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CA JCLCheck Workload Automation
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Video: How to use the CA JCLCheck Workload Automation ISPF panel interface.
This video takes you through each CA JCLCheck WA ISPF panels, demonstrates how to execute CA JCLCheck WA in Foreground mode, in Batch mode, and how to troubleshoot some commonly known problems when using the interface.
2 KB 15.7 MB - - -
VIDEO: Using EDCHECK for CA JCLCheck Workload Automation
Video will demonstrate the setup requirements for the use of EDCHECK in ISPF/TSO. Quick debugging tools will also be demonstrated.
2 KB 15.1 MB - - -
VIDEO: This video demonstrates how to download published PTFs from the CA Support website, and how to package all these PTFs into a single binary file using a CA freeware utility named CA CONCAT. 2 KB 16.8 MB 1.7 MB 11.8 MB 5.2 MB
VIDEO: How to validate JCL on a remote system.
This video will demonstrate how to validate a JCL member using the CA-JCLCheck ChekPlex facility.
2 KB 15.3 MB 6.6 MB 2.1 MB 15.2 MB