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CA FAQS Automated Systems Operation for z/VSE
Video and Recorded Webcast Index

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Video: Using the LVTOC command part 2. Advance functions.
This Video will demonstrate how to view VTOC by CUU or VOLID, view multi-extent files, and how to display CA Master Cat catalogs and object.
2 KB 4.7 MB
Video: Using the online LVTOC command part 1 Basic functions.
The LVTOC display provides an online Volume Table of Contents (VTOC) sorted by device address or a VOLID sorted by starting extent address. This Video will demonstrate functions such as how to enter the LVTOC menu from CA FAQS ASO, view free space, display by track or cylinder.
2 KB 3.1 MB
Video: How to use FAQ/ASO for z/VSE to control output to IBM CicsPrint.
This Video will demonstrate how FAQ/ASO for z/VSE can be used to control the output from the Power queue to IBM CicsPrint.
2 KB 3.2 MB
Video: How to prevent users from viewing specific classes in the power queues.
This video will demonstrate how to set up security for viewing POWER queues by CA FAQS/ASO users.
2 KB 4.1 MB
VIDEO: How to make ASO wait before issuing a command in response to a message?
This video will demonstrate how to use command delay to make ASO wait a specified time before responding to a message.
3 KB 3.9 MB
Video: Demo of some of the system functions in FAQASO.
This video will demonstrate some of the Systems functions available in FAQASO for z/VSE.
2 KB 4.7 MB
Video: How to check the Release and Service Pack running?
How to find out the release and Service Pack of CA FAQS/ASO that is running.
2 KB 2.7 MB
Video: How to ensure CA FAQS/ASO users do not get default security definitions?
CA FAQSASO users are getting the SCTY definitions for userid PROFILE instead of their individual security definitions.
2 KB 2.1 MB