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CA Network and Systems Management
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N/A Unicenter Technical Support Tips / Tricks / Knowledge Sharing WebCasts
Implementation Best Practices Links
N/A Working with NSM
N/A NSM Integration for BMC Remedy Service Manager v 1.1
N/A Understanding the Unicenter NSM Architecture
N/A Designing Unicenter NSM r11 Architecture
N/A Unicenter NSM r11 Fault Tolerance
N/A Unicenter NSM r11 Scalability Guidelines
N/A Unicenter NSM r11 Upgrade Overview
N/A Unicenter NSM r11 Optimization
N/A Unicenter NSM r11.1 Service Availability (SAM) Pack
N/A Virtualization Best Practices
N/A Unicenter NSM r11.x Diagnostics Guide
N/A CA MDB Mixed Version Installation
N/A Unicenter NSM Migration Page
Configuration Management
TEC480495 Unicenter Configuration Manager delivery messages not displayed in EM Console 02/06/14
TEC550663 How to move (Copy) and register the existing user created profiles form one UCM machine to another UCM machine. 07/23/11
Alert Management
TEC511612 How to override the "Affected End User" field by specifying in the ACTION alert the SDEndUser parameter. 04/03/10
TEC509374 How to create Escalation Policy in AMS? 03/06/10
TEC496727 How to delete a CLASS in the Alert Manager? 09/12/09
TEC428392 When creating Service Desk tickets with the AHD.dll function, I used certain keywords as parameters in my message action. What is the associated Alert Management Service Desk Flag in Unicenter NSM r11? 02/22/09
TEC424971 How do you configure Alert Management to work with Service Desk? 02/22/09
TEC476148 CA-NSM 11.1 Alert Management System integrated with USRD 11.2. Attempting to create ServiceDesk request with a custom priority value in dbo.pri. 12/06/08
TEC420678 Create Actions function in Alert Class not working in Microsoft cluster environment 03/28/07
Enterprise Management for AEC
TEC556438 Unable to deploy AEC policy, getting error regarding the "evtcell registry read" 10/16/11
TEC529897 How do I uninstall AEC (Advanced Event Correlation) on a Linux/Unix system? 09/10/10
TEC505117 How to create an AEC policy to accept the first 50 identical events and to discard events after the 50th event? 12/31/09
TEC411980 How do I convert my 3.X RCA files to R11.X XML FORMAT? 10/04/09
TEC481606 Failure accessing the Advanced Event Correlation GUI from EM Classic. 02/08/09
Enterprise Management for CCI
TEC547583 How do I configure CCI and OPR for NSM 11.2 Event Agents installed on UNIX/Linux systems with the remote MDB installed on a Windows Cluster? 06/11/11
TEC328772 How to Configure CCI through a Firewall on Unix 03/18/09
TEC430288 CCI listening port 7001 conflicts with Unicenter Mgmt for WebLogic and BEA WebLogic. How to make CCI listen on a different port 02/28/09
Enterprise Management for Database
TEC528923 Installation of the NSM Management Database (MDB) fails 08/26/10
TEC427698 Is there a tool to estimate the size of the MDB for database optimization? 02/28/09
TEC426792 NSM Event Management unable to connect to MDB database 02/22/09
Enterprise Management for DIA
TEC526508 Managing Your Distributed Intelligence Architecture Infrastructure Using the DIA Tool 07/21/10
TEC435769 DNA activation fails in different domain 02/26/09
TEC472508 DIA Supplemental Implementation Topics 08/14/08
Enterprise Management for ENF
TEC349789 What functionality in Unicenter 3.1 0403 do you lose when ENF is not installed? 06/22/07
Enterprise Management for Event Management
TEC561259 Message Record Actions do show commands executed in the Unicenter event console, however the actions do not execute. 12/25/11
TEC557734 How to simulate historical events in event console in real-time for testing EM AEC and message action rules defined? 11/05/11
TEC557697 Message action policy and AEC rules don't trigger when the matched event appears in the event console. 11/05/11
TEC542990 NSM 11.2 Event agent fails to start after a successful install 03/11/11
TEC537817 CAUTIL Commands use by Event Management 12/16/10
TEC529681 Using Notification Services to send emails to an SMTP server, what is the syntax of the SMTP connection string to include authentication credentials? 09/05/10
TEC521577 Open an event console remotely and see error: "Security will not allow you to view this log. Please contact your System Administrator." 05/16/10
TEC443610 Thread Count of the CAOPRDMN.EXE Process 03/19/10
TEC506425 How to determine if the time an event was generated in the console log was within a specific timeframe? 01/17/10
TEC506424 Why do perl scripts run in sequential mode when executed as part of a DLL in a MRA (action=EXTERNAL)? 01/17/10
TEC504966 How to count the number of parameters passed to a Message Record Action in variable &text? 12/26/09
TEC504960 Password.cache considerations for MCC Admin Client running on a Citrix Server or Terminal Server. 12/26/09
TEC504961 How to force the command OPRCMD to run a 64-bit process on a 64-bit Server? 12/26/09
TEC426972 How to prevent an Event Agent from reloading the DSB from the server whenever it restarts? 07/04/09
TEC485445 What kind of messages does the NSM Event Console display after the UDCC 11.2.4 - NSM 11.2 integration? 04/02/09
TEC443160 Additional insight into the EXPORT action. Is an exported variable used only by the thread that created it? 03/21/09
TEC431546 How to execute AutoSys commands e.g. sendevent via a Unicenter Console message record and action 03/18/09
TEC426981 NetIQ integration with Unicenter NSM 03/12/09
TEC269804 How to configure a UNIX Event Agent to forward all messages to a Windows Manager 06/22/07
TEC426986 How to install the various configurations of the Event Agent 06/17/07
Enterprise Management for General
TEC591080 How can I unload NSM calendar, OPR Message Records and Actions (MRAs) and Workload assets tables from the 11.2 postgres MDB in ASCII format that I can then load back into another NSM 11.2 postgres MDB? 04/25/13
TEC462356 After uninstalling UWCC, EIAM and Portal cannot be reinstalled. 02/20/13
TEC568084 While trying to launch EM through MCC gives error as E_RI0019_Remote_UNVAIL the remote server /CA_ROS_D failed to respond 04/13/12
TEC550667 How can more roles be defined in WRS? 07/23/11
TEC545701 How can I define a Message Record that will be evaluated on a group of systems when the group is made up of different platforms (UNIX, Linux, and/or Windows)? 04/22/11
TEC542103 Steps to install NSM with a remote MDB 02/26/11
TEC538109 Cannot configure WRS reports, get Error: Failed to connect to WRS Server, The server may not exist or may not be running. 12/19/10
TEC537205 How do you Globally apply additional community strings to all subnets that may be divided among more than one agent? 12/08/10
TEC531703 Running out of MDB connections 10/02/10
TEC531433 How to mount a NSM 11.2 installation ISO file on a Solaris operating system with no access to a physical DVD drive? 09/30/10
TEC530509 Performance Scope GUI error message under hostname: "Unknown Operating System Type" 09/19/10
TEC529074 How to give non-root users permission to start and stop NSM r11 services using CA Common Services utilities (unicntrl, unistart, unishutdown, and unicycle) 08/27/10
TEC511168 How to change the saved login password for 2D map? 03/27/10
TEC509574 Is CA NSM 11.2 compatible with ASM r11.2? 03/08/10
TEC505741 Using the command line interface to resolve SCOM alerts. 01/08/10
TEC500529 What is the syntax to send a Notification with AMS variables (UNOTIFY command) that is run from a User Action within the MCC? 10/30/09
TEC494344 Receiving multiple Events from the awsAdmin in the Event Console: "awsAdmin Policy AWsadmin Up TooManyRequests AWsadmin". 10/29/09
TEC424423 How can I use a wildcard indicator for multiple consecutive character pattern matches (WCMANY) different from asterisk (*)? 03/21/09
TEC420677 When starting the MCC (Management Command Center) I am not getting a sign on dialog box 02/26/09
TEC478328 Unicenter ASM virtual server agent install fails to validate the port in the installation procedure 12/31/08
TEC429237 WVDMN shows INACTIVE in unifstat output. How do you make it ACTIVE? 02/13/08
TEC429247 How to backup/restore job, jobset, trigger, station, calendar and message action/record definitions either on the same box or on a different box? 07/20/07
TEC418618 How to set up Read-Only Windows-Authenticated Users (Microsoft SQL Server Databases)? 03/03/07
Enterprise Management for Installations
TEC489173 How to reorganize PostGresQL indexes on JMO r11.2? 03/21/13
TEC568725 How to manually remove the CA NSM System, Log and/or Performance Agents after a corrupt install or uninstall on UNIX or Linux 04/22/12
TEC550811 While upgrading NSM from 11.2 CUM1 to 11.2 SP1 installer shows Apache Tomcat configuration information shows blank. 07/29/11
TEC307048 CA Support Statement for VMWare 10/28/11
TEC550650 NSM R11.2 SP1 Agent Only - Installation Image deployment via DSM r11.2 fails on Windows 64 bit server during the dependency Check. 07/23/11
TEC550645 Unattended Installation problem on windows (RSII) from network Drive. 07/23/11
TEC545542 CAGI_E_WINERROR errors appear when accessing Online Help on a Windows 2008 machine. 04/20/11
TEC542641 "Windows function failed function <CreateFile> Error" appears when running UNICNTRL START commands 03/05/11
TEC541127 What is the best way to upgrade Unicenter Network and System Management (NSM) agents (System, Log and Performance) via unattended install? 02/11/11
TEC523647 The installation of the MDB in CA NSM and MDB monitoring by CA Insight for Distributed Databases have conflicting requirements for the local hosts file when the system is not defined in DNS. 06/17/10
TEC511698 Which Linux system RPM packages must be installed to assure a successful NSM r11 install? 04/03/10
TEC505736 How to create a list of content of UNIX installation packages? 01/08/10
TEC504451 How to change the SharedComponents directory after uninstalling CA NSM? 12/19/09
TEC501143 NSM r11.x installation returns after executing the setupNSM script on UNIX platforms and nothing gets installed. 11/06/09
TEC500554 How to prevent CA NSM from installing HAS on a server that is no longer part of a cluster or the cluster service is disabled? 10/30/09
TEC499706 Upgrade to r11.2 fails, unable to define Apache shutdown port on installation screen, as it is grayed out. 10/19/09
TEC497291 Can NSM r11.2 be installed and run on Reiser File System (such as Event Management and Workload)? 09/20/09
TEC494778 Manual application of CAM patches to NSM installation. 08/28/09
TEC494750 How to perform an unattended NSM r11 uninstall? 08/13/09
TEC485499 How do I run the UNIX agent installation in debug mode? 04/02/09
TEC484417 setupNSM fails with message: SMX000067 wrong terminal size 03/18/09
TEC483802 How to configure CA Notification Services into Microsoft Clustering Services (MSCS)? 03/08/09
TEC432403 What needs to be done to source the CA environment settings to a specific UNIX user 02/27/09
Enterprise Management for PIBs
Enterprise Management for Portal
TEC590857 How to delete Notification on UMP if 'delete=y' is not used in tndportalwto command. 04/23/13
TEC551151 How to make Portal login case-insensitive? 06/25/11
TEC485751 Unicenter Management Portal Business Process View Dashboard unable to retrieve data. 06/10/10
TEC521772 Portal Fails to Connect to Web Reporting Server in Task 10 05/20/10
TEC500115 Right-click menu options missing in Portal Explorer using non-English browser. 10/24/09
TEC497275 In Mangement Portal there is no edit button in Event Console to delete or edit an existing event console. 09/20/09
TEC485428 Cannot reset LogWatcher Alarms in Unicenter Management Portal. 04/02/09
TEC485427 After integrating UDCC 11.2.4 with NSM 11.2 Management Portal, logging on to the portal UDCC workplace as user "udcc" returns error: HTTP Status 404 04/02/09
TEC409582 How to install Unicenter security in NSM 11.0 and 11.1? 03/11/09
TEC432421 If IIS is not installed and running on the system where UMP is installed and UMP was configured during installation to use port 8090, how can we change the default port used by UMP to port 80? 02/27/09
TEC429146 I've changed the password for the nsmadmin account and now my Portal service does not stay running and I can't login to the Portal Admin UI 02/27/09
TEC461975 How to set the retention period for portal notifications 04/25/08
TEC442707 Does Portal require any modifacation if the SQL port is altered from port 1433? 12/22/07
Enterprise Management for SNMP
TEC511063 How to use the abrowser (Agent View) startup parameter to force classic SNMP communication? 03/27/10
TEC505220 What to check if SNMP traps are not arriving in the Event Console? 01/01/10
TEC443685 Importing 3rd party mibs using Unicenter NSM 03/22/09
TEC446455 When receiving traps from any device (for example a router), the nodeid is wrong. 02/22/08
Enterprise Management for Unicenter Remote Monitoring
TEC506526 How to migrate a Unicenter Remote Monitoring r3.1 SQL server database to a Unicenter Remote Monitoring r11.2 XML file? 01/20/10
TEC477573 What are the protocols and ports required by Unicenter Remote Monitoring? 12/20/08
Enterprise Management for Workload/Job Management
TEC578734 Can JMO managers 11.2 run jobs on JMO Agent release 3.1 (or UUJMA release 3.1)? 03/21/13
TEC538725 Error message %CACM_E_026 displayed in the NSM Event Console log in January 03/21/13
TEC479788 Errors when starting UUJMA after installation: CAOP_F_DBFAIL Message database (re)load failure: rc=-797165272 03/21/13
TEC472042 Error "bad password for user" received when scheduling from AutoSys 4.5.1 to UUJMA 3.1 03/21/13
TEC582659 caidb start cashdb ()? 03/18/13
TEC578733 What's the difference between "static" and "dynamic" predecessors 03/18/13
TEC578716 How to authorize JMO managers to run jobs on an Agent? 03/18/13
TEC578715 What's the purpose of JMO 'Cycle Count Precedence' option 03/18/13
TEC578714 Absolute Scheduling Times in JMO 03/18/13
TEC578713 What is the purpose of cau9avrg utility? 03/18/13
TEC578712 How to route stdout/stderr messages to the event console like on Unix? 03/18/13
TEC578710 What is pre-newday autoscan start time? 03/18/13
TEC578707 Differences between STATIC and DYNAMIC triggers 03/18/13
TEC553803 Evaluation order of JMO criteria profiles 03/18/13
TEC544944 How to get same JOB TRIGGER EXITMAIN 3.1 behavior within r11.2 on Unix/Linux? 03/18/13
TEC500162 Command to see configuration settings via command line. 03/18/13
TEC479786 Demanding a jobset before the autoscan time, sets the status to WAIT Start Time. 03/18/13
TEC472045 Checklist for Trigger and Action Problems 03/18/13
TEC554110 How to remove the embedded security 09/16/11
TEC535037 Export Stations to a CAUTIL file 11/04/10
TEC505745 After installing Job Management Option (JMO) on a cluster, CA NSM has service failures after moving the JMO resource to the failover node. 01/08/10
Agents Technology General
TEC496543 Unable to install the Unicenter NSM monitoring agent on the windows 2003 server that has UWCC installed. 02/27/13
TEC568079 caiuxsa2 displays some cpu usage values different than the AIX topas GUI. 04/13/12
TEC568078 caiuxsa2 displays the free memory including the cache and the buffers 04/13/12
TEC551737 How to remove or back out a SAMP policy Pack. 08/07/11
TEC550737 How to select / de-select Adaptive configuration (aws_baseline services) at the time of un-attended installation. 07/24/11
TEC530510 Agentless Monitoring for platforms that do not have NSM Agents available 09/19/10
TEC511204 Remote configuration changes for CA NSM Agents without using Unicenter Configuration Manager. 03/28/10
TEC505275 Unable to install ASM vCenter agent 01/01/10
TEC499622 The caiWinA3 agent not listing all hardware resources like power supply or temperature. 10/18/09
TEC499092 How to grant non-root users the ability to stop and start agent services on UNIX or Linux? 10/14/09
TEC498245 Can the NSM Active Directory option Enterprise Manager be installed on a cluster? 10/02/09
TEC494915 CaiUxsA2 system agent does not display all available physical interfaces. 08/14/09
TEC494871 Unicenter NSM 11.1 and Autosys 4.5 order of installation. 08/14/09
TEC485865 System Agent fails and log shows errors: AWF_TableRowAddByIndex Failed, or AWF_DUPLICATE_INDEX (26), or AWF_STORE_FAILED (49) 04/05/09
TEC485862 How can I disable a UNIX System Agent sponsor? 04/05/09
TEC485860 When an IP address changes for an monitored agent computer, what steps need to be followed? 04/05/09
TEC485475 Using the servicectrl command gives error "Fail to talk to awservices. Is it running? Type 'awservices start' and try again" 04/02/09
TEC485442 After modifying the DSM Discovery Community Strings table, "Notify DSM" causes all NSM agents to go into an ANY:ABSENT state 04/02/09
TEC442833 Why does the CA Agent Technology (awservices) components spawn so many processes on Linux? 03/22/09
TEC484304 How to create the configset for UDCC Insight Proxy Agents for NSM 11.2 03/07/09
TEC314814 Unicenter NSM 3.1 HAS and uniCluster 02/06/04
Agents Manager DSM
TEC562802 Changing pollset values for discovered systems in R11 01/25/12
TEC442906 Why are changes made to DSM Monitor lost after a clean_sadmin? 12/23/07
Agents Common Services
TEC551707 DSM - Agent Child Verification Logic (CVL) 08/07/11
TEC551700 The Agent Technology aws_agtgate service appears to hang whenever Atech is owned by a non-root user and all of NSM is started from the root user account using "unistart all" or "unistart atech". 08/07/11
TEC422331 What are DIA ports and what are the usage? 10/29/10
TEC511063 How to use the abrowser (Agent View) startup parameter to force classic SNMP communication? 03/27/10
TEC264715 How to force Agent Technologies to bind to a particular NIC? 10/17/09
TEC448940 AWS_AGTGATE service is in a failed state after starting awservices. 03/21/09
Agent Technology for PIBs
QI81188 WIN - R11 MIGRATION FROM 3.X 07-AUG-06 08/07/06
QI72500 VMS-INSTALL ON 8.2 09/19/05
Agent Technology Install
TEC530604 Can a NSM 11.2 SP2 installation coexist with NSM 3.1? 09/22/10
TEC530514 Why do several binaries installed with NSM agent technology need the setuid permission? 09/19/10
TEC512174 NSM Agents installation fails. 04/10/10
TEC475945 NSM 11.0 System Agents installation process on AIX 5.x fails with error "Errout: An installation is currently running with process id 254112. You must finish or cancel the currently running installation before proceeding." 12/04/08
QI82348 ANY - NSM R11.1(WIN) -R11.0(UNIX/LINUX) RSII UTILITY 09/28/06
Worldview General
TEC580464 NSM 11.2 DELOBJ utility fails with an error message and return code (rc) of 29. 10/15/12
TEC568849 After discovering the Server IP Interface icon is not created under unispace. 04/26/12
TEC530226 How to rediscover computers that are classified under an incorrect subnet? 09/16/10
TEC530057 Deletion of Granularity Objects. 09/12/10
TEC522200 Severity Propagation Service terminates when logging off from a Terminal Server Session, but startpbv keeps running. 05/27/10
TEC521771 How to use a domain account instead of the local SeverityPropagation account for Severity Propagation COM object? 05/20/10
TEC513180 Troubleshooting the Severity Propagation Service (SevProp) 04/25/10
TEC511700 SQL 2005 error message in the Windows 200x Event logs like: MSSQLSERVER_18456_F: login failed for user 'C!?)#¤?=¤(?(#' Client ( 04/03/10
TEC511218 How to configure Remote Admin Client MDB access to allow domain account login to classic 2D Map? 03/28/10
TEC511217 MCC Error occurs when opening Event Management with an invalid character at end of the document. 03/28/10
TEC502597 How to launch Agent View from MCC in read-only mode? 11/27/09
TEC500124 CA Worldview Severity Propagation Service depends on Microsoft Message Queueing service. 10/24/09
TEC497035 Unplaced Objects Folder in Management Command Center (MCC). 09/25/09
TEC493929 Error opening 2DMap - CAE0143: Cannot create temporary file 07/30/09
TEC492510 When opening the Unicenter Browser Interface, I get "page cannot be displayed" error. 07/11/09
TEC448946 CA Worldview Severity Propagation service failing to start. 02/20/09
TEC430450 Trying to install the remote administration client on windows to point to an Ingres COR on Unix, and the option to select Ingres is not available 10/26/08
Performance Configuration
TEC443577 Cube folder names keep changing 04/23/09
Performance Agents
TEC432109 How do I change the directory location for performance cubes? 10/17/12
TEC550564 Advice for multiple users using one system running Performance Trend 07/22/11
TEC505743 Unable to install NSM r11.2 performance agents: "An error occurred while installing components from CCS, the reported error is: 'Unable to start DIA DNA Service setup failed'. The installer will now terminate." 04/05/10
TEC494920 How to set up CAM to bind to a different IP address. 10/02/09
TEC448943 Why am I unable to start my performance agents on my Citrix server 04/23/09
TEC442874 Backup Distribution Server is not receiving performance data 04/23/09
TEC485750 Performance Trend gets error after its installation, even with correct credentials: "CAEB002: Invalid user ID or password or database server is not running" 04/04/09
TEC424422 During the installation of the performance agent, the hpaagent.cfg file is populated with a default value for "Name0Repository" entry. How was this value generated? 03/01/09
TEC427951 We use 'last' to track logons to our UNIX server. Since we installed the hpaAgent, our 'last' entries are being deleted at the end of the day. What is causing this? 02/27/09
Performance Trend
TEC497155 Performance Trend error: This workbook has lost its VBA project, ActiveX controls and any other programmability-related features. 09/18/09
TEC594064 Mib Browser (Mibbrowse) is not working from manager to agent though all required ports are open on firewall and Mibbrowse works from agent to manager. 06/19/13
TEC594063 While trying to launch the Unicenter Browser Interface (UBI) it gives HTTP Error 404.0 - Not Found 06/19/13
TEC581233 On an NSM 11.2 unix manager box, how can I export the calendar definitions from the postgres database? 11/01/12
TEC581232 How can I run the unitrace in background so that when I logoff from the server machine It continues to run? 11/01/12
TEC581230 NSM 11.2 Agent installation hangs on AIX and fails after more than one hour with error: 76 11/01/12
TEC568809 How to avoid duplicate traps on the DSM? 04/25/12
TEC568077 Wrong status of some objects created by utility TNGWIZ with deadlock errors in file aws_dsm.log 04/13/12
TEC551146 Can MDB be installed without installing Worldview? 07/30/11
TEC550812 Can not see Alerts in MCC when Navigate through Topology > [Server_Name] > Add viewer > Alerts 07/29/11
TEC547537 What process determines the assigned DSM Name to a host object? 06/05/11
TEC545358 howto move Wrong IP address managed by UKB/DIA 04/16/11
TEC543432 High handle count for cahaosvc.exe causes the cluster to fail over. 03/18/11
TEC543423 How to install NSM r11.2 on a UNIX/Linux system where the output of the system "uname -n" does not match the output of the "hostname" command. 03/18/11
TEC537333 Parallel migration of the NSM 3.1 CADB database data on a UNIX system to a NSM 11.2 SP2 MDB 12/09/10
TEC531705 Service Availability Management Pack (SAMP) granularity objects delete functionality versus new feature DeleteWVGRANObjets in NSM 11.2 SP2 DSM 10/02/10
TEC475352 Installation error remote DSM connecting to MDB that runs on a separate server. Error: "(WorldView Repository) The selected Database instance has not been configured for use by Unicenter." 06/09/10
TEC511954 General suggestions for maintenance tasks for NSM Manager computers 04/08/10
TEC511948 Pollset Priority Consideration for IP-address instead of Class. 04/08/10
TEC511701 How to configure a routing proxy queue in CAM in a NAT environment. 04/03/10
TEC505219 MCC starts with previous Session content 01/01/10
TEC504962 The remote DSM fails to start after upgrading to NSM 11.2 or NSM 11.2 SP1. 12/26/09
TEC499725 What is litestore.dat? 10/21/09
TEC496688 CAM routing configuration in a firewall environment. 09/11/09
TEC495557 Discovery of MS Network Load Balancing (NLB) Cluster computers fails because of DNS name. 08/30/09
TEC489159 Installation on Solaris fails with message "Supplied Administrator id and password invalid". 05/24/09
TEC488390 What is the command to get SRV records of the domain? 05/20/09
TEC485431 After UDCC 11.2.4 Insight Agent Proxy installation, new agent classes are not created in MDB. 04/02/09
TEC485430 Unable to retrieve a list from DSM of properties for Managed Objects. 04/02/09
TEC485286 CA Insight Proxy Agents instance objects are not created 03/29/09
TEC485280 What communication protocol is used between the UDCC 11.2.4 Insight Proxy Agent and the UDCC 11.2.4 Insight Knowledge Agent? 03/29/09
TEC485271 On Solaris 10, installation fails or awservices did not start after the installation. 03/29/09
TEC485223 How can I rediscover a DSM-managed node ad hoc? 03/29/09
TEC485148 Configuration instructions for UNIX computers with multiple Network Interface Cards and a virtual hostname. 03/28/09
TEC484655 DIA/DNA ignores the umask setting of root user and installs files with world-write permissions 03/20/09
TEC484414 dsmmonitor SysTray Icon is not created 03/18/09
TEC484409 NSM 11.2 installed successfully on Linux RH 5.2 but startup fails loading cell library 03/18/09
TEC484318 NSM 11.2 UNIX System Agent install fails or hangs within ccs/dia/dna/scripts/ 03/15/09
TEC484305 Exception in thread "main" java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: testDNS when executing the getSRVInfo command to retreive DNS _SRV record definitions 03/15/09
TEC483831 Network connectivity and performance problems with components such as A browser, RAC, or MCC 03/08/09
TEC483830 DIA cgene configuration depends on number of nodes DSM manages. 03/08/09
TEC443592 Turning off the Worldview Daemon on Linux 02/28/09
TEC443546 Case Sensitive search tools in the 2D map 02/27/09
TEC448946 CA Worldview Severity Propagation service failing to start. 02/20/09
TEC481980 Which Unicenter component does capmuamagt.exe belong to? 02/13/09
TEC481982 How to stop and clear Unicenter Notification Service queue to prevent unwanted events from triggering a page or email 02/05/09
TEC476147 Is there a way to configure Event Agent on Unix/Linux to forward all it's Event Management Messages to another server for processing other then to configure a message/record rule with a FORWARD action? 12/06/08
TEC472065 Spectrum Modeled Objects do not get created in the MCC after installing the Spectrum integration or Spectrum events are not display in NSM Event Console. 10/10/08
TEC465921 Minimal integration to monitor interfaces of custom device in the NSM 11.1 DSM 07/02/08
TEC461931 NSM domain name changed after bind in quick.cfg file 04/25/08