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CA Endevor Software Change Manager
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TEC1909468 Cannot override the package component option when attempting to cast a package 08/20/15
TEC1263366 Performing Add action of a Predict object with CA Endevor Integration for the Natural Environment (EINE) in a test environment and getting the following error: SMGR160E INVALID SOURCE RECORD LENGTH - 00657 EXCEEDS MAXIMUM RECORD LENGTH FOR TYPE - 00516. 07/20/15
TEC1510873 Internet Explorer 11 with Endevor CM Enterprise Workbench with security enhancements 06/09/15
TEC570329 Endevor Webservices; failure to connect to Endevor repository from Eclipse. 06/09/15
TEC1246757 CA Endevor Change Management Enterprise Workbench 12.0 certified for MS SQL Server 2012 03/30/15
TEC1070413 After V 17.0 is installed under CSM, applying maintenance may show ptf's with superseded status 02/04/15
TEC471023 IEBCOPY impact on ENDEVOR BACKOUT and COMPONENT collection, when this IBM Utility program is executed within a PROCESSOR, and some PDSMAN considerations. 11/14/14
TEC1426249 COBOL compile can terminate with IGYDS5000 U and IGYDS5062-U when OPTIMIZE parameter is used 11/12/14
TEC1278476 If you are using the Endevor Web Services feature and STC pooling is enabled, the spawned task can fail with authorization error - C1I0012E YOU ARE NOT AUTHORIZED TO ACCESS ANY ENDEVOR ENVIRONMENTS 11/12/14
TEC1533996 XCOM 11.6 in processor can issue Not Authorized with RC=32 11/10/14
TEC614249 Source and Target environment control block in EXIT2 and EXIT3 at Generate. 07/24/14
TEC614242 SQL exception can occur if default language is not set to English 07/21/14
TEC600558 How to get the list of users connected to Endevor 10/15/13
TEC600443 How do I upgrade and convert from Endevor 3.9 to Endevor v16? 10/11/13
TEC600362 Documentation Error in v16 Scenario Guide the Web Services chapter 10/10/13
TEC596038 History status of Promotion packages in Package exits. 07/24/13
TEC595762 Endevor Upgrade Checklist 07/19/13
TEC595761 Can I use the same SPNPARM for Concurrent Action Processing, CMEW and the Eclipse Plug-in? 07/19/13
TEC426830 Understanding how Endevor types are sequenced 04/15/13
TEC489090 Running a Plan Analyzer report within an Endevor processor. 04/12/13
TEC433012 How to have a security call at the target location of all move actions 01/29/13
TEC436786 Endevor Element Versioning and Element delta Retention by AGE 01/28/13
TEC427710 The function of the CONLIB statement 01/24/13
TEC424054 New Utility to remove unused Processor Symbolic Overrides 01/24/13
TEC549452 Note on LServ addpool definition for IBM RDz/Carma with Endevor 01/17/13
TEC509034 MAX_PROCESSES and WLM considerations for Endevor Concurrent Action Processing and Workbench. 01/17/13
TEC565430 Package user exits (exit07) that contain logic that affect package notes might need be reviewed when upgrading to R14 or V15 01/16/13
TEC564135 How to use FOOTPRINT=VERIFY when a member is not named the same as &C1ELEMENT. 01/16/13
TEC561655 How to make sysout immediately available in a FG session 01/16/13
TEC561465 A note on parameter lists for Endevor user-exits written in COBOL. 01/16/13
TEC556699 Use of dynamic loadlibs with CA-Endevor Quick Edit option 01/16/13
TEC544630 New Backup function for ACM files ACMROOT and ACMXREF. 01/16/13
TEC544020 Chargeback considerations with Endevor Concurrent Action Processing. 01/16/13
TEC544016 Endevor r12 PTF RO28329 and Endevor r14 PTF RO28330 ensures that the LRECL for an ARCHIVE sequential output dataset conforms to the requirements described in the SCL Reference Manual Section "The Archive Statement". 01/16/13
TEC542139 Purpose and function of the ACMQ cleanup utility BC1PACMO. 01/16/13
TEC542052 Notification of change of SMF DSECT in $SMFBKDS in Endevor R14. 01/16/13
TEC541211 Note on IEBCOPY behavior when copying from PDSE to PDS and x37 abends occur. 01/16/13
TEC540902 How to move the load module and listing to the next stage? 01/16/13
TEC538614 When and why is Endevor calling processors BASICGEN and BASICDEL? 01/16/13
TEC538613 Can one downgrade the C1G0118C Message 01/16/13
TEC523743 How element consolidation can cause SYNC problems. 01/16/13
TEC520675 Helpful hints for installing Endevor r12 SP3 from PAX/ESD files. 01/16/13
TEC513267 SMP/E HOLDDATA Requirements for installing Endevor r12 SP3. 01/16/13
TEC513119 The CONPARMX Utility 01/16/13
TEC512709 How can I test and evaluate nested symbolics in a processor? 01/16/13
TEC512707 S213-04 abends during a package actions or shipment after converting a listing library to an ELib 01/16/13
TEC512627 Helpful hints for installing Endevor r12 sp3 from PAX/ESD files. 01/16/13
TEC508532 BC1JJB03 is not delivered with MSM installaion 01/16/13
TEC494236 Naming rules for Temporary Datasets within Endevor processors. 01/16/13
TEC494235 Concurrent Action Processing job may receive ECAP008S error initializing spawned tasks. 01/16/13
TEC494225 Error SMP/e GIM26307E JCLIN error for CONDORRT Installing r7 sp4. 01/16/13
TEC492325 How to prevent conflicts with DDNAME SYSEXEC when running Rexx execs in a foreground processor. 01/16/13
TEC492314 VIDEO: CA Endevor and Resource Sharing. 01/16/13
TEC492311 VIDEO: How to modify Inventory Analyzer rules for Cobol/LE. 01/16/13
TEC492275 The RACF_TEMPDSN_OPTION 01/16/13
TEC492236 ELEMENT BASE VERSION information is not found in the API, causing the CSV extract to also not have the information available for reporting mechanisms. 01/16/13
TEC492235 Migration requirements - CA Endevor Software Change Manager r12 SP3 into Mainframe Software Manager (MSM). 01/16/13
TEC491839 VIDEO: The ESD/PAX Process for endevor. 01/16/13
TEC489050 C1LB006E Library open failed 01/16/13
TEC486320 Sort Order of results of API List Element requests 01/16/13
TEC485594 How to determine if the LSERV BUFFERPOOL is working with desired performance? 01/16/13
TEC484949 Enhancement to Parallel Development Manager (PDM) 01/16/13
TEC484869 PTFs recommended for upgrade to z/OS 1.10 01/16/13
TEC482853 Endevor inventory analyzer reports NO MATCHES found for all the COBOL load members in the "USING DSN" load library 01/16/13
TEC482496 C1X0218e and C1X0221E errors creating or updating a processor. 01/16/13
TEC481876 IBM Extendend Vsam Red Alert with z/OS 1.10 upgrade 01/16/13
TEC481752 VIDEO: CA Endevor Authorized Programs Demo 01/16/13
TEC481729 Why does the ESI rule, used when Defining ship destination in Batch admin, contain a '$'? 01/16/13
TEC474180 Package Ship Command File High Level Qualifier Enhancement. 01/16/13
TEC467466 CA Endevor Software Change Manager New Features Documentation Index 01/16/13
TEC448737 CA Endevor Software Change Manager R12 Ongoing Maintenance Alerts 01/16/13
TEC444243 6 easy steps to implementing Concurrent Action Processing. 01/16/13
TEC427079 How can I download all published maintenance for a specific genlvl or service pack? 01/16/13
TEC583590 How do we set up a separate area for testing changes to processors? 01/15/13
TEC583589 Some aspects and definitions for Web Services and how parameters in the Data Source definition correspond to ENF/CCI definitions 01/15/13
TEC582670 USS Alternate ID support may not work after upgrading Endevor to release 15.1 01/15/13
TEC578301 What do the CA Endevor LMP Keys stand for 01/15/13
TEC508306 How does Automated Element Level Versioning work together with Delta and Aged Level Consolidation? 01/15/13
TEC506427 Impact on changing COMPRESS/DO NOT COMPRESS BASE option. 01/15/13
TEC506385 Video: Runtime loadlibrary considerations with API programs. 01/15/13
TEC505093 ELIB performance. 01/15/13
TEC505074 How to interpret the 'NOCSV' output of the CSV Utility for LIST ELEMENT. 01/15/13
TEC502465 Does ENBX1000 support concatenated datasets? 01/15/13
TEC502464 Security violations when JES2 files are created in processors with the Alternate ID as high level qualifier. 01/15/13
TEC500449 Clarification of PECB-UEXIT-HOLD-FIELD in COBOL package exit EXIT07. 01/15/13
TEC499488 The length of API control blocks ENHALELM and ECHALELM changed when between r7 and r12. 01/15/13
TEC499413 VIDEO: Endevor settings and options for Temporary Datasets. 01/15/13
TEC499407 Video: Implementing Processors in Endevor. 01/15/13
TEC499119 What causes errors such as IKJ56500I COMMAND PROC NOT FOUND when swapping to the Alternate Id for DB2 binds? 01/15/13
TEC496839 Additional Information regarding the SUPER-USER Optional Feature. 01/15/13
TEC496838 How can I change the default SYSOUT class for Email Notification? 01/15/13
TEC496830 Getting error installing CA Endevor r12 sp3 CAI.CHMC000.F1 is not cataloged. 01/15/13
TEC466824 How Does Automated Level Versioning Work? 01/15/13
TEC435350 I'm installing Endevor and I need to know how to set-up my MIMS or GRS Queues? 01/15/13
TEC584500 Endevor r15.1 ESD download can result in unwanted FMIDs being accepted 01/04/13
TEC412565 User Defined Entry Stages in CA Endevor Change Manager 08/04/12
TEC399650 AllFusion Endevor Change Manager Global Type Sequence TECHNOTE 08/04/12
TEC539651 The CA Endevor Software Change Manager Integration for the Natural Environment (EINE) Help screens display blank pop-up windows when PF1 is used or a question mark (?) is entered in a screen field. 12/24/10
TEC532642 Is it possible to change the Natural library used for CA Endevor Software Change Manager Integration for the Natural Environment (EINE) from EINELIB to something else? 09/29/10
TEC532643 Can the requirement to enter a CA Endevor Software Change Manager user ID and password every time starting the CA Endevor Software Change Manager Integration for the Natural Environment (EINE) interface be changed or eliminated? 09/25/10
TEC510403 CA Endevor and CA Hyper-Buf: Make sure that VSAM KSDS datasets under control of CA Endevor are excluded from CA Hyper-Buf. 03/20/10
TEC472809 Return Code difference between API and Batch Search 10/24/08
TEC471029 ICH408I when using the CA Change Manager Enterprise Workbench (CMEW) 09/25/08
TEC468054 Promotion Package Feature Enhancements 08/07/08
TEC462167 Rapid Implementation Facility 08/01/08
TEC465779 SMPLOG not used 06/29/08
TEC462839 Function and implementation of the authorized program table (C1GTAPGM). 05/10/08
TEC449743 The r7 Panvalet Interface jcl iprfx.iqual.JCLLIB(BC1JPAN) is not compatable with r12 04/06/08
TEC449109 Use of Vendor software product SAPIENS. 03/29/08
TEC448691 Upwards compatibility of NDVRCX01, CA Software Change Manager for Mainframe - Endevor - RACF Exit ICHRCX01. 03/22/08
TEC446636 The use of LE runtime option RTEREUS(ON) in COBOL exits can lead to U4093 abends. 02/23/08
TEC413542 What is the impact of changing the SITEID parameter in C1DEFLTS? 01/27/08
TEC436789 CA Software Change Manager for Mainframe r12 - Promotion Packages Ease Administration of Packages of Move Actions 10/27/07
TEC436788 CA Software Change Manager for Mainframe r12 - Concurrent Action Processing Speeds Processing of Large Numbers of Actions 10/27/07
TEC436787 CA Software Change Manager for Mainframe r12 - CSV Utility Additional Data Enhancement Provides More Data for Reports 10/27/07
TEC430241 How to apply post r7 sp2 pre-reqs for post r7 sp3 ptfs where time or resources prohibit an upgrade 07/29/07
TEC416972 What data sets can be put under control of RLS? 02/08/07
TEC416971 In regard to RLS and LSERV, what share options should I use for my VSAM data sets? 02/08/07
TEC416966 Are RLS and LSERV equivalents? 02/08/07
TEC416965 Can the ACM(Q) data sets ACMROOT and ACMXREF be managed under RLS or LSERV? 02/08/07
TEC416964 With regard to RLS and LSERV, what data sets can be put under control of LSERV? 02/08/07
TEC416933 What is the purpose of RLS and LSERV? 02/08/07