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Upgrade Related Technical Solutions

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Doc ID# Title Last Revision
TS33015 How to validate the state of ReportCenter prior to upgrade 09/22/09
TS33014 How to manually drop DB API or Regularized Data views 09/22/09
TS33013 How to determine if eHealth is using either Regularized Data or DB API views 09/22/09
TS32090 Oracle upgrade failed during install of eHealth 6.1 02/09/09
TS27932 Windows Oracle Patch installer fails on eHealth 6.1 upgrade 02/09/09
TS25885 Oracle Upgrade failure 02/09/09
TS31107 $NH_HOMEloginstallCreateDb.log created by a new install on Windows shows errors 02/09/09
TS32587 eHealth server could not restart with error: Operation 'editConfigCb' not supported the system is in quiet mode 02/09/09
TS28609 MKS XServer was not installed 02/09/09
TS29791 Supported upgrade paths for eHealth 6.1 02/09/09
TS32624 Activation of upgrade from 6.0 to 6.1 appears to have failed on cluster member, but was successful 02/09/09
TS32142 Warning nhiPoller[Net] Pgm nhiPoller[Net]: Error reading (possibly missing) MTF 02/09/09
TS31447 Upgrade from eHealth 6.0 to eHealth 6.1 failed during Oracle 10g installation with OUI-10137 error 02/09/09
TS32344 CA Software services running causing eHealth upgrade failure 02/09/09
TS32281 Unable to connect error when installing Report Center during 6.1.1 installation 02/09/09
TS29295 Where are the install log files for eHealth 6.1 02/09/09
TS29845 Can I use ehealth 6.0 lcf file for ehealth 6.1 install? 02/09/09
TS30613 Do I Need A New License When Upgrading eHealth 6.0 -->6.1? 02/09/09
TS31110 When installing eHealth there is an error creating the database 02/09/09
TS31220 After upgrade to 6.1 Oracle ORA-12705 errors in web UI 02/09/09
TS31243 eHealth installation using LCF fails when LCF file is saved in a directory name with space character 02/09/09
TS31234 eHealth install fails on step 3 with javaw.exe error 02/09/09
TS32767 Upgrade from eHealth 6.0 to eHealth 6.1 fails 02/09/09