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Video: CA Deliver r11.5 Email Notification.
This video details the basic settings and requirements, in CA Deliver 11.5, to enable the functionality of email notification.
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VIDEO: CA Deliver 11.5 Key Features
This video gives a brief overview of the new Report ID via Writer/Form, Scheduled Distribution, and Dataset Collector features in CA Deliver 11.5.
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VIDEO: CA's Enterprise Report Management (ERM) Encryption r11.6
This video presents an overview of the report encryption processes for the r11.6 releases of CA View, CA Deliver, CA Spool, CA Dispatch, and CA Bundl.
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Video: Using RMOGRW with RMODBB to update CA Deliver Database fields.
This video gives an overview of using RMOGRW with RMODBB to update CA Deliver database fields.
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