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CA Capacity Manager
Solution & Patches

Name Type Size Date Released Description Prerequisites Zip 2 KB 09/06/13 On systems with large numbers of servers, Capacity Manager could take a long time to start while it was processing the data. A database view has been optimized to correct the problem, and Capacity Manager now starts dramatically faster. Click link to view the fix readme. CA Capacity Manager 5.2 and 5.1.x Required before applying this hotfix.
CM514Setup Exe 237.0 MB 01/02/13 Although this is considered a patch update, the code includes the full installation for Capacity Manager 5.1.4. Click here to view the Release Notes. To install, make sure you have the prerequisites installed, then download and then run the executable. CM 5.1.2 or CM 5.1.3 or no install of CM. Win 7 OS, either 32 or 64 bit.
CM513 Update Exe 237.0 MB 03/28/12 Patch Update 5.1.3 for Capacity Manager 5.1.2 - Click here to view the Release Notes. CM 5.1.2
CM511 Update Zip 3.9 MB 11/14/11 Patch Update 5.1.1 for Capacity Manager 5.1 CM 5.1