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Doc ID# Implementation Technical Support Documentation Last Revision
TEC1125966 How to count the number of devices in eHealth 08/27/15
TEC1775629 eHealth and higher version support SHA-256 08/26/15
TEC1173107 ORA-125577: TNS: protocol adapter not loadable, on eHealth start failure 08/11/15
TEC1027813 How to keep your element configuration count manageable 08/10/15
TEC519279 How to verify that you can authenticate to the device via SNMP V3 bypassing eHealth 08/10/15
TEC1727838 How to modify a scheduled report from the command line. 05/28/15
TEC1214507 Does the eHealth software bind to only one Network Interface Card (NIC) 05/01/15
TEC1226906 Subsequent username / password prompts 03/26/15
TEC1051278 eHealth install on Windows 2012 fails during DB create with " fork_level=1 DuplicateHandle() failed: fd 15 handle 0xc type 1: The handle is invalid." with fatal l error 03/19/15
TEC587301 Drilldown from eHealth higher to NPC Fails 12/02/14
TEC1110852 Juniper SNMP agents don't respond to discovery, after implementing SNMP V3 10/30/14
TEC618252 Why CA eHealth doesn't support FQDN on Linux 10/01/14
TEC602436 nhAutoDiscover generat an error "The Cabletron SPECTRUM export failed line 543..." 12/09/13
TEC602349 How to update the dba profile to set the DBA password life to unlimited from default 180 days in Oracle 11G 11/26/13
TEC599683 Error in Readme for eHealth 6.3.1.x 09/27/13
TEC599679 Guide for eHealth Upgrade from 6.1.X and 6.2.X to and 09/27/13
TEC594211 How to Configure OpenSSH on Windows 2008 for use with eHealth 6.3 06/21/13
TEC593769 Insufficient free temp space (referenced through /tmp) on tmpfs during ehealth install 06/13/13
TEC591663 Oracle upgrade fails if MOM Service is running 05/06/13
TEC591662 Report center no longer auto start after upgrade to 6.3 05/06/13
TEC588646 How to create a read-only eHealth user for dbApi view access using a one-off (169829) 03/19/13
TEC588575 Bad polls and All errors 03/18/13
TEC588574 Tomcat server cannot bind to the virtual Hostname of the eHealth distributed Poller. 03/18/13
TEC588570 eHealth UTF8 locale support 03/18/13
TEC588569 eHealth drops poll when Invalid/Null values are reported by an OID 03/18/13
TEC586602 Registry changes needed for Import Poller process (nhiRpImport) to establish Secure FTP communication with OpenSSH software (Cygwin) in eHealth 6.2.2 and above. 02/28/13
TEC586701 DSSP version and eHealth version 02/15/13
TEC585862 Upgrading eHealth from r6.1.x through r6.2.x to r6.3.0.x and its relationship to Oracle upgrade 02/01/13
TEC585861 A simple query to convert a UTC time to human-readable time 02/01/13
TEC585860 How to fix ORA-20000: index "EHEALTH"."NH_GROUP_ALL_MEMBERS_AS1_IX5" or partition 02/01/13
TEC535505 Oracle Patch installation fails - ORA-39700: database must be opened with UPGRADE option 01/22/13
TEC574137 eHealth Cluster Installation (nhHaSetup) Returns Internal Server Error 12/31/12
TEC573413 ASCII and csv format scheduled reports are no longer embedded in an email body with eHealth 6.3 12/31/12
TEC573179 Live Health client installer - Install Anywhere - conflicts with USB video adapters 12/31/12
TEC571979 SQLNET Vulnerability CVE-2012-1675 12/31/12
TEC571115 How to prevent discovery of QoS policies on interfaces with admin or operDown status 12/31/12
TEC567142 Database creation failed during fresh 6.3 installation 12/31/12
TEC567139 How to remove warning message in the data analysis log 12/31/12
TEC567047 Oracle vulnerability (V0015618) may be related to an entry in tnsnames.ora file 12/31/12
TEC567045 How to speed up dbApi queries 12/31/12
TEC567043 How to change db_recovery_file_dest_size parameter 12/31/12
TEC566919 How to set up eHealth Distributed Reporting Cluster on Linux 12/31/12
TEC583139 Performing an upgrade using a new $NH_HOME ($NH_HOME_B) when a different $NH_HOME ($NH_HOME_A) previously exists, fails with error message 12/28/12
TEC582825 How does eHealth validate read only/read write community string during polling 12/28/12
TEC582824 How does eHealth behave when validating readonly/readwrite community string while discovery 12/28/12
TEC581914 nhConvertDb fails when altering materialized view 12/28/12
TEC581913 The database load would fail when loading newer version of database save to a lower database version 12/28/12
TEC581225 Running nhConvertDb -undoConvert fails with incorrect undoConvert state 12/28/12
TEC580904 SELinux audit messages for eHealth processes in operating system log 12/28/12
TEC576188 eHealth service fails to start after reboot. FlexLM causing eHealth startup issues on Dual NIC Windows systems 12/28/12
TEC547402 The Oracle OOB Patch fails when the install script tried to overwrite the oraevrus10.dll file. 12/18/12
TEC525803 CNDC System CPU Utilization Report 12/18/12
TEC525802 What is the Task Activity: The Data Collection Queue. 12/18/12
TEC525801 Task History: The Closed Task Queue 12/18/12
TEC525800 CNDC FTP Server 12/18/12
TEC525799 Define a Top N Departments by Usage Report 12/18/12
TEC525798 What is a Top N Extensions by Usage Report. 12/18/12
TEC525797 What is a Traffic Summary Report. 12/18/12
TEC525796 What is CMR (Call Management Records). 12/18/12
TEC530134 CA eHealth 5.7 ASCII database save fails in nhConvertDb when loaded into CA eHealth 6.2. 12/17/12
TEC529401 No data reported for Windows 2008 when it is discovered with element type Sysedge-Unix. 12/17/12
TEC528277 How to turn on the advanced debug mode for eHealth's Sizing Wizard? 12/17/12
TEC526993 Using Virtual Assurance for IM r12 with eHealth Performance Manager and Spectrum infrastructure Manager 12/17/12
TEC525815 Modify the UNIX nhuser Account to Allow Privileged Port Access. 12/17/12
TEC525813 How to list Nodes, Groups and Group Lists and what are they. 12/17/12
TEC525812 Processes Active by UCM Server Report 12/17/12
TEC525811 Registered Phones Count Report 12/17/12
TEC525810 How to setup Data Collection Frequency and Schedule for CNDC. 12/17/12
TEC525809 How to set Up Initial Poll of Cluster. 12/17/12
TEC525808 How to Set Up the UCM Publisher on the CNDC Nodes Form. 12/17/12
TEC525807 How to Start the CNDC Services. 12/17/12
TEC525806 How to Stop CNDC Services. 12/17/12
TEC544498 How eHealth can discover and report on VMWare ESX/ESXi 4.x server? 12/14/12
TEC536703 The schedule discover email notification couldn't be received, nhAutoDiscover -notify <mail addr> option seems broken. 12/14/12
TEC536545 HTTPD service could not start after installation of SSL certificate 12/14/12
TEC536544 How to change the default timezone for Report Center. 12/14/12
TEC535530 6.2.1 database creation fails - dynamically allocated hardware resources 12/14/12
TEC535504 Error - 'Received SNMP error noResponse' 0 %7B%7D - - Microsoft server devices not being polled. 12/14/12
TEC535502 Internal Error nhiPoller[Net] Pgm nhiPoller[Net]: Expectation for 'isFastElement ()' failed 12/14/12
TEC521536 NH_USE_ALT_ALIAS_SCHEME can only be set to YES or NO. 12/14/12
TEC539072 Creating a dci file in One click to exclude a particular type of element to be discovered. 12/13/12
TEC538028 How can we remove the latency chart from all AAG - at a glance and health reports? 12/13/12
TEC535960 Downloading eHealth 6.2.2 for a Solaris or Windows 2003 server 12/13/12
TEC535005 Oracle Parallel Parameter changes 12/13/12
TEC533318 Installation Failure of ehealth 6.2 - no "space" allowed in Path 12/13/12
TEC533316 ORACLE PRIVILEGES in ehealth 12/13/12
TEC532447 Downloading eHealth 6.2.1 for a Windows server 12/13/12
TEC532444 Downloading eHealth 6.2.1 for a Solaris server 12/13/12
TEC532443 Downloading eHealth 6.2 RTM for a Solaris server 12/13/12
TEC531793 Downloading eHealth 6.2 RTM for a Windows server 12/13/12
TEC530699 What is the element capacity of an eHealth server? 12/13/12
TEC525766 How to View Task Activity. 12/13/12
TEC525759 What is a View Task History report. 12/13/12
TEC523999 Adding elements has a significant Performance degradation in a new install of 6.2.1. 12/13/12
TEC565181 Unable to install eHealth 6.3 using DVDs for eHealth and Oracle for Windows 2008 12/12/12
TEC564351 Does eHealth for Voice support 13 digit dial codes 12/12/12
TEC564326 Unable to select discovery after spectrum integration. 12/12/12
TEC564203 Database processes still running, Oracle upgrade was not successful. 12/12/12
TEC563154 Unable to install ehealth using DVDs for ehealth and Oracle for Windows 2008 12/12/12
TEC563146 eHealth 6.3 installation is failing during the creation of the Oracle DB on Windows 2008 12/12/12
TEC559034 Will changing the Subnet affect eHealth 12/12/12
TEC558283 eHealth 6.3 download, install and upgrade instruction 12/12/12
TEC547594 Fresh install Ehealth 6.2 on solaris 9 zone fails with "An unexpected error has been detected by HotSpot Virtual Machine:" 12/12/12
TEC545907 Microsoft Patch KB2506212 breaks eHealth MKS XServer 12/12/12
TEC545457 Test eHealth data source form NetQoS Performance Center fails 12/12/12
TEC545272 Provide Access to Named Servers 12/12/12
TEC544888 NPC: Views load slowly when accessing a Distributed eHealth Console 12/12/12
TEC544497 eHealth poller hangs with error "Decrementing high performance clock samples detected" in system.log 12/12/12
TEC542039 Unable to delete elements from OneClick 12/12/12
TEC541853 Database conversion fails with ORA-00201 12/12/12
TEC541845 Install fails during MKS Toolkit setup 12/12/12
TEC525795 What are UCM data elements. 12/12/12
TEC525794 UCM Reports from Report Center 12/12/12
TEC525793 User Access Control with CNDC Groups and Group Lists. 12/12/12
TEC525792 What are CNDC User Accounts. 12/12/12
TEC525791 How to View CNDC Alerts. 12/12/12
TEC525790 How to View and Modify Database Maintenance Settings. 12/12/12
TEC525786 Verify Port 21 is Not in Use. 12/12/12
TEC525779 View Current CNDC License Keys. 12/12/12
TEC525778 How to View CNDC Log Files. 12/12/12
TEC525777 How to View Log Files for a Particular Node. 12/12/12
TEC525740 What is a Worst N Calls by UCM Server Report. 12/12/12
TEC575115 Aview not installed in Unbundled eHealth on Windows 08/05/12
TEC583963 SQL query to find out if Oracle database was started with a PFILE or SPFILE 07/20/12
TEC571598 Executing CA Log Analyzer and receive message LAE0315E UNABLE TO FIND CHECKPOINT. 06/09/12
TEC566561 Service Availability SA Response Path Discovery / Compatibility issue 03/21/12
TEC583962 How to move Oracle data files (.dbf) from one drive to another 03/11/12
TEC583960 How to write Oracle sql output into a file? 03/11/12
TEC574167 Binary save requires double the free space to save the database 03/11/12
TEC565925 Xlib: connection to "localhost:10.0" refused by server Xlib: SSH gateway: X11 authentication failed. 03/11/12
TEC565920 Error seen: nhiLiveExSvr: Unable to rename 03/11/12
TEC565721 Internal Error nhiCfgServer: PgmnhiCfgServer 04/17/11
TEC534757 Setup of VirtualUserTest with Wintask on Windows Server 2008 10/30/10
TEC547199 Error from sysedge log: loading plugin C:Program FilesCADPOpluginsiddmodiddbiniddmod43.dll failed 07/04/10
TEC535527 All Probes are accessible through "Run Report" not only the ones the account should have access to 06/13/10
TEC479036 Keeping your discoveries under control with DCI rules 01/02/09