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CA MICS Resource Management
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Video: Making a change to prefix.PARMS (ZONE)
Video will demonstrate the steps that need to be taken when changing prefix.PARMS (ZONE).
2 KB 1.5 MB - - -
Video: How to display LMP keys for CA MICS.
Validate LMP keys for CA MICS.
2 KB 1.2 MB - - -
VIDEO: How to Delete Accounting COMPCODES.
Existing Accounting COMPCODES can be deleted from list of charging elements used in rate tables.
2 KB 1.1 MB - - -
Video: What is required when you have "COMPLEXSYSIDPARM USE" specified in prefix.PARMS(SYSID) and you add new sysids in sharedprefix.PARMS(CPLXSID).
This video will show what is required to do after adding new SYSIDs to sharedprefix.PARMS(CPLXSID) when you have 'COMPLEXSYSIDPARM USE" specified in prefix.PARMS(SYSID).
2 KB 2.0 MB - - -
Video: How to Define the accounting calendar via panels.
This video will demostrate how to define the accounting calender via panels.
2 KB 2.4 MB - - -
VIDEO: How to download single changes based on a MICS PSP level?
This video shows how to download aggregated changes.
2 KB 3.2 MB - - -
Video: How to Exclude Products from Maintenance? 2 KB 988 KB - - -
VIDEO: How to Define a Permanent Job Statement for MICF batch jobs? 2 KB 1.6 MB - - -
VIDEO: Quick Access to Documentation from any MWF Panel. 2 KB 1.4 MB - - -
Video: Tip for Documenting a Q and R Query.
This video will demonstrate Tip for Documenting a Q and R Query.
2 KB 1.1 MB - - -
Video: Increasing the number of file cycles being retained for CA MICS.
To increase the number of cycles retained for a file you must update prefix.PARMS(DBMODEL) for the file in question. Then submit prefix.CNTL(CYCLEGEN).
3 KB 1.9 MB - - -
Video: MWQR Reporting example definition.
How to define and structure a report with MQR? (As example: List the top 20 IMS online transactions of yesterday with the highest response time).
2 KB 8.3 MB 2.1 MB 13.7 MB 6.2 MB
VIDEO: How to copy a Private Inquiry to a Shared Inquiry Catalog?
This video will demonstrate how to copy a private inquiry to a shared inquiry catalog using CA MICS WORKSTATION FACILITY (MWF).
2 KB 4.5 MB 762 KB 5.2 MB 2.2 MB
Video: What jobs need to be run after a change is made to Prefix.PARMS(JCLDEF).
This Video will demonstrate the steps that need to be taken after you have made a change to JCLDEF for a selected UNIT.
4 KB 2.7 MB 308 KB 2.4 MB 1.0 MB
VIDEO: Procedure to regenerate a UNIT level jobs JCL.
This Video will demonstrate the steps needed to regenerate a UNIT level jobs JCL.
4 KB 2.3 MB 228 KB 1.62 MB 741 KB
VIDEO: How to change a CA MICS unit type.
Checklist for changing and existing unit type to some other unit type. Example, primary unit type to unit or unit type to primary.
3 KB 4.9 MB 507 KB 3.2 MB 1.5 MB
VIDEO: Making a change to sp.PARMS(JCLDEFC) member.
Checklist to follow after making a change to JCLDEFC.
4 KB 3.7 MB 317 KB 2.2 MB 972 KB
VIDEO: How to re-generate a Complex level jobs JCL.
This video will show the steps to recycle the JCL for a Complex level job in sp.CNTL dataset.
4 KB 1.2 MB 211 KB 1.4 MB 660 KB
VIDEO: How to determine your applied CA-MICS maintenance level.
With this video, you can navigate via ISPF using the CA MICS Workstation Facility (MWF)
clist to determine your applied maintenance level.
2 KB 2.2 MB 340 KB 2.3 MB 1.3 MB