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CA Fast Unload for Distributed Databases
Implementation Document Index

Doc ID# Implementation Knowledge Documents Last Revision
TEC563991 Get message "(7317) Warning: - License Failure" when trying to run FastUnload for Oracle (FUO). 02/11/12
TEC538391 When I try to use FastUnload for Oracle I get the error message "ERROR (3058): The non-DBA package has not been installed or executed." 12/24/10
TEC531435 License error when attempt is made use Fast Unload for Oracle. 09/30/10
TEC520745 CA Fast Unload support for Oracle 11g R2 on 64-bit UNIX platforms. 05/12/10
TEC510877 Does FUO have an option which does not output a LoaderSQLFile? 03/26/10
TEC508310 "The table that 2 byte character (Japanese) is included in the table name" cannot be unloaded. 02/19/10
TEC499145 Is there any documentation on how to use Fast Unload for Distributed Databases stand alone (FUX_INSTALL.SH)? 10/14/09
TEC495943 Can I install Fast Unload For Oracle 11.2.4 on Oracle 11g RAC (Real Application Cluster)? 09/02/09
TEC482478 Can I install Fast Unload for Oracle (Standalone) v 11.2.2 on Oracle 11g RAC server? 02/20/09
TEC444340 What happens if I do not put in a SID when discovering an Oracle database server and attempt to unload a table using the Unload option? 01/19/08
TEC440418 Can we use CA Fast Unload for Distributed Databases 11.2.0 only in command line mode on UNIX platforms, as a stand-alone product with no Windows GUI or web interface? 11/18/07
TEC436175 Does CA Fast Unload for Distributed Databases support the new feature for Oracle 10.2 called Transparent Data Encryption (TDE)? 10/19/07
TEC429718 I upgraded from Fast Unload 2.4.3 to 4.2.2p2. Why is the row sequence in the output file in a different order than before I upgraded? 10/05/07
TEC423446 When attempting to use fastunload at the command line, I see the message: (7302) Licensing message - Component not licensed. Please contact your account representative to obtain a new license. 05/02/07
TEC416001 Are there any special instructions when installing FUO 4.2.1 / 4.2.2 on HP UX 11.23 PA RISC, AIX 5.3, and Solaris 10? 01/27/07
TEC408725 Does Unicenter Fast Unload 4.2.2 or 11.1 support SUSE Linux V9? 10/18/06