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CA NetMaster File Transfer Management
Implementation Document Index

Doc ID# Implementation Technical Support Documentation Last Revision
TEC399558 Security in Unicenter NetMaster 03/28/13
TEC493952 How to resolve the install APPLYCHK job error GIM26307E 07/30/09
TEC467390 SMP/E install of SYSMOD C2D61ME / C2D62ME or C2D63ME fails with multiple GIM23901E and IEW2456E messages 03/28/13
TEC467316 Configuring the NetMaster WebCenter interface to SYSVIEW 03/28/13
TEC420758 Receive error message NY4C06 after upgrade to r11.5 04/05/07
TEC420478 Implementing SSL for WebCenter 03/28/13
TEC490125 IAPKG030 IIAPARMS file allocation error after upgrading to r11.6 03/28/13
TEC479623 How to Allow Modeling of New Users Through the WebCenter 03/28/13
TEC473058 Problems with SMF when running NetMaster with combined LOAD library 03/28/13
TEC521693 Error 'Module not found' is returned when 'Option 8 - Maintain products' is selected from Product Installation utility. 03/27/13
TEC495448 SSID, SSI SSID, AOMSSID....which one is what? 03/27/13
TEC603528 What specific steps are needed to make sure the NetMaster for File Transfer NMCDSTEX exit (Connect:Direct Statistics Exit) compiles successfully on a environment where Connect:Direct release is 5.1? 12/20/13
TEC570375 When running NetMaster and (or) SOLVE, what is the recommended region dispatching priority (DP) in z/OS? 05/18/12
TEC558195 While running the interface between Connect:Direct (C:D) and NetMaster for File Transfer Management, what can cause C:D to reject commands coming from the NetMaster region with error IEE342I MODIFY REJECTED-TASK BUSY? 11/11/11
TEC543533 When using a PARTSAF exit in NetMaster, must a userID be created previously in UAMS, before the PARTSAF can validate its password with the security product? 03/19/11
TEC523284 Error message 'IEC070I 209-220,NETMSTR,NETMSTR,NMLOG01'. 06/11/10
TEC473056 Message '$RF is unregistered to DWS' on the 'ReportCenter Data Feed Destination: Definition' panel. 10/29/08
TEC470929 When starting up the NMFTP Monitor getting error message NY4C07 Region not permitted to connect to SYSTCPSM service on stack TCPIP 09/24/08
TEC397498 Unicenter NSM NetMaster Option r11 Features and Benefits 06/02/06