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TEC394548 How to move the SD Library to another location? 01/28/15
TEC424335 Controlling the content of a catalog based on the Active Directory (AD) Organisational Unit (OU) of a Computer or User Profile 01/19/15
TEC424223 Grouping User Profiles based on Active Directory Integration and Synchronisation 01/19/15
TEC405080 Grouping your computers based on Active Directory Integration and Synchronisation 01/19/15
TEC410683 List of Current Desktop and Server Management (DSM), and Desktop Management Suite (DMS) Build numbers 07/21/14
TEC440381 Computer Identification in DSM r11.x Environment 03/18/14
TEC464930 Is it Supported to install an Operating System Installation Management (OSIM) Boot Server on a Windows Domain Controller? 02/24/14
TEC498813 Is it possible to install a rpm package using the DSM Agent Software Delivery plugin avoiding the Installer/rpm dependency checking? 06/04/13
TEC495331 What to do when you get "No MDB Connection" message while installing DSM Manager connecting to the remote MDB machine. 05/22/13
TEC494999 Create a query to check configuration policy parameter value settings applied on how many agents?  03/22/13
TEC448038 Registering a Domain Manager to the Enterprise Server fails with an error [CMM209411] in a NAT environment. 02/26/13
TEC420826 Modify the Default Password for User ca_itrm When Microsoft SQL Server 2005 is Used on Windows 02/26/13
TEC435080 Errors "Error SME_APP_DEFINED_0B Application defined error code (11/0B) [CMM208955]" and "Error connecting to database [CMM000025]" 02/18/13
TEC402117 How to change the text displayed by the Common Application Framework (CAF) in the command line and in CAF dialog boxes? 01/17/13
TEC406015 Clarification on multiple Boot servers in a subnet 01/14/13
TEC501758 How to prevent unauthorized Remote Control (RC) sessions because of delay in policy deployments? 12/12/12
TEC492833 Moving the Operating System Installation Management (OSIM) image store location. 12/12/12
TEC480851 How to trust the CA remote control video driver for installation on Vista computers so it can be deployed silently 12/12/12
TEC480587 Automatically shutting down PC after SD deliveries 12/12/12
TEC470408 I can see the deployed packages installed on Agents, but the Job Status does not get updated in the DSM-Explorer. How can I get the Status updated faster? 12/12/12
TEC462279 Export and Import Software Packages, Boot Images and OS Images. 12/12/12
TEC405649 Testing Connectivity to the ACME server for signature and content updates 12/12/12
TEC498818 How to enable/disable the DSM Explorer (EGC30) traces? 12/11/12
TEC495332 What to do when DSM install fails using the Installation Wizard on Windows systems? 12/11/12
TEC495019 While trying to launch DSM explorer receive below error message, SME_TIMEOUTEXPIRED The specified Operation has expired. The timeout is usually a client supplied value. [CMM208908] 12/11/12
TEC495008 How to uninstall CCS if it remains installed after DSM is uninstalled?  12/11/12
TEC494525 The Replication task on the Domain Manager may have an Error status. 12/11/12
TEC425430 Configuration Policy to hide the System tray applet from users 12/11/12
TEC499934 How to enable the dmprimer traces and where are they created? 12/10/12
TEC416462 Integrating an Open LDAP server via the Unicenter Desktop and Server Management (DSM) directory integration 09/01/12
TEC398152 r11 Agent and infrastructure Interactive Deployment 08/29/12
FAQ314784 Why does my 3D application/DVD Player display as a black window on the URC Viewer? 07/14/09
TEC477616 Internal Error 2753 ciComStoredll.70CD47A2_1E62_4A37_81E0_8C97A96F1442, when uninstalling the agent manually on Windows XP SP 3.  12/20/08
TEC472590 How can i add additional details from the registry to the computer inventory? 10/18/08
TEC471938 "Unable to validate server" error in SystemEngine log 10/09/08
FAQ394764 I notice that within the <install dir>asmlibraryoutput folder there is an extremely large number of sub-folders and files; what are they and can they be removed? 10/09/08
TEC470459 I want to setup the package library on a different drive when deploying a Scalability Server from the Deployment Wizard. How can I define it? 09/17/08
TEC468723 Why during a SD jobcheck the "software detection records" are not sent to DSM manager? 08/16/08
TEC467064 DSM Agent installation using the deployment wizard fails on Linux machines with the error: "Bad Credentials(SSH)" 07/20/08
TEC465521 How do I uninstall the agents manually? 06/26/08
TEC464928 Command line installation of CMS or DMS Agents over the network using an Administrative Installation Point. 06/15/08
TEC463918 Wake On Lan (WOL) into a subnet remote to the Scalability Server being used as a Boot Server fails to start an OS deployment if no target PC of this subnet is so far registered with that Scalability Server. 05/30/08
TEC463914 Restrictions on changing the name or Fully Qualified Domain Name (FQDN) of a Domain or Enterprise server 05/30/08
TEC463596 What is the best way to upgrade my CMS/DSM/DMS installation? 05/23/08
TEC463520 Can the software metering information be replicated from the Domain Manager to the Enterprise. 05/22/08
TEC449208 Enabling support for DSM and non-default (East Asian) language based agents. 03/30/08
TEC449207 Violation of PRIMARY KEY constraint 'XPKca_language'. Cannot insert duplicate key in object 'ca_language'. 03/30/08
TEC413106 Why sometimes the Drive C is not automatically converted in NTFS after installation of Ghost image on a PXE 02/06/08
FAQ407331 What is the equivalent in R11 for running an agent with /collect? 01/26/08
TEC440553 Forcing the Client Management Solutions (CMS) Web Admin Console to display a specified language independent of the settings in the Internet Browser 01/10/08
TEC412858 How do you removed an installed product from the installation history of an agent without Deleting the software from the Library? 01/10/08
TEC407332 How to create a basic (batch) Package 01/10/08
TEC406813 Software Suites and Signature Lists in DSM r11.x 01/10/08
TEC438571 How to prevent the agent from running for each logged in user or whenever the users log in? 12/21/07
TEC407142 Migrating Legacy USD, UAM and URC Data to DSM R11 12/14/07
TEC441127 After applying Win2003 SP2 to the OS of a Scalability Server (DM or SS), Software Delivery jobs remain in an Active state with "Job Execution Postponed by user at the agent. Job is rescheduled until the next time the agent connects 'SDM228487'". 12/01/07
TEC440530 The Default Software Contents Download task fails with the error "RC:4, Client timed out" 11/21/07
TEC421113 Corrected instructions for creating a WinPE ISO image for use with OS Installation Management. 11/17/07
TEC437390 There are no objects under All Definitions, Categories and Manufacturers under Software and the Software Contents Download Job is failing. 11/04/07
TEC436783 How to recreate the boot server CCSM xml files when they have corrupted. 10/27/07
TEC434407 Installing CA Desktop and Server Management (DSM) where the MDB will be on a remote SQL Cluster 09/28/07
TEC401608 Configuring the Backup Agent to run without prompting the users. 09/01/07
TEC407128 Creating a Package to run Applyptf 08/01/07
TEC401299 How to Move a Domain from one Enterprise to another? 07/22/07
TEC401138 How to Centralize Security in URC r11 07/21/07
TEC401105 How Authentication Works in r11 for Centrally and Locally Managed Configurations. 07/21/07
TEC426489 Using DMSweep 06/13/07
TEC426475 How can a query be constructed to return all agents existing in a specific IP range? 06/13/07
TEC426382 Zones support for Solaris 06/10/07
TEC426115 How to manually create an entry on the domain for a PXE machine that has not registered itself yet or how to preregister a PXE machine. 06/10/07
TEC426214 I cannot see the DSM agent deployment packages in the Staging Library on the Scalability Servers 06/09/07
TEC426102 How to cancel a Software Delivery job that is schedule for a later date? 06/08/07
TEC426063 When installing R11.2 with Common Services how does it handle having existing versions of NSM components already installed on the server? 06/08/07
TEC426062 When running a Purge and Archive Software Job you get the following error: Distribution Status Error: Order no:1 and the following orders could not be executed. Reason: Purge Operation not allowed, as a Job Order for this item is outstanding. [A301932] 06/08/07
TEC425592 Why does a software package, created with the Software Delivery packager, not get added to the Windows 'Add/Remove Programs' on the target windows machine after the package has been deployed. 06/01/07
TEC425358 Uninstalling Desktop and Server Management components silently from the command line 05/26/07
TEC385154 Decoding the Date and Time Fields in the SQL Database Tables 05/24/07
FAQ394668 Can I use Unified Login to establish a connection via Unicenter Remote Control Viewer or the Desktop & Server Management Explorer to a remote host with all security providers 04/21/07
FAQ394033 How can I turn up tracing in DSM R11 to 'Detail' level (the highest)? 04/14/07
FAQ393774 Why doesn't the DSM installer prerequisites detect the SQL Server 2005 Driver for JDBC, whereas it does detect the SP4 JDBC driver for SQL 2000? 04/13/07
TEC419921 Registering an MSI Install procedure via the command line 04/04/07
TEC420522 Changing the location where the log files are written 03/25/07
TEC392433 A Query is required to list all Computers that have run the Agent in the Last x days 03/24/07
FAQ392736 When jobcheck runs, the targetname in the dialogue is missing it only has a. Is this an error? 03/21/07
TEC419877 Disabling the Desktop and Server Management (DSM) crash handler to allow the creation of Dr. Watson logs and crash dump files 03/17/07
TEC419779 The Remote Control Agent Status remains "Listening" when the Agent is switched off 03/16/07
TEC419672 Restoring the CA supplied certificates 03/15/07
TEC419457 Deploying a Job Container with multiple procedures, some of which are configured as offline and some are online 03/11/07
TEC416552 Use of the Microsoft Office 2003 Local Installation Source whilst deploying Office 2003 via Software Delivery. 03/04/07
TEC413100 Why installation of a Ghost image on a PXE machine overwrites the disk paritition definition 12/16/06
TEC411553 ERROR: "updating source list using library." with a failed status but the SDO job sent to the Agent installs fine! 11/22/06
TEC411552 How can the Scalability Server name be changed in the Agent if CAF 'setserveraddress' is not working? 11/22/06
TEC407120 Upgrading existing Windows Agents via infrastructure deployment 10/12/06
TEC405941 The Agent installed as part of the Operating System Installation Management (OSIM) install of a target computer 10/12/06
TEC407409 Global Address Book Not Populating 10/04/06
TEC407273 How to Avoid an unexpected reboot of your Agent when you have deployed a package and specified that the user should be logged off. 10/01/06
TEC406852 Using a Microsoft Operating System (OS) image registered in the software library to upgrade an existing agent's OS 09/29/06
TEC406329 Using Active Directory Integration to define Remote Control Permissions for a Global Address Book Group. 09/20/06
TEC398153 r11 and Wake-on-LAN Configuration and Implementation 09/02/06
TEC404961 Bringing the 'canonprv' user account back under the control of Operating Sytstem Installation Management (OSIM) after it has been manually modified. 09/01/06
FAQ401686 How to create Unicenter Service Desk tickets using the integration with Unicenter Desktop and Server Management in the context of the logged on user? 07/22/06
FAQ395214 What is the Default Network Operation System (NOS) for a DSM installation? 05/13/06
FAQ395438 Export to ODBC does not work for my scheduled reports, whereas it works for GUI reports, why is this? 04/30/06
FAQ394032 Whenever I try to migrate data from my USD 4.0 server to my R11 server, the migration fails with 'failed to initialize library' or other error. Why is this happening? 04/13/06
FAQ393846 When adding a computer manually to the DSM Explorer there are three required fields. Hostname, Operating System are ok, but specifically what is meant by the term "Network Address", is it MAC Address, IP Address, Hostname, etc‚? 04/09/06