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CA Directory 12.0.17
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Last Updated: December 16, 2015

Please note that the 12.0.17 documentation is found online at:

CA Directory 12.0.17 does not support 32-bit platforms.

Build # 11556 12.0.17
  Directory Server
Directory Management
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Fixes in CA Directory 12.0.17

Support Ticket # Engineering Ticket # Affected Component Problem Summary
  165558 SCIM server Performed necessary work for SCIM Server to be release as GA. The SCIM server comes in two parts: a backend DSA and a frontend webserver.
The DSA can be installed from a machine with dxserver by going to $DXHOME/samples/scim and running
The webserver can be configured from a machine with dxwebserver by going to $DXWEBHOME/webapps/ca and running SCIM server performance has been improved.
  US46798 DXagent Simplified deployment of DXagent DXagent can now be deployed by using the and shell scripts in $DXHOME/dxagent
00123991 159565 DXServer An issue has been addressed where the DSA may become unresponsive when computing STATS information.
00211047 166529 DXServer & DXmanager Addresses errors returned by script in CA Directory and CA Directory Management DVDs.
00225155 167767 DXmanager The CA Directory Management (DXmanager) package now installs on Windows when using the Java 8 JRE. This also fixes an issue introduced in 12.0.16 preventing the DXwebserver service from starting on a fresh install.
00174452 166127 DXServer Password policy is now enforced on a data DSA when performing password compares/updates via a 'concurrent-bind-user' that has roles configured.
00232506 168578 DXServer A router DSA no longer crashes when it receives a bind request under a 'concurrent-bind-user' connection and the bind is abandoned before it completes.
  168069 JXweb Add support to JXweb for URL rewriting by removing use of absolute paths and client side redirects.
CES 80679 160194 DXServer The dynamic group configuration now supports a new item 'exclude-member-attr' to prevent a configured list of members from appearing in dynamic group expansion, membership lookup searches and role lookups, even if the configured member matches the ldapURL search criterion. This is enabled using the following dynamic group definition and members can be excluding by adding dxExcludeMember = <DN list> to the dynamic group entry.
clear dynamic-groups;
set dynamic-group groups = %7B
subtree = <c au><ou groups>
object-class = dxDynamicGroupOfNames
url-attr = dxMemberURL
member-attr = member
exclude-member-attr = dxExcludeMember
00200394 165533 DXServer Schema checking of the following password policy attributes now enforces "single-valued" to prevent ambiguity their use:
* dxPwdLocked
* dxPwdIgnoreExpired
* dxPwdIgnoreSuspended Please ensure that existing processes that update these attributes remove the previous value before applying the new one.
  148834 DXServer Added support for LDAP Password Modify extended operation (RFC 3062). To assist with verificaton, the LDUA client supports this extended operation via the new command "modify-passwd-req".
00146389 161856 DXServer A CA Directory password policy issue has been resolved, where a binding LDAP client disconnecting before receiving a bind response may cause the DSA to halt.
  164351 DXServer A CA Directory upgrade issue has been resolved on 32-bit UNIX platforms when upgrading from 12.0.15.
  156540 DXServer When SSL is enabled the version in use is included in logs when possible.
00212145 166606 DXServer Increased max DN size to 10240 characters. Fixed a buffer overflow bug in dxdumpdb.