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CA Automation Point
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Doc ID# Implementation Technical Support Documentation Last Revision
TEC585940 AXC1371E Unable to initialize SSH component (-231). CA AP will not function properly. 02/04/13
TEC574064 I Can't Check Ap Desktop Show 01/09/13
TEC568262 Automation Point Remote Viewer install fails with Procutiul::StopServices -> Function = 'OpenSCManager' Failed with error code='5' 01/09/13
TEC563059 Does Automation Point have any known issues with the new Z114 processor? 01/09/13
TEC547942 CA-AP NM GATEWAY SERVER won't start 01/09/13
TEC539511 At Automation Point r11.3 I'm missing the APVIEWPKG. 01/09/13
TEC539468 In our AP MSG window we are getting a error about our licensing that states that 2unB and 2un4 are not installed, why is this? 01/09/13
TEC535487 Is there a way to change the background color and/or font in CA Automation Point Desktop windows? 01/09/13
TEC530780 What is the maximum amount of 3270 and 5250 session we can connect to under Automation Point 11.3? 01/09/13
TEC524928 Is there a way to trigger a REXX program at Automation Point startup? 01/09/13
TEC513166 I am using WCTP for paging through Automation Point Notification Manager. When I send a page, I use a command to wait for a status. I only receive a QUEUE status only and the page is never sent. 01/09/13
TEC512619 Why do I get "Error 1935. An error occurred during the installation of assembly...." when trying to install CA Automation Point? 01/09/13
TEC510420 Does Automation Point currently have TN5250 support to connect to AS/400 systems? 01/09/13
TEC510419 Does Automaton Point support Microsoft SQL 2008? 01/09/13
TEC510411 During creation of the NM Database we receive an error 121 or 123. 01/09/13
TEC502236 Does CA Automation Point support Microsoft SQL Express as a MDB with Notification Manager? 01/09/13
TEC497630 Does CA Automation Point use port 444 for Simple Network Paging Protocol (SNPP)? 01/09/13
TEC483761 What is the command to setup REXX so that it will start Unicenter Remote Services when the CCI connection between Automation Point and OPS is broken? 01/09/13
TEC483760 Why do I see the following message in my Automation Point AP Msg Recall Window: 11.07.03 AXC0542E Unicenter host = not responding? 01/09/13
TEC483754 Do I need to install any Microsoft SQL database software on my Automation Point machine if the notification manager database is on a remote machine? 01/09/13
TEC483752 Why am I seeing return codes from Notification Manager like 403 and 503 when doing a 2 way notification? 01/09/13
TEC482375 How do you set up a TN3270 session for Automation Point? 01/09/13
TEC449201 Is there any way to install and/or configure CA Automation Point (AP) remotely or do I have to physically use the local machine? 01/09/13
TEC267699 What Platforms Can Automation Point Connect To? 11/22/08
TEC449482 Not able to modify user in Notification Database 04/03/08
TEC449203 Does Unicenter Automation Point require any modifications or customization of the master database, the MSDB and/or objects within these databases? 03/30/08
TEC424301 Integrating Unicenter Service Desk with Unicenter Automation Point 05/12/07
TEC419000 Console Automation Recovery and the Defer Host Disconnect (DHD) Option 03/07/07
TEC398701 Heartbeat Checking and Unicenter Automation Point 06/08/06
TEC389600 How to Set Console Parameters on the Mainframe to Allow Unicenter Automation Point to Request the Terminal Type. 02/19/06
TEC387078 Configuring Two-way Paging in Unicenter Automation Point To Use Proxy Servers 01/14/06
TEC375905 Object REXX and APCMOS 08/21/05