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CA Asset Intelligence
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Doc ID# Implementation Technical Support Documentation Last Revision
TEC495533 "Error:JDBC connection failed, Verify credentials!" when trying to add a Data Source. 04/29/13
TEC490854 A valid Asset Management r11.X data source does not appear while trying to add a data source 12/11/12
TEC478733 Asset Intelligence 11.2 installation on a 64-Bit SQL 2005 64-Bit Windows 2003 Server fails with error "Openfile failed opening checkdb_sql.cmd.OUT". 12/11/12
TEC553579 How to Install Asset Intelligence r12.5 on Windows Server 2008? 12/07/12
TEC546553 Asset Intelligence Installation: Prerequisite errors when installing to a 64-bit Windows Server Platform with Microsoft SQL 2005 Client Connectivity Tools. 12/07/12
TEC538800 Public Console: PHP Warning when browsing the AI site as any non-install user. 12/07/12
TEC537971 Administrative Console: Unable to add a data source. The "Database Engine" field is blank or not populated. 12/07/12
TEC477120 Things to check if following error displayed. %%CAUAI_E_001 Failed to connect to the Unicenter Asset Intelligence Database Engine 12/14/08
TEC477114 Asset Intelligence setup hangs at "Checking Pre-requisites" screen. 12/14/08
TEC477111 Java Infrastructure Link on the Public Interface Asset Tab Software Non-CA/Non-Microsoft Apps does not show J2SE in the list even though it is installed on the agent systems. 12/14/08
TEC477100 Asset Intelligence Database Extract failing on a 64-bit Server running SQL 64-bit SQL 2005. 12/14/08
TEC477082 Clicking on any link under Financial Tab, gives error "SELECT permission was denied on object" 12/14/08
TEC429231 How to test a PHP installation before attempting Unicenter Asset Intelligence installation 07/19/07
TEC425284 When installing Asset Intelligence are there any performance or system changes which need to be reverted before attempting the installation? 05/25/07
TEC390664 Installing Unicenter Asset Intelligence r11 SP1 with a Remote SQL Database 03/16/06
TEC390745 Certification of Installation via Remote Desktop for Unicenter Asset Intelligence r11 SP1 03/05/06
TEC390737 Unicenter Asset Intelligence r11 SP1 Removal Checklist 03/05/06
TEC390736 Installation PHP Prerequisite Check Fails 03/05/06
TEC379437 Configuring PHP Prerequisite for Installation on Windows 2003 10/01/05
N/A Unicenter Asset Intelligence - Federal Frequently Asked Questions 06/30/05
TEC368830 Unicenter Asset Intelligence r11 Removal Verification Checklist 06/09/05
TEC360148 Asset Intelligence Prerequisite: Determining the Ability to Execute PHP in your Environment 03/20/05
TEC360135 Installing Unicenter Asset Intelligence with a Remote SQL Database 03/20/05
TEC360134 Licensing for Unicenter Asset Intelligence 03/20/05
TEC352420 How to Customize Unicenter Asset Intelligence Initialization File for Non-Trusted ODBC Connection 01/08/05