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CA NetQoS Performance Center
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    Symposium 2010
    A Technical Deep-Dive From Performance Center to Packets
    by Rob Webb
    In this session, you will learn how packet level analysis is reported within SuperAgent. This highly technical presentation provides a practical workflow between packets captured in GigaStor and the metrics reported in SuperAgent.
    100.0 MB 46 minutes
    CA Infrastructure Management - Model-Based Root Cause Analysis to Expedite Resolution
    by Steven Guthrie, TK, CA
    CA Spectrum Infrastructure Manager provides a rich set of features that allow organizations to quickly find and fix incidents that impact the delivery of reliable business services across a diverse and often distributed collection of networks, network devices, systems and IP technologies. In this session, you will learn how CA Spectrum provides these business benefits.
    119.0 MB 63 minutes
    CA|NetQoS Performance Center - Performance Troubleshooting with Advanced Comparison
    by Zack Belcher, TK, CA|NetQoS
    In this session, you will learn how to quickly identify if a performance problem is bound to the network, server, or application. Learn how the advanced comparison feature of CA|NetQoS Performance Center, with built-in templates for the SuperAgent troubleshooting methodology, can be used to quickly isolate a performance issue. After isolating an issue, learn how to determine root cause by leveraging the cross-product data contained within NPC's site, server, device and interface pages.
    115. 0 MB 53 minutes
    Change Management Best Practices for CA|NetQoS Products
    by David Mellon, TK, CA|NetQoS
    Change management in any complex environment has a direct impact on the quality services delivered. While having processes in place to track a change is critical, knowing how those changes affect your CA|NetQoS solutions is the key. In this session, you will learn how normal life cycle events in your infrastructure affect your CA|NetQoS solutions, and the changes that must be made to minimize the impact.
    96.5 MB 52 minutes
    Defining Management Processes
    by David Mellon, TK, CA|NetQoS
    Change management is critical to allowing the enterprise to solve problems faster and drive changes based on performance. In this session, you will learn how normal life cycle events in your infrastructure affect your CA|NetQoS solutions, and how to utilize data to manage change in your environment.
    89.9 MB 49 minutes
    Distilling ITIL v3 for Network Performance Management
    by Mike Magri, TK, CA|NetQoS
    In this session you will learn how to use SuperAgent Service Level Agreements to validate performance of networks, servers, and applications as well as determine areas of degrading or changing performance.
    75.4 MB 45 minutes
    Managing MPLS Environments in Enterprise Networks - Session 1 and 2
    by Lindi Horton, Business Development Engineer, CA|NetQoS
    This two part presentation will focus on how enterprises can leverage performance data to successfully plan, deploy and manage the use of MPLS WAN technology. This includes the assessment of the environment prior to deployment (latency, application flows, bandwidth analysis), the definition of QoS class maps and policies, validation of the policies and operational management using NPC.

    In this session, you will learn:

    • Business and Technology Drivers
    • MPLS Technology
    • Best Practices for Pre-deployment
    • How to leverage NPC for Validation of QoS Policies
    • NPC Operational Monitoring and Management
    • Considerations for NPC and underlying product grouping
    Session 1 - 100.0 MB

    Session 2 - 100.0 MB
    53 minutes

    55 minutes
    Managing Virtual Environments
    by Tim Smith, TK, CA|NetQoS
    In this session, you will learn about the advancement of the CA solution for the monitoring and management of virtual environments over the past year. The CA|NetQoS capabilities are now greatly enhanced via the availability of a broader CA solution and the introduction of a new, tightly-integrated Virtual Assurance solution built around CA Spectrum Infrastructure Manager and the CA|NetQoS Performance Center suite.
    81.7 MB 41 minutes
    Simplifying Group Maintenance with CA|NetQoS Performance Center 6.0
    by John Mao, TK, CA|NetQoS
    In this session, you will learn how, through CA|NetQoS Performance Center 6.0, to simplify the maintenance of NPC groups, explore why groups are helpful, understand best practices in how to build groups, and be provided with tips & free tools to help manage your NPC deployment.
    119.0 MB 58 minutes
    Webinar: Data Gathering 11 March 2010
    Do you have the optimal strategy for gathering data for your CA | NetQoS products? Send too much and the system can be overloaded, causing data to get missed. Send too little and the system could miss critical transactions. This 90 minute webinar will cover data acquisition for CA| NetQoS products that use passive packet collection: SuperAgent, GigaStor and UC Monitor. We will cover the basics of data acquisition using SPAN, RSPAN, VACL and SPAN aggregators. We will also review common configuration pitfalls. Additionally, we will examine common deployment scenarios for each product and discuss the best data acquisition strategy for each.
    98.0 MB 90 minutes
    Webinar: Maps in NPC 12-10-2009
    NetQoS Performance Center Maps - Visualize the health of your network at-a-glance! In this webinar, we will explore the features and functionality of the NetQoS Performance Center Maps and demonstrate how maps may help your organization more quickly identify problems in your infrastructure. Included will be best practices on how to best configure and set up maps, tips and tricks in navigating within the maps, and an overview of integration with performance related events.
    23.5 MB 36 minutes
    Webinar: Monitoring QoS with the NetQoS Performance Center - August 2009
    Take the mystery out of understanding how your queues are performing by gaining visibility and insight into the latency, utilization, buffer depth and packet loss. This 90 minute webinar will demonstrate how to configure ReporterAnalyzer, NetVoyant and SuperAgent to monitor queues and build custom reports to help you easily identify poorly performing and misconfigured queues.
    89.4 MB 83 minutes
    Webinar: NPC Custom Page Creation & Administration - May 21, 2009
    In this session you will learn how to use NPC's capabilities to build pages and views to match the needs of your end users and of your business. We will cover procedures and best practices regarding how to build pages that are hard-coded, how to build pages that are flexible and can be re-filtered, and how to build the right page for the right person, role, or group. We will also suggest specific report types that we have found to be the most valuable to our users and their organizations.
    70.2 MB 70 minutes
    Webinar: NPC 4.1 Grouping & User Management - March 2009
    This Webinar discusses current Grouping capabilities and User Management within the NetQoS Performance Center 4.1. Advice on building custom reports within the NPC is given, based on groups and user policies.
    59.9 MB 52 minutes
    Webinar: Custom Page Creation and Administration
    The NetQoS Performance Center provides a powerful portal that draws data from the entire NetQoS product suite. From this intuitive, web-based network performance monitoring and management console, you can access a top-down view of all applications-data, video, and voice-for your entire network infrastructure. And you can drill into detailed information provided by four NetQoS product modules: ReporterAnalyzer, SuperAgent, VoIP Monitor, and NetVoyant. In this session, you will learn how to easily create and manage views and users.
    39.6 MB 44 minutes
    Webinar: QoS, NetQoS Style
    This session covers workflow between the products in the NetQoS Performance Center suite. It focuses on identifying when to use each product during troubleshooting scenarios and how to correlate the data between them. It is highly recommended that, if you attend this course, you also attend the troubleshooting Best Practices with NetQoS SuperAgent session.
    57.4 MB 63 minutes
    Webinar: NetQoS Product Suite: Advanced Data Analysis
    This session covers workflow between the products in the NetQoS Performance Center suite. It focuses on identifying when to use each product during troubleshooting scenarios and how to correlate the data between them. It is highly recommended that, if you attend this course, you also attend the troubleshooting Best Practices with NetQoS SuperAgent session.
    51.7 MB 57 minutes
    Webinar: Executive Reporting and the NetQoS Performance Center
    What information do your bosses need from performance data? This session will present an overview of what IT executives are asking for and provide examples of how the NetQoS Performance Center can help you deliver what they want (and make you look good in the process).
    43.9 MB 48 minutes
    Webinar: Change Management Best Practices
    This session will focus on common customer network changes and their effects on NetQoS products. The speaker will examine each product and show the impact of network changes as well as methods to mitigate or eliminate negative impacts.
    49.7 MB 54 minutes
    Webinar: Managing the Network for Application Performance
    This session will present the types of data necessary to properly manage an enterprise network for performance. Topics will include data types, data sources, data retention, and data interpretation requirements for effective performance management. Special focus will be placed on gaining visibility into the time domain of network and application performance.
    55.4 MB 60 minutes
    Best Practices
    Integration Guide for eHealth and NetQoS Performance Center
    The CA eHealth and CA NetQoS Performance Center integration helps you maintain critical service levels across complex network environments by displaying data from eHealth groups and elements in CA NetQoS Performance Center. This document walks you through the integration process step-by-step to ensure full functionality between eHealth and CA NetQoS Performance Center.
    439 KB (PDF) -
    Configuring Netflow Best Practice
    How to Configure Devices in your Network to Export NetFlow to ReporterAnalyzer.
    ReporterAnalyzer is a tool that utilizes the NetFlow data that it receives from network devices to gather summary information about the traffic traversing a network. Configuring routers and switches correctly is essential so that ReporterAnalyzer receives and displays the most accurate information. This document gives an overview of what NetFlow is and provides guidelines to help users determine what the appropriate NetFlow configuration should be for their devices.
    267 KB (PDF) -
    NPC - All Production Communication Ports
    The purpose of this document is to outline the communication ports used by all NetQoS products. Each NetQoS component utilizes a series of services and applications to communicate within the distributed systems architecture. This document provides an overview of each communication port and its role.
    105 KB (PDF) -
    Configuring LDAP and SSL: Integrating NetQoS Products with LDAP and SSL
    Configuring LDAP (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol) for CA NetQoS products allows organizations to use the usernames and passwords that are already configured on their networks to access CA NetQoS data sources and CA NetQoS Performance Center. This document describes Single Sign-On support for LDAP authentication, describes the required and optional fields on the LDAP tab of the Single Sign-On Configuration Tool, and provides some example configurations for different LDAP deployments. It also addresses how to configure CA NetQoS products when it is necessary to enable SSL through the LDAP server. These procedures are specific to versions 6.0 and 6.1 of CA Single Sign-On for NetQoS.
    867 KB (PDF) -
    Strategies for Grouping Within the NetQoS Performance Center
    The purpose of this document is to outline a strategy for creating NetQoS Performance Center Groups. Since groups are a powerful tool for reporting, permissions, and troubleshooting, setting up NetQoS Performance Center groups strategically will help eliminate the need for duplicate group creation and/or ad-hoc groups that might be difficult to maintain in an ongoing fashion. This document is designed to facilitate one-time creation of NetQoS Performance Center Groups that are easy to maintain, consistent, and ensure reliable data for both reporting and permissions use. The first major section of this document outlines some basic terminology on the creation of groups and their uses, focusing on reporting groups and permissions groups. The second section is designed to illustrate three major strategies that may be employed to easily create and maintain a group structure for an enterprise customer.
    587 KB (PDF) -
    Monitoring NetQoS Appliances
    This is a Best Practice on which metrics to monitor on your NetQoS appliances to ensure they are running optimally so that no infrastructure events are missed due to NMS failures.
    126 KB (PDF) -
    Expert Data Acquisition
    This document explains the concepts and tools available for passively acquiring network data for analysis. Following the methods outlined here can prevent issues like duplicate packets, asymmetric traffic, and oversubscription of switch ports. These best-practice methods ensure that metrics calculated from captured data will be accurate and reduces unnecessary load on network monitoring tools. This document is intended for network engineers and for the administrators of monitoring platforms who wish to learn which techniques are best suited for their environment.
    1.5 MB (PDF) -
    Considerations for adding NetQoS appliances to an NT Domain
    This guide will provide a description of what the requirements are to add the NetQoS appliances to the NT Domain. Adding the NetQoS appliances to the NT Domain is not currently recommended due to the impact of various domain policies that can affect the functionality of NetQoS products. However these recommendations will highlight known-issues and will allow for a smooth implementation of those internal policies.
    59 KB (PDF) -
    Creating Users, Permission Sets and Roles
    This document discusses a set of best practices for managing user accounts in the NetQoS Performance Center. The advice included here will help NetQoS Performance Center administrators organize users effectively and make sure they receive the information they need to do their jobs. By following the instructions outlined below, administrators will be able to effectively deploy the NetQoS Performance Center to all the intended users of the product and gain the added benefits of scalability and control.

    Use this worksheet in conjunction with this best practice to help you create a plan for implementing Roles, Permission Sets and Types for your users.
    433 KB (PDF) -