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CA Network Flow Analysis (formerly ReporterAnalyzer)
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    Symposium 2010
    What's New in ReporterAnalyzer 9.0 and Beyond
    by David Oliver, TK, CA|NetQoS
    Come see what's new in ReporterAnalyzer 9.0, and what is planned for the future. In this session, we will take a look at some of the immediate features and improvements, and discuss the future strategy moving forward.
    61.1 MB 40 minutes
    Identifying and Classifying Applications
    by Eric Hanson, TK, CA|NetQoS
    Identifying which applications consume infrastructure resources is the first step in performance-first network management. In this session, you will learn how to use Netflow to identify top applications consuming valuable WAN and LAN resources. Also learn how to avoid unnecessary expenditures when upgrading infrastructure (bandwidth, routers, switches, servers, load balancers, etc.) for applications that are either prioritized incorrectly or should be prohibited altogether. Learn how to customize ReporterAnalyzer, monitor VoIP with Unified Communications Monitor, configure applications in SuperAgent, and deploy SNMP, IPSLA, and CBQoS monitoring with NetVoyant.
    84.1 MB 51 minutes
    ReporterAnalyzer Expert Configuration Best Practices
    by Susan Ebbert, TK and Taylor Ellison, TK, CA|NetQoS
    In this session, you will learn advanced configuration strategies designed to extend the value your CA|NetQoS ReporterAnalyzer solution beyond troubleshooting. Specifically, you will learn how to configure reports to aid in the creation of firewall ACL rules, verification of QoS policies, and detection of suspicious routing behavior. You will also learn on how to configure NetQoS ReporterAnalyzer for site-based reporting.
    77.7 MB 39 minutes
    Webinar: ReporterAnalyzer: Expert ReporterAnalyzer Configuration
    NetQoS provides a broad set of application response time management capabilities allowing IT groups to do much more with less - from application service level reporting using NetQoS SuperAgent down to packet-level analysis with NetQoS GigaStor. In this session, you will learn how SuperAgent detects performance issues and launches full-featured, Layer 7 analysis on the packets/transactions responsible. You will also learn about the scalability advantages of spanning to GigaStor for high-speed, long-term packet capture. Additionally, learn how retrospective network analysis, in combination with SuperAgent monitoring, helps you save time, reduces costs, and solve a wide range of difficult infrastructure performance problems.
    56.4 MB 80 minutes
    Webinar: ReporterAnalyzer Application Mapping
    Go with the (Net)Flow to learn new techniques for application monitoring with NetQoS ReporterAnalyzer. In this 70 minute webinar we will use real-world examples to explain the concepts of Port Decisions, Port Renaming and Application Mapping.
    31.3 MB 33 minutes
    Webinar: ReporterAnalyzer Application Monitoring
    Discover the inner workings of ReporterAnalyzer, the traffic analysis module of the NetQoS Performance Center, and how it uses NetFlow data to monitor TCP and UDP ports. NetFlow is a widely adopted technology that reports on individual sockets being used in a conversation, but in business we think in terms of applications and they are not always limited to a single port or server. You will learn how to use ReporterAnalyzer to report on applications by renaming ports and using advanced application mapping techniques.
    53.6 MB 70 minutes
    Webinar: ReporterAnalyzer Expert Configuration
    Learn new techniques to get more out of ReporterAnalyzer, beyond trouble shooting. Topics will include custom virtual interfaces, MPLS-aware NetFlow, firewall ACL rules creation, and the detection of suspicious routing behavior for effective performance management. Special focus will be placed on maintaining visibility into the network using NetFlow enhancements in the ReporterAnalyzer Flow Forensics capability.
    36.8 MB 38 minutes
    Best Practices
    Configuring NetFlow
    ReporterAnalyzer is a tool that utilizes the NetFlow data that it receives from network devices to gather summary information about the traffic traversing a network. Configuring routers and switches correctly is essential so that ReporterAnalyzer receives and displays the most accurate information. This document gives an overview of what NetFlow is and provides guidelines to help users determine what the appropriate NetFlow configuration should be for their devices.
    267 KB (PDF)  
    Capacity Planning in ReporterAnalyzer using the Excel Connector
    This document walks the reader through the steps to create meaningful capacity planning projections for interface utilization using the Microsoft Excel Connector. This includes importing relevant data from the ReporterAnalyzer database, forecasting capacity based on past data, plotting the data, and estimating capacity at future dates.
    The configurations outlined in this document provide customizable solutions that are an enhancement to the capacity planning capabilities available within the RA product. The RA product gives customers the ability to project when an interface will hit a certain percent of bandwidth, but the Excel Connector reports allow for days to threshold calculations, customized graphs, and other data manipulation techniques to delve deeper into the data.
    1.0 MB (PDF) -
    ReporterAnalyzer Monitoring Exchange
    This document addresses the best way to configure monitoring Microsoft Exchange 2000 and 2003 using NetQoS ReporterAnalyzer. Exchange is made up of many independent components and by identifying and separating them, it is possible to get a greater view of how the application is performing on the network. This document discusses the behavior of Exchange Server and then details the steps necessary to correctly monitor its components.
    171 KB (PDF) -
    ReporterAnalyzer Application Monitoring
    This document provides an in depth looks at how ReporterAnalyzer monitors and collects application information. It explains how ReporterAnalyzer collects and stores protocol data from Netflow and how to use application maps to modify ReporterAnalyzer's data collection to suit your application monitoring needs. By following the methods in this document, you can ensure that applications are monitored in a way that is most meaningful for reporting. This document is intended for administrators and advanced users of ReporterAnalyzer.
    317 KB (PDF) -
    ReporterAnalyzer and Cisco WAAS
    This document describes best practices in deploying NetQoS ReporterAnalyzer along with Cisco's Wide Area Application Services (WAAS) solution. Readers of this document should already be familiar with common network engineering concepts and have an understanding of NetFlow and functionality of both ReporterAnalyzer and WAAS.
    241 KB (PDF) -