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CA Asset Portfolio Management Utilities
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UAPM r11.3
Utilities & Tools Version Documentation Comments
Post Migration Utility Post Migration Utility Readme.doc; Readme.html The Post Migration Utility reduces the effort and centralizes the post migration steps into a single utility for the migration from Argis 7.x/8.x to UAPM r11.3.
Integration Services Restart Utility Integration Services Restart Utility Readme.html The Integration Services Restart Utility reads an Integration Services log file, presents a list of jobs that can be restarted and any error messages associated with the failure, and to restart any jobs
APM Import Tool APM Import Tool.pdf
APM Import Tool Sample Map
The APM Import Tool simplifies the data mapping and data import process by providing many of the common and basic data import requirements. The tool enables you to precisely map data fields from a flat file to data fields in your Unicenter Asset Portfolio Management repository. The APM Import Tool leverages the existing Unicenter Asset Portfolio Management (Unicenter APM) application program interface (API) to ensure the proper database updates.
ITAM r12.0
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