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CA Database Command Center
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TEC538486 The compatibility matrix states "*must use 32-bit libs" 04/26/13
TEC495444 Is there a way to set the scan configuration settings to multiple agents without having to manually set them individually? 04/26/13
TEC486261 Unicenter NSM 3.1 Agent and the UDCC 11.2 OS Agent together on the Solaris machine. 04/26/13
TEC473018 Port configuration for CA Insight Database Performance Monitor/CA Database Command Center. 04/26/13
TEC470848 Copying CA Database Command Center and/or agents (Insight, Fast Unload, TSreorg), images to install on another machine. 04/26/13
TEC470817 Where does the license file (ca.olf) belong? 04/26/13
TEC470770 Using OS authentication to browse a Microsoft SQL Server database. 04/26/13
TEC467987 Why is there no option to choose the CA Insight Proxy Agent during installation on a Windows 64-bit operating system? 04/26/13
TEC447550 Why is the option to install a proxy agent greyed out for CA Database Command Center installation menu? What determines if a proxy agent can be installed? 04/26/13
TEC440415 Why am I not able to download CA Insight for Distributed Databases even though I currently have Unicenter Network and Systems Management Database Performance Monitor Option? 04/26/13
TEC430057 Why is there a "?" (question mark) for the Status for Insight knowledge agent on the Overview page? 04/26/13
TEC429716 Why can't I see the new Insight knowledge agent I just created on the Insight Overview page? 04/26/13
TEC424723 Why do I get the error message: "Warning: The portal server Insight license is not valid. License is expired or not installed" ?This happens when I click on the Knowledge Agent Configuration link located on the console. 04/26/13
TEC547222 Does turning an alarm to off automatically turn the associated Scan Type/Group off as well? 04/25/13
TEC547129 Is there a way to stop alerts to the CA Network and Systems Management (NSM) Event Manager? 04/25/13
TEC547128 Why am I receiving the error "Arithmetic overflow error converting into data type numeric". 04/25/13
TEC529680 The time zone is not showing up correctly in the performance summary page of the Database Command Center (UDCC). 04/25/13
TEC529515 When configuring the SSO (Single Sign On) credentials in the Database Command Center an error displays incorrectly in UDCC: Warning: The connection test failed. The username and password are not valid. 04/25/13
TEC508067 How is the (SSO - Single Sign-On) password stored and used by Insight to connect to a remote database? What security measures (encryption) are used? 04/25/13
TEC507307 Error message when creating the SQL Server MDB database: ERROR 18456 Severity 14 State 16 Login failed for user SA. 04/25/13
TEC506512 Can CA Insight for Distributed Databases monitor IMS database and DB2 on z/OS? 04/25/13
TEC506011 An error occurred while processing this request. Script: browser.uoraagent. 04/25/13
TEC495831 Receive this error: ./INSTALL.SH[938]: I18PRNTF: 0403-006 Execute permission denied. 04/25/13
TEC474503 Can I use Remote Desktop (mstsc) to install CA Database Command Center/CA Insight Database Performance Monitor? 04/25/13
TEC470820 Proxy Agents and Event Manager 04/25/13
TEC430069 Why do I receive an ODBC connection failure (SQLSTATE=S1000, Native Error=12514) when trying to add a server in the CA Database Command Center portal? 04/25/13
TEC424725 UDCC r11.2 Upgrade Considerations 04/25/13
TEC444344 Why is the database/instance that I just created not listed under Database Information on the Main Content Page for Performance Summary? 04/24/13
TEC424801 I get the error "Installshield ... Error -5009" when attempting to install CA Database Command Center. Why? 04/23/13
TEC414615 Can the Management Database (MDB) repository be installed into my existing Ingres database running on my UNIX machine? 04/23/13
TEC581945 A new Insight SQL Server agent is not showing up in Wily Investigator 04/22/13
TEC576069 Configuration of an agent fails with uv_mdb_extract ora-orcl@zeus Command failed with code=9009 04/22/13
TEC538499 Receive errors: "Error calling SDAScanIndexType for scan index" and "cannot map the library" 04/22/13
TEC500551 Why am I receiving this license error when I login to the CA Database Command enter: - License Failure. Please run the appropriate license program to properly license your product. 04/22/13
TEC498585 UINS073 Error: Failed to install "Enterprise Communicator (PEC)". 04/22/13
TEC498584 Error: "This application has failed to start because utils.dll was not found". 04/22/13
TEC498583 Received an alarm (trap) in DCC/Insight but not in NSM. 04/22/13
TEC498582 Receive a message: "MDB Conversion required" when trying to install UDCC and Insight for Distributed Databases. 04/22/13
TEC498580 Command failed with code=-1: "C:Program FilesCAUnicenter DCCpluginsiddcfgreftmp_extr_uvsymnt.cmd". 04/22/13
TEC497203 Type 1 alarms in Alarms tab of Insight cannot be acknowledged. The select fields are greyed out. 04/22/13
TEC495830 Is there a way to view the backup status of a database in UDCC (Database Command Center)? 04/22/13
TEC494422 r11.2.4 sp1 Upgrade Considerations and Best Practices 04/22/13
TEC482921 When I bring up Unicenter Database Command Center, I receive a Page Not Found error. 04/22/13
TEC482919 Why do I see the error "Document not found and is no longer available" on the Unicenter Management Portal after upgrading to CA Database Management 11.2.4? 04/22/13
TEC482476 Why do I keep getting an alarm for ServiceDown on my Windows Insight Knowledge Agents? Is there a way to disable the alarm? 04/22/13
TEC478692 The UDCC portal Knowledge content is missing for Insight after I mistakenly entered today's date as the expiration date. 04/22/13
TEC473047 Receive error "Failed to connect to MDB...." when trying to install CA Database Command Center and choosing Oracle as MDB. My Oracle version is 9i. Why am I receiving this error? 04/22/13
TEC473045 No "udcc" portal user after installing CA Database Command Center (UDCC) 04/22/13
TEC473043 What kind of database software do I need to install on the portal machine in order to monitor databases through CA Insight? 04/22/13
TEC473042 Why CA Database Command Center is not able to discover my DB2 server? 04/22/13
TEC461386 Why do I get the error message "Invalid username or password" when logging into CA Database Command Center? I am using the user "udcc" which was just created on installation. 04/22/13
TEC450149 Can CA Database Command Center use an existing Microsoft SQL Server Management Database (MDB)? 04/22/13
TEC450147 Can Unicenter Database Command Center be installed with an existing installation of Unicenter Managment Portal r11 SP2? 04/22/13
TEC447549 I installed a proxy agent on CA Database Command Center to integrate with Unicenter Network and Systems Management (NSM) Event Manager. Why am I receiving Desktop Management Server (DSM) errors on the NSM server? 04/22/13
TEC440417 I installed the Managed Database (MDB) for CA Database Command Center over a network. Now I?m getting: Cannot connect to the database user mdbadmin. User was not successfully created!: ORA-00959:tablespace 'MDB_DATA' does not exist. 04/22/13
TEC440416 Why do I receive the error "The specified SQLServer Service account is invalid.....Error creating DB login: 15116" for choosing SQL Server for Management Database (MDB) when installing CA Database Command Center? 04/22/13
TEC436168 Can I use Unicenter Network and Systems Manager as the Event Manager for Insight 11.2 (on a different machine)? 04/22/13
TEC432322 CA Insight for Distributed Databases r11.2 MS Cluster Support. 04/22/13
TEC581946 Get error "HTTP Status 404" when trying to view the main DCC Insight Portal page. 04/18/13
TEC578368 Can I configure an alarm for MYSQL and send the alarm to NSM using the Proxy Agent? 04/18/13
TEC568914 After log in to dcc console within 2-3 mins "[DBM_ERROR_ODBC_CONNECT_FAILED] ODBC Connection failed, SQLSTATE=08001, Native Error=17: [Microsoft][ODBC SQL Server Driver][DBMSLPCN]SQL Server does not exists or access denied." message is displaying. 04/18/13
TEC556096 Receive this error on the DCC Portal: 'Warning: You must first select an agent' 04/18/13
TEC556056 SQL Statement Questions 04/18/13
TEC550252 Why include the Oracle 11g 64bit library files in the library PATH on UNIX if Insight is a 32bit compiled application? 04/18/13
TEC548635 Reload on the configuration from the MDB fails 04/18/13
TEC547223 I am unable to start CA Database Command Center because the Windows Service CA CleverPath Portal service does not stay started. 04/18/13
TEC545405 How to assign the selected Insight knowledge agents to a created portal user? 04/18/13
TEC544393 How to make Insight Knowledge Agent auto-started after system reboot? 04/18/13
TEC537914 How do I stop the udpm Event messages? They are taking up space and giving false dbprocdown alarms. 04/18/13
TEC537503 Insight install fails on Linux with error: I18PRNTF: not found [No such file or directory] 04/18/13
TEC531690 How is Insight knowledge agent integrated into NSM Management Command Center? 04/18/13
TEC529513 Questions about upgrading from r11.2.4 SP1 to r11.4.0 04/18/13
TEC529512 When running setup.exe to install the Insight component, this message displays: "An error %7B-5009 : 0x8002802b%7D has occurred while running the setup." 04/18/13
TEC521859 Backup & Restore Considerations for Insight DPM Application on Windows. 04/18/13
TEC508108 Where is documentation for SQL, Oracle, Sybase and DB2 Insight Agents? 04/18/13
TEC508071 Questions on UDCC 11.2.4 integration with CA NSM, Unicenter Management Portal 11.1, and MDB upgrade. 04/18/13
TEC506524 Is there an internal procedure to change the hostname that doesn't impact the UDCC application? 04/18/13
TEC505825 After installing CA Database Command Center, the login page displays the product as Database Command Center (instead of CleverPath Portal). 04/18/13
TEC500591 "Windows service existence check failed -- CleverPath Portal Service did not install!..." install_udcc.log: ProductException: (error code = 601; message="Windows service existence check failed"). 04/18/13
TEC500552 Information on configuring scan groups and genlimit alarms. 04/18/13
TEC576030 Is CA Database Command Center Portal r11.5.0 (CA DCC) supported on Windows 64 bit operating system? 08/12/12
TEC576536 DCC Install Issues 04/25/12
TEC576047 "Error 102: [PERF-1013] Cannot fetch the configuration data from the repository" attempting to configure a Knowledge Agent. 04/18/12
TEC537613 When trying to perform a TSREORG via command line using tsline, I get error 3140 and 3192. 11/26/10
TEC485427 After integrating UDCC 11.2.4 with NSM 11.2 Management Portal, logging on to the portal UDCC workplace as user "udcc" returns error: HTTP Status 404 04/02/09