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CA ERwin Data Modeler
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Video: Understanding Complete Compare (CC) Options.
If you are unfamiliar with the CA ERwin Data Modeler 7.x Complete Compare (CC) process, or you have not had a chance to explore all options, this presentation gives an overview that touches on all options from start to finish. After viewing this video, if you are a beginner you should have enough awareness to dive right in, and if you are an experienced user you should still be able to pick up some valuable tips.
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Video: Introduction to Data Modeling with CA ERwin Data Modeler Community Edition.
Data modeling is core to many data management and development efforts. This video show you how the CA ERwin Community Edition gives you the tools to get you started with the fundamentals of data modeling, without the overhead and cost of a commercial product.
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Video: CA ERwin Data Modeler r7.3: Forward Engineering Integrated Development Environment (FE IDE).
There are times when you would like to change the SQL the CA ERwin Data Modeler r7 generates during Forward Engineering (FE). 7.3 includes an Integrated Development Environment (IDE) environment which allows you to do that. This video demonstrates the process.
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Video: CA ERwin Data Modeler 7.3: Reporting via the ODBC Data Source, Excel, and Crystal Reports (ODBC Data Source).
CA ERwin Data Modeler 7.3 users have often asked for a way to report on model objects and properties not included in standard ERwin reports. Further, users have requested that they be able to query their model through SQL in a manner similar to how they would access their database so the output can then be sent to their favorite reporting tool. CA ERwin Data Modeler r7.3 provides this functionality. This video demonstrates how to query and create this output, then send it to Microsoft Excel, and Crystal Reports, the industry leading reporting tool, which is now included with ERwin 7.3.
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Video: Installing your CA ERwin Data Modeler.
Installation of CA ERwin Data Modeler is relatively straight forward; however, this quick overview may help you avoid some common pitfalls if you have never installed CA ERwin Data Modeler 7.x or if you are upgrading a current version to a new version.
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Video: Registering your CA ERwin Data Modeler 7.x
Registering your CA ERwin Data Modeler with CA ensures your ownership of the product will never be in doubt when launching, registering for Support Online , purchasing or renewing maintenance, subscribing to CA Tech Insider (formerly eNews), or any other activities that require we verify that you purchased the product. It is simple and takes only a few minutes.
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Video: CA ERwin Data Modeler r7.3: Introduction to the API.
The CA ERwin Data Modeler API allows you to perform tasks not immediately available in the standard ERwin User Interface. It is not difficult to use the ERwin API, but is does require some skills you may not be used to in normal use of the tool. This video provides a step by step instruction to create a simple ERwin API application.
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Video: CA ERwin Data Modeler r7.3: Removal of History Object with the CA ERwin API.
Whenever you add or make a change to an object in an ERwin model, the event is recorded in the history for that object. The ability to look back at the history of changes to an object is a powerful and desirable feature, but it does increase the model size over time. The standard ERwin UI allows you to turn the history feature on or off, but it does not allow you to purge existing history if your model becomes too big, and you don't mind removing the object history. This video shows you how to use the CA ERwin API to accomplish this.
Prerequisite: CA ERwin Data Modeler 7.3 - Introduction to the API.
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