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CA Asset Portfolio Management
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TEC463032 Implementing URL Attachments 05/15/08
TEC462966 How To Implement Attachments In a Secure Environment. 05/14/08
N/A Scalability Guidelines
TEC542314 CA Asset Portfolio Management (CA APM) WCF Service 10/18/14
TEC599672 ITAM Data Importer and Multi Language Characters within SQL Server database 09/27/13
TEC532471 Deleting asset data from the shared MDB that is integrated with UAPMUSDCMDB. 07/17/13
TEC588048 Extended fields only on Glogal Configurations in CA Asset Portfolio Management 03/08/13
TEC587731 Unicenter Asset Portfolio Management 11.3.4 Wizard error when using Siteminder 03/05/13
TEC587413 After login into APM, getting errors on page. Images are not displayed. 02/28/13
TEC583044 Managing Software Assets in ITAM and SDM (Best Practices) 01/30/13
TEC582822 Running a hardware reconciliation in APM 12.6 throws a FATAL ITAMHWRecEngine.log error - CA.Common.Utilities.Exceptions.SoapAuthenticationException: You are not authorized to access the application 01/30/13
TEC581906 UAPM 11.3.4 takes a considerable amount of time to expand and load the Internal Allocations node of a software asset 01/30/13
TEC581904 Operation is not valid due to the current state of the object 01/30/13
TEC581903 APM 12.6 Export Service fails to send emails. Client does not have permissions to send as this sender 01/30/13
TEC577252 Within Business Objects, the Model and Legal Document classes in the Allegheny universe appear hidden 01/30/13
TEC577245 Error appying patch:Microsoft (R) .NET Framework Installation utility Version 2.0.50727.4927Copyright (c) Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.Exception occurred while initializing the installation:System.ArgumentException: Invalid directory on URL. 01/30/13
TEC577184 Export report to CSV nothing happens. 01/30/13
TEC577183 A custom written web service program for APM 12.6 was working previously and now errors with: WebHost failed to process a request. The exception message is: Configuration in the server has changed please regenerate your wsdl and client classes. 01/30/13
TEC577182 The APM 12.6 DVD contains two BIAR files - Allegheny_r1_Reporting.BIAR and CA_ITAM_Reporting.BIAR. What is the difference? 01/30/13
TEC577009 How to improve Asset (Non-Software) save performance in Oracle environments through index monitoring. 01/30/13
TEC575406 This server already has a Central Configuration Controller (CCC) component installed from a previous installation and cannot be used for a new instance of APM. 01/30/13
TEC575134 APM 12.6 ITAM Data Import utility errors after login with dialog message Object reference not set to instance of an object 01/30/13
TEC573320 Why can't I select tenantids at boxi for reconciliation reports? 01/30/13
TEC567309 APM 12.6 Hardware reconciliation will not process without a hardware reconciliation task 01/30/13
TEC567308 How to determine the Business Objects Fix pack and Service pack installed 01/30/13
TEC567307 APM 12.6 CASM installation fails while installing on SQL server named instance and dynamic ports 01/30/13
TEC567306 Installing APM 12.6 with SQL server named instance and dynamic ports 01/30/13
TEC567048 APM 12.6 installation fails with error: ITAMBOSetup.bat was unexpected at this time 01/30/13
TEC478882 After installing UAPM 11.3.4 with the ADT interface and the Prerequisite patch, QO99416, I cannot reinstall the UAPM/ADT interface. I am receiving the error, "Incorrect UAPM Version (11.03.0401) - version must be exactly 11.03.0400 in order to install..." 01/30/13
TEC567554 SAP BusinessObjects Service Pack and Patch details 01/16/13
TEC585153 ITAM Data Importer and foreign language characters 01/15/13
TEC553132 How to upgrade an existing UAPM environment from 11.2.1 to 11.3.4. 01/08/13
TEC508637 How to change the UserID Assigned to an ArgisConnect Object so that the last updated user is showing the logged in user id instead of the default database user id used by the api (i.e. uapmadmin). 01/08/13
TEC501618 Skip a column or a particular record in the source file when using the ITAM Data Importer. 01/08/13
TEC497559 Installation of ADT Interface for UAPM fails with login error in uapmadtsetup.bat. Error during initialization, Login Failed. 01/08/13
TEC497551 Creating a text file that summarizes the ADT(UAPM) load scenario process (i.e. records read, records loaded, successful load, unsuccessful load, and reason for a failures. 01/08/13
TEC497549 "Cannot insert duplicate values" error when trying to update a UAPM object extended field via the UAPM ADT interface. 01/08/13
TEC497545 Cannot find iprun<date>.csv in the directory stated on the screen when running an ADT mapping using the UAPMADT interface. 01/08/13
TEC497477 ITAM Data Importer command line help. 01/07/13
TEC492113 What are the Primary and Secondary Lookup and checkboxes used for in the ITAM Data Importer? 01/07/13
TEC492112 Entering individual serial numbers for assets that have a quantity greater than one. 01/07/13
TEC492111 We are currently using Active Directory mixed mode for authentication, but will be switching to 2003 native mode. Has UAPM been tested using Active Directory native mode? 01/07/13
TEC492110 My security policy dictates periodic password changes on system accounts such as uapmadmin, uapmbatch, and uapmreporting. After these users have their passwords changed, where do the new passwords need to be specified to APM? 01/07/13
TEC492109 Oracle 'SYS' account alternative when building the MDB. 01/07/13
TEC492108 Is Tomcat required in the UAPM environment? 01/07/13
TEC492107 ITAM DATA Importer login with UAPM and SWCM. 01/07/13
TEC491735 Importing and Managing Software with both ITAM and CMDB 01/07/13
TEC485031 Asset assignment availability when using UAPM and Unicenter Service Management (Service Catalog) to fulfill a request for an asset. 01/07/13
TEC483298 Loading non CMS (UAM) discovery data into the MDB 01/07/13
TEC482962 Installation of UAPM ADT Interface Fails 01/07/13
TEC482959 Connecttest.exe fails with: Iwinapi.dll 429 ActiveX Component Can't create object. 01/07/13
TEC482752 UAPM Hardware Reconciliation - Rules for Adding Owned Assets 01/07/13
TEC482475 "3706 Provider cannot be found. It may not be properly installed" when trying to connect the Unicenter Asset Portfolio Management application to the Oracle 10g database. 01/07/13
TEC482378 Steps to install Unicenter Asset Portfolio Management 11.3.4 on a restored DSM mdb from another server. 01/07/13
TEC481156 'REGEDIT' is not recognized error when running a batch file 01/07/13
TEC479756 The created users for UAPM (uapmadmin, uapmbatch, and uapmreporting) are created with a default database of Master in SQL Server. Is this required? Can the default database be changed? 01/07/13
TEC479311 I have one machine with SQL Server 2005 installed (database server) and another machine with UAPM installed (application server) and I have the SQL Server client tools installed on the UAPM application server only is that a problem? 01/07/13
TEC479310 Unhandled Exception error when attempting to log into the UAPM side of the ITAM Data Importer 01/07/13
TEC479244 What is the DBScriptRunner.exe and why should it be run? 01/07/13
TEC479243 Why when I am applying some patches the readme does not require me to run cazipxp -u <patch#>.caz? 01/07/13
TEC478883 What is the Deployment Status field on the asset screen in UAPM? 01/07/13
TEC478880 UAPM 11.3.4 will not start. Instead of the home page, a page indicating that the certification test failed is received. The certification list indicates that the database level is incorrect. Level 11.3.400 was expected, but level 11.3.000 was found. 01/07/13
TEC478687 If an advanced search is defined for a test system, how can it be migrated to production without rebuilding it? 01/07/13
TEC478547 Can I restore the data backed up from Windows Server and then restore it from ARCserve Unix/ Linux Servers? 01/07/13
TEC478530 I would like to have an easy way to be able to set an extended field to inactive, but also to be able to reinstate it easily. 01/07/13
TEC478476 UAPM Performance in Windows 2003 Standard Edition versus Windows 2003 Enterprise Edition 01/07/13
TEC478270 Server Error in '/APM' Application - error when launching UAPM web application 01/07/13
TEC475947 What do the different authentication methods mean in Configurator, and which one should I choose? 01/07/13
TEC565424 Tenancy Management Page Cannot Be Displayed Browser Error 01/04/13
TEC563858 Click on Change Values from Advanced Search and get Unexpected Error has occurred. 01/04/13
TEC563520 Limiting searches for companies in APM to only those with a type of "External". 01/04/13
TEC563514 Launch APM 12.6 in context 01/04/13
TEC563189 Hide a Tab in APM 01/04/13
TEC562734 Changing the Asset Portfolio Management Installation to use another account other than 'SA' 01/04/13
TEC562723 UAPM integrated with Service Catalog 12.6 - receiving continual login credential prompt: Service Catalog credentials required. Please authenticate. (Valid credentials are not accepted). 01/04/13
TEC562624 UAPM 11.3.4, C12 integrated with Service Catalog 12.6 throws a SQL error on the al_purchase_order_item_view when accessing the order catalog items option 01/04/13
TEC561407 Unbound error when launching Asset details page after applying mdb_setup_sql1.4 01/04/13
TEC559513 Video: How to add a list value in APM 12.6 01/04/13
TEC559387 Import of BIAR file fails on APM 12.6. 01/04/13
TEC558021 UAPM Hardware Reconciliation will not add assets to the owned repository that have been added to CA Discovery tables through the ITCM Asset Collector 01/04/13
TEC557696 VIDEO: How to delete a class and subclass list value in Asset Portfolio management 12.6 01/04/13
TEC557574 Video: How to add a User in Asset Portfolio Management 12.6 01/04/13
TEC556617 (System.FormatException:Invalid length for a Base-64 char array, at CA.Common.Data.Connection>Database.Get Dastabase() at CA.Common.Web.UI.BasePage.SetTopLevelObjectAndPageJey_WithoutInjectedLogging3619502461923()) 01/04/13
TEC555122 APM 12.6 installation on Windows 2008 hangs at the database installation step 01/04/13
TEC554323 Discovered assets are not showing in the Discovered assets not matching owned report 01/04/13
TEC554322 Multiple entries for a field in ITAM Data Importer. 01/04/13
TEC552709 Filters and the Asset Portfolio Management API 01/04/13
TEC552452 I am getting the following error when running the oracle patchmdb.bat command: ERROR: The database instance must be in archive log mode in order to backup. 01/04/13
TEC552451 Error when applying UAPM C11 patch: can not locate dbo.compare_timestamp 01/04/13
TEC549360 Known installation issues in SwCM 12.6 01/04/13
TEC548986 Known installation issues in APM 12.6 Language pack 01/04/13
TEC548976 weberror 'Sys' is undefined at asset detail screen 01/04/13
TEC542312 ITAM DATA Importer and CMDB Enhanced Intergration 01/04/13
TEC542092 Windows login Prompt Pop-Up box received periodically while working in CA Unicenter Asset Portfolio Management (UAPM). 01/04/13
TEC541963 "A connection to the database cannot be established. Please contact your System Administrator to rectify the problem." This message is received when trying to access CA Asset Portfolio Management after creating a filter and assigning a role to the filter. 01/04/13
TEC541202 When troubleshooting UAPM issues technical support occasionally asks for copies of specific files. To help expedite the process we need to identify the files most likely to be requested. 01/04/13
TEC541201 Attempting to launch the ITAM Data import utility results in Error: Could not load file or assembly ienums version=11.3.400 01/04/13
TEC540704 Information regarding the MDB Schema which is shared by many CA products including CA Asset Portfolio Management 01/04/13
TEC537598 Running Multiple Instances of ITAM Data Importer 01/04/13
TEC537597 Mass updates or deletes of objects using the Asset Portfolio Management Web Services 01/04/13
TEC537596 Duplicate Notes added on re-import by ITAM Data Importer when used with Unicenter Asset Portfolio Management 01/04/13
TEC537595 ITAM Data Importer Last Update Date when used with CA Unicenter Asset Portfolio Management/CA Software Compliance Manager 01/04/13
TEC537587 Audit trail is not picking up any changes made by the Itam Data Importer when used with CA Unicenter Asset Portfolio Management. 01/04/13
TEC537586 No Entries found message when creating a Task Filter in HWReconcilliation. 01/04/13
TEC537585 Inserting and updating assets with the ITAM Data Importer 01/04/13
TEC532885 Can the same EIAM be used with UAPM 11.3.4 and Unicenter Service Desk? 01/04/13
TEC531615 Can Asset Portfolio Management be used to calculate asset depreciation? 01/04/13
TEC529929 Archiving Or Deleting audit trail Data in Unicenter Asset Portfolio Management 01/04/13
TEC529091 DBUtility fails during install. 01/04/13
TEC529067 What encryption method is used to encrypt the password in the Asset Portfolio Management 11.3.4 web configuration files? 01/04/13
TEC529066 Unexpected error occurs in GUI when trying to update an object for example legal doc with a company 01/04/13
TEC528101 Asset Portfolio Management APM Import tool mappings do not work with Asset Portfolio Management 11.3.4 ITAM Data Importer 01/04/13
TEC528099 When upgrading from SQL Server 2000 to SQL Server 2005, what steps would need to be followed for replacing SQL Server 2000 JDBC drive with SQL2005 JDBC driver so that UAPM functions correctly? 01/04/13
TEC528081 How to reinstall the UAPM MDB without reinstalling the UAPM Application 01/04/13
TEC526896 How can we use European date with asset viewer / web console. 01/04/13
TEC526882 Webservice error when calling getObjectRecords. 01/04/13
TEC526881 Http 400 error when trying to login to uapm web client after new install. 01/04/13
TEC526880 How to upgrade the SQL Server JDBC driver for use with UAPM and Asset Viewer. 01/04/13
TEC526331 UAPM Hardware Reconciliation task does not update fields when 'Apply field changes to owned Assets' is set to Automatic. 01/04/13
TEC524518 When setting up a task in Hardware Reconciliation what is the checkbox "Set Contact Based on Discovered User" under Rules for Adding Owned Assets used for? 01/04/13
TEC523040 In an UAPM/SwCM integrated environment, the nodes corresponding to SwCM do not appear in the tree view of the Asset in UAPM. 01/04/13
TEC520428 Manually unlinking owned and discovered assets in Asset Portfolio Management Hardware reconciliation. 01/04/13
TEC520427 CA.Services.Web.uapm UAPMSoapException: The login failed for the following token: "AAEcoQgyMj dH2q9W1go2AIMUuc9hYeVfzTuVOMIEY3mq74K9euyc". Cannot attach to the EIAM application". 01/04/13
TEC520426 New installation of Unicenter Asset Portfolio Management release 11.3.4 fails on the dbutility database update with error: UAPM requires that the MDB contains patch 14632279 01/04/13
TEC520395 Undo Reconciliation for Deleted OwnedDiscovery Assets vs. Undo Matching of Deleted OwnershipDiscovery Assets 01/04/13
TEC511179 Unicenter Asset Portfolio 11.3.4 Default Folder/File Permissions. 01/04/13
TEC510760 Errors received when using the ITAM Data Importer to import UAPM Advanced Search exports. 01/04/13
TEC509675 Character limit within the "Notes" field is set at a 4,000 character maximum; as with any other field that may be created within the application. 01/04/13
TEC509342 Applying a patch to a user workstation where ONLY the management console tools were previously installed. 01/04/13
TEC508739 How do you determine the number of users currently on the system? 01/04/13
TEC508638 Duplicate asset names in Unicenter Asset Portfolio Management (UAPM). 01/04/13
TEC508633 I am viewing an asset in UAPM Web Client. I expand "Hardware where license is allocated" and highlight an allocation. Under Links I can only see the first 5 allocations. Is there a way to increase the number of rows displayed? 01/04/13
TEC508632 Which port should be opened to access the APM Web client when the APM Web server is behind a firewall. 01/04/13
TEC508628 Reconciliation Date field is not populated on some assets. 01/04/13
TEC508627 The Discovery Last Run Date is not being populated on assets after UAPM Hardware Reconciliation has been run. 01/04/13
TEC508626 Clicking on Purchase Order from UAPM Main Menu and getting an error: Access is denied. 01/04/13
TEC508625 I performed an upgrade of UAPM from 11.3.4 to Ro10165 (C4) patch and now cannot start the CMDB server service. 01/04/13
TEC508618 UAPM and CMDB Asset Type and Asset Classes. 01/04/13
TEC508474 SwCM nodes do not appear on software asset screen in UAPM after the UAPM SwCM integration 01/04/13
TEC508186 Which CA Asset Portfolio Management Import tool do I choose? 01/04/13
TEC507857 Asset already exists message returned when trying to insert an asset in UAPM on an Oracle database. 01/04/13
TEC507657 CA Asset Portfolio Management 11.3.4 with RO13153 (cumulative patch 5) Certification Test fails on DB Client Version with Oracle (11G). 01/04/13
TEC507656 What is the maximum number of characters that can be entered in the value column of an Asset Portfolio Management drop down list? 01/04/13
TEC507653 Configuring or editing a data source so that the Asset Portfolio Management Notification Manager points to the correct database. 01/04/13
TEC507630 What is the maximum number of extended fields that can be added in Asset Portfolio Customization? 01/04/13
TEC507629 What is the maximum number of characters that can be entered in an extended field created via Asset Portfolio Management Customization? 01/04/13
TEC507628 The tree view icons are missing in Asset Portfolio Management advanced search builder. 01/04/13
TEC507624 New tables added during upgrade from uapm 11.3.0 to 11.3.4 01/04/13
TEC507370 Video: How to add fields to an email sent by the Asset Portfolio Management Notification server? 01/04/13
TEC507254 Running Hardware Reconciliation and getting an error: Visual Basic Error 5: Server 'servername' is not configured for DATA ACCESS. 01/04/13
TEC506797 Updating Asset costs with the ITAM Data Importer. 01/04/13
TEC506532 Video: Steps to inherit the cost from a model to an asset. 01/04/13
TEC506516 Adding and updating Costs with the ITAM DATA Importer. 01/04/13
TEC506452 Why can't I create userid in the contact screen? 01/04/13
TEC506012 Setting Current Asset.Asset Version.Current Version Key via the ITAM Data Importer. 01/04/13
TEC505256 Configuring UAPM to point to the AMS installation on another server that is part of the ITAM suite. 01/04/13
TEC504984 What is the difference between creating assets through SwCM (Software Compliance Manager) and UAPM (Unicenter Asset Portfolio Management)? 01/04/13
TEC504982 Asset Track errors when publishing Assets after UAPM upgrade. 01/04/13
TEC504981 How to change the number of lines returned to the screen in a search or a reconciliation list? 01/04/13
TEC504980 Click on Run to run an Advantage Data Transformer script and nothing happens. 01/04/13
TEC504569 Content Import Client (CIC) manual install. 01/04/13
TEC504532 Unicenter Asset Portfolio Management Web Service Updates. 01/04/13
TEC504529 GRLoader fails to update CI extension fields. 01/04/13
TEC503168 How can I migrate data from one server to another when the target data base is already populated with other CA products? 01/04/13
TEC502996 Asset basic search does not return all records. 01/04/13
TEC501626 Tips for using the ITAM Data Importer. 01/04/13
TEC501624 Editing the search properties is not enabled in the out-of-the-box reports (advanced searches). 01/04/13
TEC501619 ITAM Data Importer 'Back', 'Another', and 'Exit' buttons. 01/04/13
TEC501617 Does AMS need to be on the network to run in UAPM? 01/04/13
TEC501615 The out of the box advance searches are not included in the datawarehouse run. When the edit search properties for the out of the box report is selected, the option to enable the report to be exported as a database view or table is not present. 01/04/13
TEC501609 Unable to edit the connection information in the UAPM MDB 11.3.4 Upgrade Utility GUI when running it on the application server in a three tier environment against an Oracle database. 01/04/13
TEC501596 UAPM Hardware Reconciliation task does not run. 01/04/13
TEC500019 Applying UAPM patch with APPLYPTF and the screen hangs. Patch cannot be applied. 01/04/13
TEC499501 Where should UAPM patches be installed in a 2-tier or 3-tier environment? 01/04/13
TEC497597 Considerations for a new installation of UAPM with an MDB already installed by another product. 01/04/13
TEC497566 Can UAPM be configured so that users are not prompted for credentials when using eIAM authentication? 01/04/13
TEC497562 Log in error when trying to log into the SwCM via the ITAM Data importer."Login failed for user Name: <username>". 01/04/13
TEC497556 Sharing asset resource contact environment data between Service Desk, CMDB, and UAPM. 01/04/13
TEC497555 Process to uninstall the MDB on Oracle or SQL Server. 01/04/13
TEC497554 Can Connect test, (located in C:Program FilesCASharedComponentsAPM Common Services), which is used to test the API connection to the backend database be used with a NT integrated login or a login with a 'Null' password? 01/04/13
TEC497547 "Service Type" field in the Additional Asset Information section not updateable via the API. 01/04/13
TEC497530 Verifying CA Software Compliance Manager Installation and its components. 01/04/13
TEC497528 Login fails when running the ITAM Data Importer to connect to UAPM unattended by using the command line either from a batch file or using the operating system scheduler. 01/04/13
TEC497506 How are asset changes recorded and updated in UAPM? 01/04/13
TEC497496 Editing Hardware Reconciliation Translation lists. 01/04/13
TEC497495 SQL Server reserved words cause error on object lookup when used as extended field name in UAPM. 01/04/13
TEC497490 ITAM Data Importer fails to launch into SWCM properly after entering login credentials with a 'CA.Common.Data.Meta.Metadata' exception error. 01/04/13
TEC497489 UAPM 11.3.4 Upgrade Utility GUI has the incorrect server name listed. 01/04/13
TEC497484 Moving discovered software records from a remote SQL Server database into the MDB which is on an Oracle database. 01/04/13
TEC497480 Can a single UAPM security role be copied from one environment to another? 01/04/13
TEC584444 APM 12.6 installation fails on the AMS component with Exit Code=255 ItamCopyFolderandRun.bat was unexpected at this time 01/03/13
TEC583956 Managed by SWCM box accidentally checked on an Asset record in Asset Portfolio Management 12/27/12
TEC583955 When I turn Global Configuration on and click Add Extension, to add an extended field, the window comes up blank. 12/27/12
TEC448535 Running API programs with integrated user logins 12/04/12
TEC577185 How to import external MIF files into ITCM? 09/08/12
TEC566166 Steps to repoint a Business Objects Universe to a new reporting database (for Software Compliance Manager or Asset Portfolio Management 12.x installations) 03/10/12
TEC554338 AMS (Asset Viewer) Basic troubleshooting steps for L1 09/01/11
TEC492114 When using the API, how to search for active assets. 07/02/09
TEC477325 As soon as the UAPM application install completes, it immediately begins uninstalling itself automatically. We are unable to install UAPM. 12/18/08
TEC476481 Do I need to be 'sa' when creating a new MDB database in SQL Server 2000 or SQL Server 2005 using DBUtility, or when installing SQL scripts supplied with patches or with DBScriptRunner? 12/10/08
TEC476444 CMDB launch in context to UAPM is not working. A Page Expired error is returned. This works correctly with Windows Integrated Authentication but not with eIAM Authentication. 12/10/08
TEC476440 We have Argis 8 installed in an Oracle database. Can we install UAPM 11.3.4 on the same server without affecting Argis 8? Will Argis 8 still work without modification? 12/10/08
TEC476375 Unable to start UAPM. Receiving a Certification Test Failed page which says that the Server Platform is at the incorrect version. We are using Windows Server 2003 SP2 (Service Pack 2). How can we fix this? 12/07/08
TEC476058 Unable to connect to the MDB database after installing UAPM. Using Oracle database. connecttest.exe reports error: ADO Connection to the database could not be established. ORA-12154: TNS: Could not resolve service name. 12/05/08
TEC476024 After installing the UAPM 11.3.4 and the prerequisite patch, QO99416, I am unable to install ADT. Error: incorrect UAPM Version (11.03.0401) - version must be exactly 11.3.0400 in order to install product. 12/05/08
TEC475782 Unable to register an interface for SQL Server. Ipsync error in ADT 2.2, "Cannot load interface dll: mssqlsrv.ipi missing client dll. The specified module could not be found." 12/03/08
TEC475723 When should the UAPM MDB 11.3.4 Upgrade Utility be run? 11/28/08
TEC475721 I am receiving an error in the Application Event Log (in Event Viewer) saying that UAPM cannot write to the ASP.NET temporary folders. How is this resolved? 11/28/08
TEC475720 A connection to the database could not be established. Contact your system administrator to rectify the problem. Unable to start UAPM. 11/28/08
TEC475719 We are not allowed to install Tomcat on our systems, but it is getting installed during UAPM application installation. Is there a way to prevent Tomcat from being installed? Is Tomcat needed by UAPM? 11/28/08
TEC475717 Command Line Arguments for DBScriptRunner with SQL Server 2000 11/28/08
TEC475716 Where is the new PostMigration Utility? 11/28/08
TEC475715 Is it possible to install ASP.NET after installing UAPM? If so, will I have to reinstall UAPM afterwards? 11/28/08
TEC475713 While upgrading or installing UAPM, please be sure that all services and applications that access the MDB database are stopped prior to execution to avoid receiving an "Unbound" error on the UAPM Asset Details Page at runtime. 11/28/08
TEC475712 I am getting an error in event viewer saying that UAPM cannot write to the PersistedViewStateFolder. How can I fix this? 11/28/08
TEC475710 Requirements for using ITAM Data Importer 11/28/08
TEC475590 How to determine which ports are in use by UAPM 11/28/08
TEC475579 How to Migrate Argis 8 from SQL Server to Oracle During an Upgrade to UAPM 11.3 11/28/08
TEC475575 Where to obtain SQL Server 2005 JDBC Drivers 11/28/08
TEC475569 Is there a way to change Portfolio Status automatically during the SubGrouping Process? 11/28/08
TEC475566 Does ADT 2.2 work with SQL Server 2005? 11/28/08
TEC475372 Errors received when installing patch ro02252. ReplacedOK():All files in the fix are skipped. ReplacedOK():There maybe a problem with the fix. ReplacedOK():Please contact your local CA representative for more information. 11/26/08
TEC475781 What are the minimum installation requirements necessary to run custom API programs for UAPM? 11/20/08
TEC474802 Permissions Required for using DBScriptRunner with SQL Server 2000 and 2005. 11/19/08
TEC474796 How to add Contacts from Active Directory? 11/19/08
TEC474794 How to Migrate Attachments to a New Location? 11/19/08
TEC474721 Installing the UAPMADT interface when ADT is installed on a machine (including a user workstation) other than the UAPM web server. 11/19/08
TEC474720 How to change the server name in the UAPM MDB 11.3.4 Upgrade Utility? 11/19/08
TEC474719 Unicenter Asset Portfolio Management Web Services Guide. 11/19/08
TEC474718 How to Create, Access, Use, and Secure a Cost Center Hierarchy? 11/19/08
TEC473931 Unable to connect to APM utility. 11/08/08
TEC473335 Is there a way to default to non-us currency, like Canadian Dollar so that is displayed when you create a new cost secondary object? 11/01/08
TEC473258 Is .NET framework 1.1 still used with UAPM 11.3.4? 10/31/08
TEC473257 UAPM export / import command line 10/31/08
TEC472802 When do Unicenter Asset Portfolio Management client API programs need to be recompiled? 10/23/08
TEC472648 'Invalid URL specified' message received when clicking on the UAM link in Asset Viewer section on main Asset Screen in UAPM 10/19/08
TEC472600 Patch RO02252 fails with DBScriptRunner error on SQL Server 2000 10/18/08
TEC472554 Connection to the database cannot be established after SQL Server 20002005 MDB is restored from another server 10/18/08
TEC472551 UAPM/CMDB Integration Patch (RO02252) Frequently Asked Questions 10/18/08
TEC472549 'NTDVM encountered a hard error' when running the UapmAdtSetup.bat 10/18/08
TEC472372 UAPM Import-Export Utility Documentation. 10/16/08
TEC472250 Does the UAPM installation program install ASP.NET automatically? What versions of ASP.NET are required by UAPM 11.3.4? 10/12/08
TEC472014 Out of the Box Software Entitlement Templates within Customization 10/09/08
TEC472013 Can fields be added to the dropdown list in the UAPM mass change wizard? 10/09/08
TEC472006 Assignment failed. Contact your administrator when trying to assign an asset in Unicenter Service Catalog 10/09/08
TEC472005 Argisfeed.exe error loading data: Error in XLAdapter 10/09/08
TEC470985 Asset Viewer (AMS) hints and tricks. 09/25/08
TEC470048 Limiting the return records from a tab out (spyglass) when doing a search in UAPM 09/07/08
TEC470047 The purpose of the "View Query Definition" on the Advanced Search screen. 09/07/08
TEC469816 "Access denied because the cache service is stopped. The application cannot be used until the cache service has been started. Please contact your administrator in order to start the cache service." 09/07/08
TEC469813 Starting a Web service from a UAPM 11.3.4 script. 09/04/08
TEC469716 How to Assign a Contact User to a Security Role 08/30/08
TEC469709 How to Assign a Contact User to a Security Role 08/30/08
TEC469706 How To Install UAPM Utility Programs on a user workstation 08/30/08
TEC469705 How to tell when the Hardware Reconciliation task has finished running? 08/30/08
TEC469703 Error when trying to run a user created web application that utilizes the UAPM API. ERROR: UAPM API ObjectFile or assembly name iconnect, or one of its dependencies was not found. 08/30/08
TEC469702 Troubleshooting DBUtility Problems 08/30/08
TEC469700 How to Create a Change Event on a Field in UAPM 08/30/08
TEC468034 Legal Document Tree Node Short Cut functionality 08/07/08
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TEC465619 How to determine what patches have been applied 06/27/08
TEC465618 Can I assign a User Id to a role using an inactive user Id that is already assigned to a role? 06/27/08
TEC465617 Troubleshoot Web Services Certification Test Failure 06/27/08
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TEC464183 The SQLNCLI provider not registered on the machine 06/04/08
TEC464181 API Import Tool Fails to Launch 06/04/08
TEC463845 Switch language after UAPM install 05/29/08
TEC463591 Is it better to configure one of the original roles (i.e. Technician) or make a copy of the role and modify the copy? 05/23/08
TEC463042 Cannot delete Advance Search entry 05/15/08
TEC463033 How to start and stop the UAPM Cache Service from the Command Line 05/15/08
TEC463040 Why do I get the message "Upgrade to 11.3 does not need to be done when I try to initialize the database?" 05/13/08
TEC403126 Unicenter Asset Portfolio Management, r11 Migration Highlights 04/26/08
TEC461774 How To Implement Attachments In a Secure Environment. 04/23/08
TEC449952 Use load asset name from host name functionality when running a Hardware reconcilation load of discovered assets. 04/09/08
TEC449909 Procedure to test web services in the 11.3 release and beyond 04/09/08
TEC449876 Tips to troubleshoot automatic incident creation in service desk when triggered by a UAPM event notification. 04/09/08
TEC449784 With UAPM 11.3 your manual event notification emails can now contain a link to an attachment. 04/06/08
TEC449781 QO92278 Patch Application Error: Pre-requisites have not been met 04/06/08
TEC449777 Unicenter Asset Portfolio Management 11.3.4 Download Instructions 04/06/08
TEC449768 Converting an Argis 8.x popup field to a UAPM 11.x dropdown field while keeping the same field name and the values that existed in the original popup field 04/06/08
TEC449767 Adding and removing the fields displayed in an E-mail Notification 04/06/08
TEC449765 Modifying out of the box UAPM security settings. 04/06/08
TEC448534 LogParser and SQLServer 2005: cursor error when running reconciliation task in UAPM 03/22/08
TEC414368 Is it possible to add fields to reconcile matching fields? 01/26/08
TEC435375 How can I get all my HW asset information copied to several assets, using a kind of save as feature? 10/10/07
TEC435334 When the uapmadmin password is changed in the database, it can be changed for the UAPM application in the Configurator. Where do we configure the new passwords for the uapmreporting and uapmbatch users? 10/07/07
TEC435297 I am recieving the following error when trying to run the patch_1103_0001.bat that is part of the QO89747 patch. "The version level cannot be retrieved from the registry because the command REGEDIT is not recognized" How can I run this bat file? 10/07/07
TEC434962 How do I designate a different drive other then the "C" drive for the attachment path on my web server? 10/04/07
TEC434959 Does APM 11.x allow the user the ability to create an advanced search where the value of the seletcion criteria is equal to Null? 10/04/07
TEC434777 Barcode was moved to a new server. How do you set the connection for the new server. 09/30/07
TEC430233 Having set up a task in hardware reconciliation, how can I schedule the rcengine to run after hours 07/29/07
TEC426957 SQL Server does not exist or access denied. UAPM Cache service will not start after pointing the UAPM Configurator from an Oracle MDB to a SQL Server MDB 06/16/07
TEC426787 How to use eTrust Identity and Access Managemewnt (eIAM) to authenticate users. 06/16/07
TEC426155 How do I add a User to a Unicenter Asset Portfolio role? 06/08/07
TEC426153 After upgrading to 11.3 I'm getting these errors accessing my assets: Error: An unexpected error has occurred. Reset entry, collapse and reexpand node, or cancel changes before retrying. If the problem persists, please contact your system administrator 06/08/07
TEC425454 Using the UAPM Web Application in a Web Farm 05/27/07
TEC423269 Maximum number of users under UAPM 11.2 04/28/07
TEC419796 How can I change the default currency type that is displayed in cost fields asocaited with an Asset? 03/16/07
TEC418390 Why do I keep receiving the login prompt regardless of the login and password when accessing the webserver? 03/01/07
TEC418372 Database reserved words used as extended field names. 02/28/07
TEC418188 UAPM Cache service will not start when using a named Instance in SQL Server 2000 or 2005. 02/25/07
TEC418174 On the Customization screen in UAPM Web, the option to select or deselect a drop-down list on a field is grayed out; can this be changed? 02/25/07
TEC418168 Why do I receive a certification message stating that the Client version of Oracle is 'NOT_FOUND' when I start the web client? 02/25/07
TEC418029 Does Microsoft Excel need to be installed on the ARGISUAPM Web server? 02/23/07
TEC418027 What user id should be entered in the Database Userid box in the notification manager ini settings? 02/23/07
TEC415464 How can I assign assets? 01/21/07
TEC414200 Why do I get error 5 exception at start of barcode? 01/04/07
TEC414196 Why can't I start the Web Client when using sql2005? 01/04/07
TEC385117 Strategy for Reconciliation of Duplicates that are created when migrating Unicenter Service Desk and Unicenter Asset Portfolio Management (UAPM) into the same r11 MDB. 12/09/05
TEC418173 Testing the API connection using Connect Test, to the backend database with an integrated login or a login with a 'null' pasword 03/23/05
TEC418021 What needs to be installed on a users workstation to run VB Programs via the API in UAPM 11.2.1? 03/23/05
TEC429658 Are there any examples to perform a data load using the API? 04/20/03
TEC426858 What is the minimum database permissions required for an external Application to access Asset Poprtfolio Management via the API? 04/06/03