 16.8 MB 5.5 MB 17.9 MB 7.84 MB