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CA ERwin Data Modeler r9
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Video: CA ERwin Data Modeler r9: Datatype and Naming Standards (NSM & DSM)
Naming and Datatype Standards are now implemented differently in ERwin r9. Learn what it means to you and how to use them.
8.3 MB
Video: How to Upgrade Your CA ERwin Model Manager Mart to r9
Describes the new CA ERwin DM r9 MartUpgrade utility and how to upgrade release 7 and 8 marts to r9.
7.7 MB
Video: CA ERwin r9 Concurrent License Server: License Borrowing
The ability to borrow a concurrent license is a new feature introduced with CA ERwin Data Modeler r9. Borrowing a license allows the use of concurrent licensing while the workstation is disconnected from the network.
8.3 MB
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