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CA Jobtrac Job Management
Implementation Document Index

Doc ID# Implementation Technical Support Documentation Last Revision
TEC1109896 Installation of Common Services r14.0 and above and using CPM. 02/05/15
TEC601268 Considerations for the installation of Datacom/AD with CA Jobtrac Job Management r11 10/25/13
TEC592426 CA Jobtrac Job Management - Implementing tracing for cross platform scheduling. 05/20/13
TEC418338 LXX Log File for CA- Jobtrc 03/21/13
TEC563724 What CA Technology products can interface with CA GSMVS (GSS) - Global Subsystem for MVS? 03/20/13
TEC430548 The AllowUserKeyCSA(NO) Parameter with z/OS 1.8 03/20/13
TEC529192 CA Jobtrac Job Management procedure to backup and restore one or more JTS table(s). 03/06/13
TEC523815 How to automate the detection and recovery of CA Jobtrac Job Management Automatic Message Recognition (AMR) deactivation. 03/06/13
TEC500462 CA Jobtrac Job Management r11 Failover procedures. 03/06/13
TEC500105 How to start up CA Jobtrac Job Management r11 in a Sysplex environment? 03/06/13
TEC490349 With CA Jobtrac Job Management r11, what do should you do when receiving a SB37 ABEND on IXX161? 03/06/13
TEC490346 Procedure to Enlarge your CA Datacom/AD Log (LXX) file. 03/06/13
TEC417668 CA Jobtrac Job Management R11 and CA Datacom/AD The Solution You Need, Now 03/06/13
TEC348414 Unicenter CA-Jobtrac Job Management - Event Console Logging Enhancement 03/06/13
TEC348255 Automate JCL with Unicenter CA-Jobtrac Job Management 03/06/13
TEC322234 How to Set Up a Test Environment for Unicenter CA-Jobtrac Job Management 03/06/13
TEC268326 Unicenter CA-Jobtrac Job Management's Rexx Sample Library 03/06/13
TEC268325 CA-Jobtrac in a Multiple System Environment 03/06/13
TEC557263 CA Jobtrac Job Management r11: installations steps for CA Datacom/AD r12 can be found in the product documentation. 03/05/13
TEC557100 CA Jobtrac Job Management r11: CA Jobtrac r11 installation steps 11, 12 and 13 have changed for CA Common Services r12 ENF component. 03/05/13
TEC556423 CA Jobtrac Job Management r11: which Jobtrac jobs/procs require the CA Datacom libraries in a STEPLIB if these libraries are not LINK Listed? 03/05/13
TEC543756 CA CPM - CPMSRVR - What security id should you use and which performance group should be chosen? 03/05/13
TEC538408 CA Jobtrac Job Management - does requirement for TRACAUTH still apply? 03/05/13
TEC529161 New code restrictions for GJTRJPRG purge utility introduced with PTF RO18311 to prevent data loss in CA JOBTRAC Job Management r11 03/05/13
TEC528417 CA Jobtrac Job Management r11 and CA Common Services for z/OS r12 compatibility requirements. 03/05/13
TEC521860 Video: CA Jobtrac Job Management r11 Database Recovery. 03/05/13
TEC500931 Unix CP process is causing multiple ADR actions to occur for CA Jobtrac Job Management r11. Is there a solution? 03/05/13
TEC500930 Video: Backing up CA Jobtrac Job Management r11 databases. 03/05/13
TEC500807 What SMF 15 records does CA Jobtrac Job Management monitor to determine whether DSN triggering should occur or not? 03/05/13
TEC500498 Tips for upgrading to CA Jobtrac Job Management r11. 03/05/13
TEC500488 Backup Best Practices for CA Jobtrac Job Management Using CA-Datacom. 03/05/13
TEC483574 Checking SCL for CA Jobtrac JM r11 compatibility 03/05/13
TEC479907 GJTRCONV - Release R3.5 to r11 conversion 03/05/13
TEC479057 CA Jobtrac JM in a SYSPLEX environment and configuring more than one primary CA Jobtrac JM on the same LPAR 03/05/13
TEC478998 Application of PTF RO02424 03/05/13
TEC478978 VIDEO: A detailed breakdown of the CA DATACOM database information displayed on the System Status Display panel 03/05/13
TEC478660 Release compatibility discussion: CA Jobtrac JM R3.5 and CA Jobtrac JM r11.0 03/05/13
TEC478651 CA Jobtrac JM r11.0 Database Utilities 03/05/13
TEC478649 New database technology with CA Jobtrac JM r11.0 03/05/13
TEC475954 CA Jobtrac Condition Code Checking 03/05/13
TEC475419 Video: PRE and POST Installation Tips for Jobtrac r11.0 03/05/13
TEC471523 Procedure to interface CA Easytrieve Plus Report Generator with CA Jobtrac 11.0 03/05/13
TEC468923 Start up order for CA Jobtrac 11.0 03/05/13
TEC468825 Forecast (program GJTRFCST) spin output to dataset. 03/05/13
TEC466027 What are the meaning of the fields in the GJTREZST report? 03/05/13
TEC465330 EASYTRIEVE report for a date/time range. 03/05/13
TEC465316 JRPORTS and Utilities changes in Jobtrac 11.0 03/05/13
TEC465315 How to get to the CA Jobtrac r11.0 forecast checkpoint. 03/05/13
TEC442339 Why am I getting the following TRACWARN message on my history file? *TRACWARN - DATACOM.R1102.HIS0161 AT 80% FULL IN 1 EXTENTS 03/05/13
TEC442219 Installed CA-Jobtrac and getting S047 or S133 at startup 03/05/13
TEC442210 How do I find the release and genlevel of JOBTRAC I am running? 03/05/13
TEC436561 CA Jobtrac and Time Changes for Spring and Fall. 03/05/13
TEC419017 CA Jobtrac Database Size calculator 03/05/13
TEC419016 CA Jobtrac LXX Size calculator 03/05/13
TEC440581 Procedure to convert to Jobtrac r11.0 and continue to use the old Jobtrac 3.5 token. 03/05/13
TEC308197 Cross Platform Best Practice Using Mainframe CA Scheduling Engines 12/10/03