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CA IdentityMinder (formerly CA Identity Manager)
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Video: Policy Express - Feature review part 3 2 KB 17.3 MB
Video: Policy Express - Feature review part 2 2 KB 34.5 MB
Video: Policy Express - Feature review part 1 2 KB 14.5 MB
Video: How to change the out of the box Identity Manager in order to allow assignment of admin roles.
This video demonstrates the changes required to the Membership of an Admin Role in order to properly assign it to users. We need to edit the Membership Tab of the Admin Role and create a membership rule that sets the role's name to the 'admin roles' attribute. Assigning the users to the role will make their 'admin roles' carry the value of their role but in order for them to become members you will need to make this change to the membership tab.
2 KB 3.4 MB
Video: How to make and deploy your own skin in CA Identity Manager r12.0.
This video will show you how to create your own corporate skin and how to correctly place and deploy it and use it in CA Identity Manager.
3 KB 5.9 MB
VIDEO: Importing default IDM reports using the Business Objects Enterprise Import Wizard.
Video details steps to using the Business Objects Enterprise Import Wizard that comes OOTB with the re-branded CA-BO software. This is a more convenient alternative to using the command-line based importbiar tool that is provided by the out-of-the-box Identity Manager.
3 KB 3.0 MB
Video: Assigning admin roles to new users.
In order to assign roles to new employees on the Create User task, we need to make sure that roles are assignable to the administrators who assign them. This video demonstrates how to make the Self Manager admin role assignable by the System Manager so that the administrator can assign the Self Manager role to the new user s/he is creating.
3 KB 7.7 MB
VIDEO - Using im-autoFormField to Auto Expand Boxes to Accommodate Long Text Strings
Video Demonstration of how to modify tasks to auto expand boxes to accommodate long text strings.
3 KB 8.5 MB
Video: Rule Based Workflow
How to create a rule based workflow.
2 KB 22.2 MB
VIDEO: Automatic provisioning of AD account with verification, after submitting a create user event either via the IDMGR UI or via the TEWS WSDL.
How to tie an Identity Policy to a Provisioning role for automatic Active Directory account creation, upon a create user event. This is followed by a walk through of XML manipulations to accomplish the same via programmatic customizations to IDMGR via the TEWS WSDL. All manipulations are verified via the Task persistence on the UI or via TaskStatusQuery via TEWS. Thank you for watching.
3 KB 68.4 MB
Video: How to perform basic configuration of Forgotten Password Reset task?
In r12, the Forgotten Password Reset task configuration differs slightly from the documentation. This demo shows the basic configuration.
4 KB 14.9 MB
Video: Group Not Under Context Prefix in Directory.xml.
By default the group DN is stored as ou=Groups,ou=<contextprefix> in the Directory.xml file. You can change the DN to be something like the following:
ou=ENTITY,ou=RP,ou=<Context Prefix>.
3 KB 6.1 MB
VIDEO: Mapping attributes of corporate user to global user
Customers often need to customize the attribute mapping of their corporate user as represented in the corporate directory to the global user as represented in the provisioning directory. Such customized mapping allows the customers to provision additional user attributes.
4 KB 2.3 MB