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CA Dynam/D Disk Management for z/VSE
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VIDEO: CA Dynam for z/VSE utilities. DYNUTIL 5 KB 4.8 MB
Video: How to set Hyper Notification for CA Dynam D for VSE hyper apars? 5 KB 2.4 MB
VIDEO: How to set Hyper Notification for CA Dynam T for VSE hyper apars?
5 KB 3.9 MB
Video: Using DLBL options in CA DYNAM/D to override the standard allocation od DASD datasets.
The general settings for CA Dynam/D DASD allocation is specified in the DDOPTIONS record in general and in the CA Dynam Catalog for specific datasets. It may sometimes be necessary to override the DASD allocation standards. This presentation will show how this is done trough special option codes in the DLBL statement for a dataset.
3 KB 6.3 MB
Video: Overriding the Standard CA Dynam/D processing trough DLBL option codes. Generation dataset handling and automatic delete of datasets at close.
Using special ca Dynam/D codes in the DLBL statement, standard processing of generation (version) datasets and also the automatic delete of datasets at close may be overridden at execution time . This video illustrates the benefits of these options.
4 KB 6.1 MB
Video: How to extract sample install JCL
CA provides sample install JCL that can be extracted from a physical tape or an EDS FILE.
Customers can either install into a temporary library and temporary history file or straight into production.
2 KB 2.9 MB
Video: How to set up and maintain the CA Dynam/D system wide options.
This video will explain the setup and maintenance of the system wide options for CA Dynam/D for z/VSE using the batch method and the DDOPTIONS.
It will also show how these options can be maintained trough the online CUI interface. Some guidance and best practices will also be described.
3 KB 10.1 MB
Video: Video describing CA DYNAM/D Disk pools. Samples to describe what they are, how they are created and how are they used.
Video will explain the CA DYNAM/D disk pools. What are Disk pools, how are they created and used.
3 KB 5.9 MB
Video: How to activate CA DYNAM/D disk space allocation by modifying z/VSE JCL.
This video will explain the steps to start implementing CA Dynam/D for dynamic disk space allocation.
2 KB 6.9 MB
Video: How to move the contents of my current CA DYNAM/D pool onto new disks?
My current disks are old, and I have bought new disks. What is the easiest way to move my datasets onto the new disks?
2 KB 2.6 MB
Video: Using the Dynam/D Pool management system to simplify moving of files to new disks.
The customer would like to replace existing volumes in the pool with new DASD. There are catalog controlled versions on the current volumes. Is there a method that will allow the current versions to be read from the old volumes and then write the new versions to the new DADS?
Note: The following procedure assumes that the old and new DASD are the same device type.
4 KB 11.4 MB
Video: How may I create or update a CA Dynam Common DASD Pool or "COMPOOL" record?
The CA Dynam Common COMPOOL record may be created and maintained in batch or online. Screen CAYD-1440 online and the batch program CACCDBU0 may be used to maintain the CA Dynam Common DASD Pool, or COMPOOL record.
3 KB 10.0 MB