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ITAM r12.8
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Kettle 4.4 4.4.0 - Kettle is a prerequisite for migrating data from Release 11.3.4 to Release 12.8. The instructions in the Implementation Guide for downloading Kettle are incorrect.

Download Kettle from here and install Kettle on the server where you install CA APM Release 12.8.

Follow these steps:
  1. Click the following link:

  2. Save in the desired directory.

Example: C:Program Files (x86)CAITAM
ITAM r12.0
Utilities & Tools Version Documentation Comments
ITAM Data Importer Product Guide


The following solutions are included in this version:

  • Support for Windows 2003 Server x64 environments

  • Example '' file updated to correct an issue with the LastName field

  • Error "Object reference not set to an instance of an object." Returned when creating new Family Object.

  • Example 'Hardware' file does not complete correctly

  • Example 'Legal Document' file does not complete correctly

  • Trying to update a Model/Cost Extended field fails Product Guide

ITAM Data Importer simplifies the data mapping and data import process by providing many of the common and basic data import requirements. The tool enables you to precisely map data fields from a flat file to data fields in your CA Unicenter Asset Portfolio Management or CA Software Compliance Manager repository. ITAM Data Importer leverages the existing application program interface (API) to ensure the proper database updates.
CA Asset Converter Product Guide Made MDB Connection property configurable and generate the xiu file for flat file data source Product Guide Added Support for SQL Server Named Instance. Product Guide Fixed memory leak and improve performance of flat file processing if the file size is more that 200K, regardless of single input file or multiple. Product Guide Added TABLEID tag in all the records to show the <first> and <all> options in DSM Explorer. Earlier this tag is visible only if records are more than one. Product Guide Added class ID for Windows Server 2003, 2008 and Windows Server 2008 R2. Product Guide 12.6 GA Version of Asset Converter. Product Guide Added the classid for Windows 7 Enterprise. Product Guide User Information Support:
In this version, the tool addresses the addition of the <user> section in the .xiu files generated. Product Guide Sybase Support:
In this version Sybase Support has been added. This feature enables CA Asset Converter to connect to a Sybase Database Server using thin driver, enabling an user to extract asset data from a Sybase database. Product Guide ODBC Support:
In this version ODBC support has been added. This feature enables CA Asset Converter to connect to any database server type using an ODBC driver, enabling an user to extract asset data from any database server type that supports ODBC driver. However, the performance in that case might be slower as compared to thin drivers. Product Guide Windows / NTLM Authentication Support:
In this version windows/NTLM authentication support has been added. This feature enables users to connect to the SQL Server 2000 (or higher) from CA Asset Converter without any need for the user to provide the login credentials in the config file. The logged in domain user credentials will be used for the database connection. Product Guide CA Asset Converter extracts asset data from various asset discovery tools and maps the extracted data into pre-defined target format.