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Mainframe 2.0 2009: Expanding on CA IDMS Usability Originally webcast May 20, 2009. With greater IT resource constraints and next-generation workers taking on mainframe responsibilities, an important strategic investment for CA IDMS is improving usability and increasing productivity.
00:46:15 4.4 MB
Why Use CA IDMS Visual DBA Originally webcast December 08, 2009. This webcast gives an overview of CA IDMS Visual DBA r17 features with additional information on configuration, compatibility and supported environments.
00:58:04 6.4 MB
Addressing Change Management and Compliance Requirements in Your CA IDMS Environment
Originally webcast on February 24, 2009. View to learn how to meet your change management and compliance requirements for the CA IDMS Integrated Data Dictionary.
00:28:02 3.6 MB
Developing Cost-Effective Web Services/SOA for CA IDMS Using the zIIP Specialty Engine
Originally webcast on February 12, 2009. View to learn how you can create new CA IDMS Web services projects and lower mainframe costs through zIIP exploitation.
00:50:35 5.6 MB
CA IDMS/DB r17 Indexing Enhancements
Originally webcast on January 22, 2009. View to learn about CA IDMS r17 index tuning enhancements that deliver improvements in productivity, system availability and performance.
00:55:07 4.9 MB
Automating Analysis of CA IDMS Applications
Originally webcast on January 08, 2009. Are you facing the new wave of business demands to add core functionality and enable Web Services/SOA integration in your CA IDMS environment? If so you won't want to miss this informative session.
00:58:47 6.6 MB
CA IDMS r17 zIIP Exploitation
Originally webcast December 09, 2008 - This webcast will explain how portions of all typical CA IDMS production workloads - including those generated by online transaction systems, batch processing jobs and distributed platform requests - can exploit zIIP capacity to offload processing to deliver greater capacity with lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).
00:49:35 4.2 MB
What is new in CA IDMS r17
In this October 28, 2008 Webcast release 17 was introduced with its improved throughput, increase capacity and lower TCO features and benefits.
00:55:00 4.7 MB
CA IDMS Modernization Series: An Overview of CA IDMS SQL Routines
This is part one of a three-part series covering CA IDMS SQL routines: table procedures, procedures, called procedures, & functions. This webcast will introduce each of these types, differences between them, and guidelines of when to use each type.
01:00:00 4.3 MB
CA IDMS Modernization Series: CA IDMS SQL Routines: Table Procedures and CA IDMS SQL QuickBridge
This is part two of a three-part series covering CA IDMS SQL routines. This webcast will emphasize table procedures, including how to design, code, and deploy them. Using CA IDMS SQL Quick Bridge will also be covered, including a live demo.
01:00:00 5.1 MB
CA IDMS Modernization Series: CA IDMS SQL Routines: Called Procedures
This is part 3 of a three-part series covering CA IDMS SQL routines. This webcast will emphasize called procedures, including how to design, code, and deploy them. Using CA IDMS ADS code in called procedures will also be addressed.
00:59:00 6.1 MB
CA IDMS Indexing Part 1 of 2 Internals
The first of two CA IDMS/DB indexing webcasts. Part 1 provides and overview of index components and how they are used. Topics covered are the processes of splitting, spawning, orphan handling, space usage and internal usage of index structures.
01:11:00 5.8 MB
CA IDMS Indexing Part 2 of 2 Maintaining Indexes
This session is the second of two CA IDMS/DB indexing webcasts. Part 2 discusses common usage considerations when defining, loading and maintaining indexes in a CA IDMS/DB environment. The session assumes a basic knowledge of the structure of an index and covers those items which a DBA must deal with to define and load an efficient index and to keep that index performing at a desired level.
01:13:00 5.4 MB
Webcast Replay: Implementing CA IDMS Modernization Techniques: A Detailed Look
Motivation, considerations and techniques used to access CA IDMS resources in modern application architectures including SOA.
00:39:00 3.0 MB
Successful Strategies for Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) Enablement
Join CA, DataDirect and CA-IDMS customers to examine successful strategies for CA-IDMS modernization via SOA enablement and Web services.
00:54:00 20.8 MB
CA IDMS RoadMap Presentation (October 2, 2006)
Join us for a presentation on the CA-IDMS product strategy. Learn how CA-IDMS continues to provide business value in the 21st century. We will start with a brief review of current releases and then give a preview of the features planned for CA-IDMS r17.
00:58:00 5.2 MB
Webcast:CA IDMS r16 SP4 Product Update
The benefits and features of CA IDMs r16 SP4 including compliance and audit reporting as well as improved availability via express reorg are presented.
00:57:00 4.2 MB
Understanding a CA IDMS Database Page
Basic information on the format of a database area, database key, page and record for CA IDMS is presented. Also included is a description of the CA IDMS system record types.
00:39:00 31.4 MB
Highlights of CA IDMS r16
Highlights of CA IDMS r16 features related to Open Access, Performance, 24x7 Operations, Ease of Use and Upgrade requirements.
00:57:00 35.5 MB
Point and Click Database Administration with CA IDMS Visual DBA
The Advantages of using the CA IDMS Visual DBA GUI interface and what can be done with this free tool.
01:02:00 44.2 MB
Tuning Options and Performance Features Available for Your IDMS Central Version
General Performance and Tuning tips for Parellel Sysplex, Data sharing, multitasking, and Sysgen Options for r15.0 and above.
00:54:00 34.5 MB
CA ADS Performance and Tuning
Learn how to improve the efficiency and performance of your CA ADS applications in a production environment.
01:36:00 7.4 MB
CA ADS Refresh Your Skills
This webcast can serve either as as introduction to CA ADS or a refresher course for anyone needing to create or modify applications using the CA ADS family of tools.
01:04:00 5.6 MB
Secure Compliant Standards Based Web Access with CA IDMS /Server 16.1
CA IDMS today and tomorrow and how the CA IDMS Server r16.1 advancements contribute to secure, compliant, standards-based access to IDMS data from outside the mainframe.
00:33:22 3.1 MB