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CA Jobtrac Job Management
Video and Recorded Webcast Index

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Video: Maintaining your CA Jobtrac Job Management databases
This video will review the utilities that are used to manage your CA Jobtrac JM databases.
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Video: CA Jobtrac Job Management - Introduction to the JOBTRA00 member of the PPOPTION Dataset Configuration Parms.
Provides an introduction to the configuration Parms contained in the member JOBTRA00 of the PPOPTION dataset.
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Video: CA Jobtrac Job Management Process Period usage considerations.
Provides a review of available CA Jobtrac Job Management Process Periods that can be used in SCL to schedule an event.
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Video: Using CA Jobtrac Job Management Cyclic Process Periods.
This video describes the use of CA Jobtrac Job Management cyclic process period keywords and cyclic calendars for optimal scheduling.
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Video: CA Jobtrac Job Management r11 Database Recovery.
This video will demonstrate the steps to take to recover your database in case of an outage.
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Video: Backing up CA Jobtrac Job Management r11 databases.
This training video demonstrates how to set up and implement CA Jobtrac JM database backups.
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Video: CA Jobtrac Job Management - CPM Flow Displays Introduction.
This video contains an overview of CPM Flow Displays.
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Video: Forecasting an event or SCL in CA Jobtrac Job Management.
How to forecast an event or scl in CA Jobtrac Job Mangement.
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VIDEO: How to create a CPM flow in Jobtrac
CPM, aka Critical Path Monitor, is a feature of CA's Workload Automation, CA-Jobtrac, CA-7 and CA-Scheduler. CPM's purpose is to monitor critical production jobs. CPM is NOT INTENDED to monitor complete schedules. This video is to give you the basics overview of how to defined CPM flows with CA-Jobtrac only.
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CA JOBTRAC 11.0 Pre and Post Installation Tips Demo
This 10 minute demonstration, you will learn about useful tips to help in the Pre Installation and Post Installation.
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VIDEO: A detailed breakdown of the CA DATACOM database information displayed on the System Status Display panel
This video presentation provides further detailed information on the fields displayed by issuing the STATUS command.

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