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CA Gen
Component Manager

The AllFusion Gen Component Manager facilitates Component Based Development (CBD) in the AllFusion Gen product family. It supports the CBD methodology with three basic functions:

  1. Browsing in one or more encyclopedias; viewing models and the component and interface information in those models.
  2. Managing the transfer of component specification information from a component implementation model to a model that uses some or all of the services of the component through a "drag and drop" graphical user interface.
  3. Conversion of models prepared according to the CBD 96 standard into models consistent with the CS/3.0 standard.

Typical users of the Component Manager are AllFusion Gen Toolset and Encyclopedia users.

Please Note: Component Manager will be fully supported through the full lifecycle of AllFusion Gen r7.5 but will not be carried forward in subsequent releases. For additional information see the drop support notice under Product Information on the AllFusion Gen home page.