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TEC593247 Are we really required to install the 32-bit Oracle Client if we are using a 64 -bit Windows 2008 Server? 06/04/13
TEC592869 How to use hdbsetup to upgrade multiple non-default databases? 05/28/13
TEC592857 How do I delete a file from my Visual Studio managed solution? 05/28/13
TEC538392 Check-in Error E03020003 and E03060019 on Citrix Server 05/28/13
TEC590301 Using "password" as your Harvest password will cause problems with UDPs 04/15/13
TEC590298 Install r12.1 SP3 SCM client release fails with error "Call to CACryptInstall Failed". 04/15/13
TEC589366 Can the Default Preferences in Workbench be changed? 04/01/13
TEC588881 Oracle databases configured with Unicode character set are not supported by r12.1 Software Change Manager. 03/22/13
TEC463593 How to install OpenMake Meister KB server 7.1 on a HP-UX Itanium server? 03/20/13
TEC346966 Compiling Java applications using AllFusion Harvest Change Manager Option for Openmake 6.3 plugin for Eclipse/IBM Websphere Application Developer 5.x 03/20/13
TEC588035 Setting Up Environment Variables on Chinese Windows for CA SCM 03/08/13
TEC588033 Understanding the Signature File 03/08/13
TEC587928 Unexpected error during InstallCrypt when installing CA SCM Client 03/07/13
TEC427076 Example of how to use hsync in a Life Cycle. 03/05/13
TEC426845 Where can the "Set as Default Package" option be found in the new Plug-ins 5.20.0 and 5.20.1 for Eclipse 2.1.x? 03/05/13
TEC426819 How to configure HREFRESH.CFG pre (PreCmd) and post (PostCmd) commands with multiple parameters 03/05/13
TEC426209 What is the difference between hco, hsync and hrefresh? 03/05/13
TEC425838 Error opening the AllFusion Harvest Change Manager perspective in Eclipse. 03/05/13
TEC330431 Harweb: Receiving Error 500 while accessing Harweb pages 03/05/13
TEC315066 Benefits of setting Up a Single User Agent 03/05/13
TEC315059 Active Scripting At Your Fingertips 03/05/13
TEC507340 What process does SCM Broker [bkrd] start? 03/04/13
TEC507330 After import of SDKSampleProject.har the SDKSampleProject is not present under Active Projects in SCM Admin. 03/04/13
TEC507329 We are unable to run or compile the hsdksample executable on AIX 5.3 03/04/13
TEC507328 Porting User Preferences from one SCM Workbench to another. 03/04/13
TEC507326 UNIX/Linux lic98fds process with Lic98 03/04/13
TEC500103 Upgrade Error Using HarVCI720.exe "The upgrade patch cannot be installed by the Windows installer service". 03/04/13
TEC500102 The local user account that logs into the remote agent does not inherit/pass the user variable information while executing hexecp on that remote agent. 03/04/13
TEC500101 What is the order to stop and restart SCM Broker, Database, Harweb? 03/04/13
TEC500100 How to set a idle timeout value of a browser session for HARWEB R7.1 web client? 03/04/13
TEC498574 How to use Windows Universal Naming Convention (UNC) with hco/hsync with agent -rm option? 03/04/13
TEC498159 How can a second user access my file system via remote agent without knowing my file system password? 03/04/13
TEC498158 What are relevant logs for database upgrade to CA SCM r 12.0 using hdbsetup? 03/04/13
TEC498152 Are there any different logging levels using hdbsetup utility to upgrade Harvest 7.x database to CA SCM R12.0 database? 03/04/13
TEC497764 When checking out my file I get "Permission denied or the file is being used by another process." 03/04/13
TEC497553 My form's DBCombo control does not list any values at runtime. 03/04/13
TEC497552 How to install CA SCM using the downloaded ISO files? 03/04/13
TEC497550 An effective way to remove projects and repositories those are not required. 03/04/13
TEC497526 Why can Server-side UDP results be influenced by client machine's settings? 03/04/13
TEC497201 The co-existence of the r7.1 SP2 and r12.0 client and or agent is not supported? Is there workaround? 03/04/13
TEC486832 Where to find examples of validation and initialization scripts for forms 03/04/13
TEC486398 Can I configure external authentication to use more than one LDAP server? 03/04/13
TEC486397 How to find all versions of an item in all states and views 03/04/13
TEC486396 Why you might get a warning when selecting "C:" as your client path 03/04/13
TEC486395 Is it possible to recycle the HarWeb Application in deployed in Tomcat? 03/04/13
TEC486204 Can UDP program use system shell environment variables? 03/04/13
TEC486177 When using the CA SCM and CA Unicenter Software Delivery Integration, is it possible to stage only the files specified in a package? 03/04/13
TEC486141 CA Software Change Manager Database Tables R12. 03/04/13
TEC486135 VS2008 IDE Crashes with Silverlight Tools 2.0 and CA SCM [CA Software Change Manager] VCI.NET 03/04/13
TEC486132 How to determine CAI/PT ODBC [Open Database Connectivity] version by product versions and patch levels of CA SCM 03/04/13
TEC449237 After upgrade to Oracle 10g, executing any Harvest server side user defined process (UDP) causes Harvest client to hang. 03/04/13
TEC448370 How to install Harvest r7.1 SP1 with remote SQL Server (multiple MDBs). 03/04/13
TEC446079 How to add a new column to an existing form in Harvest? 03/04/13
TEC445214 CA Harvest Change Manager Ingres Migration 03/04/13
TEC435885 Checking in a unicode file & received error E03020028: The File Agent error for item C:TempDemoCaseManagementCaseManagement.sql: Text file contains invalid characters I00060079: Check in summary: Total: 1 ; Success: 0 ; Failed: 1 03/04/13
TEC435295 Using Harvest 7.1 SP1 VCI Integration with .Net 2003, the Source Control Status of a file (checked out for trunk update by another user) in a given user's workspace is not updated properly even after doing File --> Refresh Status. Why? 03/04/13
TEC435294 Getting an error when executing a Sync Checkout against a remote agent to which the files were previously checked out: "E03060086: Checking file synchronization status failed." What should be done? 03/04/13
TEC434978 Using Harvest 7.1 SP1 VCI Integration with .Net 2003 or Visual Studio 2005 to develop large solutions with several projects and thousands of source files, the solution tree is sometimes expanded and I loose focus on my current item. Why 03/04/13
TEC434972 Normally if I create a USD Change Order (CO) of type Maint.Harvest.Only Harvest Packages get created OK. Even if the priority of the CO is set to the default list (ex: 0, 1, None) its OK, but if priorites are customized, no Harvest Packages get created. 03/04/13
TEC434968 I am getting "Cannot set broker name" error? 03/04/13
TEC434956 CA distributed an eFix for 7.1 Windows client. How should I install it silently? 03/04/13
TEC434909 Login attempt to Harweb is generating error -10000 after clicking on the login button. 03/04/13
TEC434902 How to determine the Harvest 7.1 patch level set for client, server and agent in Windows. 03/04/13
TEC434842 How does Harvest approve process works and what does the approval status of a package mean? 03/04/13
TEC434841 When using AllFusion Harvest Change Manager Version Control Interface (VCI) v7.20.5 with Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 (VS 2005) how do I safely delete objects from my Harvest Project? 03/04/13
TEC431241 How to read a core file generated by some Harvest programs on UNIX 03/04/13
TEC430703 How do you implement SSL or TLS secure communications between Harvest and an openLDAP server? 03/04/13
TEC430328 Compiler errors when trying to compile Harvest 7.1 HSDK Samples 03/04/13
TEC430281 What does the 'hexecp' command line utility do 03/04/13
TEC429643 How to have the Windows Workbench, Administrator interface docked after having been in a position where it was undocked 03/04/13
TEC429501 Steps to configure the Harvest Agent in a Microsoft Cluster Environment 03/04/13
TEC428799 How to convert Harvest servers to use external (openldap) authentication where Harvest was installed with internal authentication. 03/04/13
TEC428624 Avoiding errors when using the user and pwd encrypted file with the -eh or -er options in the Harvest command line. 03/04/13
TEC428620 What are the various time stamps and what is their significance in Harvest? 03/04/13
TEC428459 Getting an ODBC error when starting hserver. HServer | 20070502 07:43:11 | [CAI/PT][ODBC Oracle Dynamic driver] Internal ErrptOraDynlibInit() failed, returned -1 ptOraDynlibLastError() returned "dlopen ("/u01/app/oracle/product/ 03/04/13
TEC427910 How to monitor active Harvest sessions 03/04/13
TEC427081 The Harvest r7.1 upgrade.exe will uninstall the previous Harvest release and reboot but not continue with the r7.1 install. 03/04/13
TEC427080 How do I successfully install a new release of Harvest on a Windows machine where an older release of Harvest was installed previously? 03/04/13
TEC427077 How to prevent the Source Control tool from creating the Solution root folder in Visual Studio 2005 03/04/13
TEC426108 What is an authentication synchronization? And when does the -authsyncinterval time sync? 03/04/13
TEC424523 What are the meanings of the file attributes in Harvest? Why are they changed upon checkout, how are they stored in the database and what names are used for the UNIX groups? 03/04/13
TEC422297 CA Harvest Version Control Interface (VCI) - New Functionality and Performance 03/04/13
TEC421840 Tuning CA Harvest Change Manager r7/r7.1 on Oracle 03/04/13
TEC417672 Why does the HSMTP utility appear to hang when executed at a command prompt? 03/04/13
TEC416548 How to use Windows Authentication for SQL Server in Harweb 03/04/13
TEC414332 How to resolve a frozen package scenario when the promotion of the package failed? 03/04/13
TEC412690 Working Optimistically with Eclipse and CA Harvest Change Manager 03/04/13
TEC412576 Working with Hrefresh (Harrefresh Replacement) 03/04/13
TEC412569 Installing the Harvest Plug-in from the Command Line 03/04/13
TEC412568 Using the CA Harvest Remote Transport Option (RTO) 03/04/13
TEC405083 CA Harvest Change Manager - TestDirector Version Control Integration 03/04/13
TEC402433 File Attributes When Browsing with the Remote Agent 03/04/13
TEC402241 How to bind source controlled Visual Studio files to the Harvest VCI? 03/04/13
TEC399368 Using the -arg option for CA Harvest Change Manager Command Line Utilities 03/04/13
TEC397685 Improved Error Handling Within the CA Harvest Change Manager Software Development Kits 03/04/13
TEC397684 Additional CA Harvest Change Manager System Requirements on AIX 03/04/13
TEC394874 Setting AllFusion Harvest SCC API 1.1 Options for Visual Studio .NET 2003 and 2005 03/04/13
TEC390950 AllFusion Harvest Change Manager Package Filtering for Microsoft Visual Studio .NET 03/04/13
TEC389926 Creating Manual Pages for AllFusion Harvest Change Manager UNIX/Linux CLI Utilities 03/04/13
TEC382974 AllFusion Harvest Change Manager Database User with Ingres 03/04/13
TEC375370 Setting Up AllFusion Harvest Change Manager r7 with a Remote Ingres Database 03/04/13
TEC369034 AllFusion Harvest Change Manager Support for Citrix 03/04/13
TEC365607 International Language, Character Set, and Local Settings for Harvest using Oracle. 03/04/13
TEC354444 How to make multiple Harvest Connections to the same Project within the Harvest Plug-in for Eclipse 03/04/13
TEC351700 How to add Your Logo to a Harvest form 03/04/13
TEC348440 How to install AllFusion Harvest Change Manager Harweb Component (5.2.1) to WebSphere Application Server (5.0 and 5.1) on a UNIX based system 03/04/13
TEC346436 Compiling Java applications using AllFusion Harvest Change Manager Option for Openmake 6.3 plugin for Eclipse/WSAD 03/04/13
TEC345818 A File Agent Error will be generated when checking in recursively a Symbolic Link Folder using Harweb or the hci command line. 03/04/13
TEC345675 How to correctly install/uninstall Harvest 5.2.1 patches on Windows 03/04/13
TEC344279 Using the AllFusion Harvest WSAD "Unshare Project" feature 03/04/13
TEC344095 Creating a directory structure under an existing Harvest repository in AllFusion Harvest Change Manager. 03/04/13
TEC340587 Moving the Workspace Window in AllFusion Harvest Change Manager Workbench 03/04/13
TEC340356 The AllFusion Harvest Change Manager HCO Command Line Utility option "-nt" is no longer a required parameter with release 5.1.1 Patch 19 and 5.2.1 Patch 2. 03/04/13
TEC340349 File Size Attribute in the Version List returned by CaVersionChooser 03/04/13
TEC340305 Handling Detached Development merges using the AllFusion Harvest Change Manager plug-in for Eclipse 03/04/13
TEC334493 Cannot delete a bean from WSAD 5.0 EJB project after sharing it with AllFusion Harvest Change Manager. 03/04/13
TEC334492 WSAD 5.0.x can't start up after upgrade from AllFusion Harvest Change Manager 5.2.1 GA to AllFusion Harvest Change Manager 5.2.1 Patch1. 03/04/13
TEC334440 Harvest Client or Agent Only install stops at 94% when installing Enterprise Communicator (PEC) with message "Updating environment (Path)...." 03/04/13
TEC328497 Harvest Client Login gives Error Unable to Load Component Driver Vital to the Operation of the Product 03/04/13
TEC324271 Grant Item Access Data Conversion and Installation Instructions 03/04/13
TEC324139 AllFusion Harvest Change Manager Client Login reports error - "Cannot create Harvest Session. See your Administrator." 03/04/13
TEC321261 Using AllFusion Harvest Change Manager with the Oracle9i Default Database Settings 03/04/13
TEC320540 Modifying ApacheTomcat 4.0.1 Servlet Engine default port number in AllFusion Harvest Change Manager Web Interface 03/04/13
TEC320385 AllFusion Harvest Change Manager UDPs 03/04/13
TEC316771 Configuring Tomcat 4.0.1 Service in Windows to support forms in AllFusion Harvest Change Manager Web Interface 03/04/13
TEC315067 A quick way to invoke the Switch Package process using Drag and Drop in AllFusion Harvest Change Manager 5.2.1 03/04/13
TEC582832 Currently SCM 12.0x and 12.1X installs 3.2.1 ETPKI, but is SCM R12.0x/R12.1X compatible with later versions of ETPKI? 03/01/13
TEC582830 Do we need a new license [ca.olf] for r12.1 upgrading from 7x? 03/01/13
TEC581229 hexecp command on Win 2008 agent, getting " Access denied error" 03/01/13
TEC578306 Which algorithm is being used for password encryption for CA SCM R12.1? 03/01/13
TEC577386 Error starting Harweb: JRE 1.6 is not supported by this driver. Use the sqljdbc4.jar class library. 03/01/13
TEC575961 How to configure Visual Studio to use VDiff2 as the comparison tool for the Visual Studio Plug In 03/01/13
TEC575521 How to determine installed lic98 is okay. 03/01/13
TEC573210 Harweb install fails with Error: TEMP key does not exist in response file. 03/01/13
TEC573197 "Create Directory for Solution" and "Add Solution to CA SCM" checkboxes missing 03/01/13
TEC568915 Harweb install fails with the message, "Failed to create directory 'harweb'." 03/01/13
TEC568810 Will the BOXI/CABI BIAR file for SCM 12.1.02 (SP2) work with SCM 12.1.03 (SP3)? 03/01/13
TEC568802 How to capture detailed MSI installer logging during SCM product installation on Windows 03/01/13
TEC563855 Is Oracle JDeveloper supported with SCM? 03/01/13
TEC563853 How to install the Visual Studio Plug-in with a 64-bit SCM Client 03/01/13
TEC561263 Expired Password for a User 03/01/13
TEC554783 Upgrading from 7.0 to 12.1 fails with ORA-01017 part way through 03/01/13
TEC548504 How to handle VS 2003 solution files when upgrading to SCM 12.1. 03/01/13
TEC548503 Opening a form in Workbench creates a NullPointerException 03/01/13
TEC546589 How to configure the SCM harweb JDBC driver so that it will connect to SQL Server using Windows authentication? 03/01/13
TEC545302 Hdbsetup option CR Create SCM Repository fails with error Return code: -1 6413 [Oracle][ODBC][Ora]ORA-06413: Connection not open. 03/01/13
TEC544391 How to enable Windows Authentication for SQL Server 2005 & 2008 with SCM Web Interface (Harweb)? 03/01/13
TEC544388 Error "E03020028: No space left on device" during checkin 03/01/13
TEC544387 Notify process dialog hangs in "Operation in progress..." 03/01/13
TEC539087 Best Practice for Visual Studio solution upgrade and SCM migration to R12.1 03/01/13
TEC539086 How to enable checkout process start and end timestamp in Workbench output log? 03/01/13
TEC536366 Does not appear possible to generate a snapshot using the web client? 03/01/13
TEC536311 Do I need to upgrade my database when upgrading from SCM r12.0 to r12.1? 03/01/13
TEC531194 How do I include version information in the compare title captions using Araxis Merge tool with SCM r12.x? 03/01/13
TEC531177 CA SCM Workbench (Harvest) displays an error during "Create Package" process. E03020586: Could not write template file. 03/01/13
TEC531161 How can we change the RTServer connection ports? 03/01/13
TEC528299 How to create the DOS batch script files that allow Harvest 7.1 Client and SCM 12.x Client to coexist on the same machine. 03/01/13
TEC528298 Improving Workbench performance after upgrade to 12.x with Oracle. 03/01/13
TEC528297 Problem installing the 12.1 Eclipse Plug-in into the RAD 7.0 environment. 03/01/13
TEC527291 Additional Step Required when Upgrading to SCM r12.0 to FP2 or r12.1 in an Oracle Database 03/01/13
TEC525966 Workbench R12 FP2 on Windows 7 x64 has display problems 03/01/13
TEC521332 What is the best method for harrefresh license? 03/01/13
TEC512136 Example of R12 Client Silent Unattended Install (Includes work-around for PEC install failures due to old or corrupt ISProbe.tlb file on target machine). 03/01/13
TEC512134 If only one agent is outside the firewall, is opening one port enough? 03/01/13
TEC512133 Does Harvest CA SCM supports Oracle LDAP name resolution? 03/01/13
TEC511606 What are the SCM operations that need an open port_range in firewall setup? 03/01/13
TEC511203 How many different ways to upgrade Meister 7.2x to 7.3? 03/01/13
TEC507417 CA Software Change Manager (SCM) 12 hdbsetup on HP-UX 11.23 fails with core dump 03/01/13
TEC507398 CA SCM R12 GA Client for Windows Install fails as either silent or interactive install. 03/01/13
TEC507345 How to stop rtserver properly in UNIX/LINUX? 03/01/13
TEC507341 What process does SCM Broker shutdown command stop? 03/01/13
TEC486127 Does a new installation of CA SCM R12.0 server install CAI/PT ODBC component? 03/01/13
TEC486126 What is the differences between encrypting a password using the hdbsetup utility or the svrenc command line utility? 03/01/13
TEC486123 When is a license needed to use Remote Build Server? 03/01/13
TEC485921 R7.1 SP2 VCI.NET Fails to find CmdUI.VS2008 for PC Locale other than English 03/01/13
TEC485323 Conversion of VS2005 solutions to VS2008 causes repetitive Context dialog popups during conversion process 03/01/13
TEC485228 What is the command line to install SCM R12 Agent silently (in unattended mode). 03/01/13
TEC484619 What to do when your broker's hostname changes? 03/01/13
TEC482321 How to execute silent install of CA SCM VCI Plug-in for R12? 03/01/13
TEC482320 How to configure CA SCM Workbench to allow multiple user logins to the same broker? 03/01/13
TEC482319 After installing Openmake Meister 7.2 Knowledge Base Server as a Windows Service, I cannot stop KB Server using shortcut from Windows Start Menu? 03/01/13
TEC481716 How to exclude some of user attributes like email to synchronize from LDAP to CA Software Change Manager server? 03/01/13
TEC481178 Project Migration from VSS to CA Software Change Manager [SCM] via VCI.NET Best Practice White Paper 03/01/13
TEC480509 How to share changes from one project to other which shares same repository? 03/01/13
TEC480431 What are the network ports involved with CA Software Change Manager? 03/01/13
TEC479628 How does CA Software Change Manager preserve file permissions during check in and checkout? 03/01/13
TEC478954 How to set a timeout value of a browser session for CA Software Change Manager (Harweb) R7.1 web client? 03/01/13
TEC477332 Where does the password saved if the -saveremoteagentinfo option for the HServer.arg file is set to 1? 03/01/13
TEC476313 When using the USD Package and USD Platform Information Forms (as part of an Integration with USD/DSM), can user obtain the USDPACKAGENAME (set in the USD Package Form) prior to the staging process? 03/01/13
TEC476247 Is there any documentation on recommended or best practice setup of .net 2005 projects with Meister 7.2? 03/01/13
TEC476245 Where can user download the Openmake Meister .net plugin. 03/01/13
TEC476233 When try to start harvest broker, got "ERROR: Starting server", what should I do next? 03/01/13
TEC472437 How to upgrade CA Software Change Manager (SCM) 7.0 to CA SCM 12.0 on Windows 03/01/13
TEC472015 What is the default memory limit for each hserver process? 03/01/13
TEC470044 (1) What do I need for our users to use the VCI? (2) Once installed how can I tell if it is the right version of the plug-in? 03/01/13
TEC464330 I do not want users to change the package name during package creation. What should I do? 03/01/13
TEC463129 How to execute silent upgrade for windows client, agent, server to bypass the license file agreement prompt? 03/01/13
TEC449985 How to prevent the HarvestPlugin.log file to be written to the Eclipse home directory? 03/01/13
TEC478587 After harweb is upgraded to R12.0, the web client timeout session is not working? Anything changed? 02/28/13
TEC586864 Can the SCM Single User Agent be configured to run as a service? 02/20/13
TEC585207 "Keep source package" flag is missing in SCM Administrator 01/15/13
TEC585154 CA Software Asset Manager User Password 01/15/13
TEC575518 Get the error "Default: Error. Client not found on server" when trying to connect to an upgraded database with WorkBench. 08/05/12
TEC573199 Running the command line install for the 64 bit client fails 07/04/12
TEC573178 How to change the workspace and configuration locations used by the SCM workbench 07/04/12
TEC573176 HCO Checkout creates error message "Htutild.dll cannot be found." 06/29/12
TEC565720 Where can I find the log file for the SCM Visual Studio Plugin? 03/08/12
TEC565719 Where can I find the latest documentation for Software Change Manager 12.1 Service Pack 3? 03/08/12
TEC565718 Does Software Change Manager currently support AIX 7? 03/08/12
TEC565622 How to set up CA Software Change Manager (SCM) to work with non English character sets, such as Unicode characters with an Oracle database. 02/29/12
TEC565616 Installing ODBC on HP IA64 fails with error - uname() Failed, "Value too large to be stored in data type" 02/29/12
TEC531617 CA Endevor symbolics are not substituted correctly in the CA Endevor Software Change Manager Integration for the Natural Environment (EINE) Natural Move Processor, PNATMOV. 09/18/10
TEC479221 VIDEO: How to Retrieve a Previous Version of a Natural Element in EINE 01/04/09
TEC478863 How to reconfigure Harvest server on UNIX/LINUX when $ORACLE_HOME and/or $ORACLE_SID changed? 01/01/09
TEC477575 How to code the #DDCARD Site Symbolics for CA Endevor SCM Integration for the Natural Environment (EINE) 12/14/08
TEC466453 How to prevent S213-30 abends with DBRMLIB allocated as a shared (DISP=SHR) PDS within an Endevor processor. 07/11/08