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VIDEO: Copying ACF2 GSO Records
This video will demonstrate how to copy ACF2 Global System Option records, referred to as GSO records from one SYSID to another.
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What are the basic commands that are needed to create a new LOGONID in CA-ACF2?
This video shows the basic commands that can be entered to create a LOGONID. It also includes the insertion of a user's OMVS profile record, to add an OMVS UID for the user.
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Video: Using the ACF TEST Subcommand to test dataset access rules.
This video will demonstrate how to use the ACF2 TSO ACF command processor TEST subcommand to test dataset access rules.
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Show State
In this three minute demonstration you will learn how
to display the current active ACF2 version and service
pack maintenance level using the both TSO, ACF command
processor as well as the ACF2 ISPF Interactive panels.
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