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CA Directory 12.0.16
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Last Updated: August 31, 2015

Please note that the 12.0.16 documentation is found online at:

CA Directory 12.0.16 is the last release that will support 32-bit platforms.

Build # 11032 12.0.16
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Fixes in CA Directory 12.0.16

Support Ticket # Engineering Ticket # Affected Component Problem Summary
00131493 162341 DXmanager CA Directory r12.0 SP16 now ships with Tomcat 6.0.44 which addresses tomcat vulnerabilities.
161759 DXserver Upgraded embedded CAPKI to version 5.0.2. This version of CAPKI includes support for TLSv1.2.
161864 DXserver The csv2ldif tool now supports templates to generate LDIF that work with dxmodify/ldapmodify.
00131945 161189 DXserver Added a mechanism to suppress parser warning messages in dxdumpdb utility.
00089140 158823 DXserver Addressed the issue where dxdisp utility produced Segmentation Fault when a router DSA had "set multi-write-disp-recovery = true;" configured.
00066470 151988 DXserver Addressed the issue where an attempt to add a new value to a multi-valued binary attribute sometimes resulted in overwriting of an existing attribute value.
00127786 160413 DXserver Binds performed under the "concurrent-bind-user" no longer leak memory.
00078885 155815 DXserver Dxtools fails when dsaname contains dot or dash.
00099275 156817 DXserver The new command "set ignore-null-value-attrs = true;" will enable the DSA to ignore null attribute values received via add or modify requests, if null values are not supported by the underlying syntax (as per RFC-4517). This is to provide compatibility with applications built on Sun/Oracle directory servers that rely on this feature.
00083524 155760 DXserver The format of the Netscape Password Policy expiring/expired LDAP controls now conforms to The new command "set password-netscape-legacy-mode = true;" will re-instate the previous format if applications have been built assuming this incorrect format.