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CA ControlMinder (formerly CA Access Control)
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Video: Demonstration of Installing CABI shipped along with CA Access Control R12.5 SP5
Installation of CABI (CA BusinessObjects Enterprise XI) shipped along with AC R12.5 SP5 is demonstrated in this video.
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Video: Installing Access Control R12.5 SP5 on Windows 2003 Server
The video shows how to install CA Access Control R12.5 SP5 on a Windows 2003 Server and using MS SQL 2005 as the RDBMS. In this video the installation is performed using the default options and default locations. The Implementation Guide covers the server preparation in detail.
4 KB 6.3 MB
Video: How to create a Privileged User Password Management Endpoint and configure it's Privileged Accounts
This video demonstrates how to create a PUPM Endpoint and perform an account discovery against this new endpoint.
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VIDEO: Managing User Roles in Access Control Enterprise Management
This video demonstrates how to modify roles within Access Control Enterprise Management.
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For additional ControlMinder videos, visit our CA IdentityMinder and CA GovernanceMinder section under our CA Education videos in Youtube.