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CA Access Control r12.5 SP1 FIXLIST

Last Updated: May 03, 2010

Serial No. Severity Fix Description eAC versions Module Problem ID TestFix ID / Package ID Published ID OS
1 Regular Fixes an exception error while trying to view or modify a user or group in Endpoint Management.   WebGUI        
    AC1251905   ALL
2 Regular Fixes an issue in the audit records where the password was not always masked when multiple selang commands separated by ";" were executed together.   Selang        
    AC1252188   ALL UNIX
3 Urgent Fixes a cluster crash on Solaris 10 due to an empty message pool.   SEOS_syscall        
    AC1252255   SUN
4 Urgent Fixes an issue where the AC agent unexpectedly terminated without cleaning the registration in the kernel. Another process then aquired the same PID as the AC agent had,
and a new agent could not register because its registed PID was running.
    AC1252256   SUN
5 Urgent Fixes an issue where seosd crashed after running sestop.exe.   Engine        
    AC1252304   ALL UNIX
6 Regular Fixes spurious "no such process" messages sent to the syslog when there are many forks and exits.   seosd        
    AC1252474   ALL UNIX
7 Regular Fixes seosd core dump during startup when stack space is limited.   seosd        
    AC1252665   ALL UNIX
1407 T5BF035    
8 Urgent Fixes an issue where HP-UX panicked when running ClearCase.   SEOS_syscall        
    AC1252713   HPUX
1375 T3E7080    
9 Urgent Fixes an issue where HP-UX 11.31 IA64 panicked with "Unaligned reference fault in kernel" when traversing an NFS directory.   SEOS_syscall        
    AC1252714   HPUX
1396 T3E7082    
10 Urgent Fixes an issue that on x64 Linux that occurs when a 32-bit application calls ptrace and gets a segmentation fault.   SEOS_syscall        
    AC1252715   LINUX
11 Urgent Fixes an issue on HPUX 11.31 where AC does not start.   SEOS_syscall        
    AC1252716   HPUX
1342 T3DB018    
12 Regular Fixes seaudit -a -format81sp1 so it will display the same output as in r8.0.   seaudit        
    AC1252727   WINDOWS
453 T243538    
13 Regular Fixes an issue where the "sepmd -n pmdb <hostname>" command fails if users with an empty password field exist in /etc/password.   sepmdd        
    AC1252734   ALL UNIX
1404 T243536    
14 Regular Fixes a problem where the grace count is reduced twice by the RDP connection on Domain Control.   Engine        
    AC1252820   ALL UNIX
15 Regular Fixes an issue where the name in the audit log is shown as UID when xuser logs in.   seosd        
    AC1252833   ALL UNIX
1408 T243537    
16 Urgent Fixes system panic on AIX in check_file_access.   SEOS_syscall        
    AC1252887   ALL UNIX
1415 T3E7085    
17 Regular Fixes an issue where a user was not revoked by serevu.   serevu        
    AC1252888   ALL UNIX
18 Urgent Fixes a system crash in SEOS_get_addr with many failed logins.   SEOS_syscall        
    AC1252897   HPUX-IA64
1391 T5BF034    
19 Regular Fixes an issue with the devcalc deviation status of password rules.   selang        
    AC1252922   ALL UNIX
1410 T243559    
20 Regular Fixes an issue where AC can not correctly process logins made using GDM x-window.   SEOS_syscall        
    AC1252940   LINUX
1418 T3DB020    
21 Regular Fixes an issue on HPUX where set uid permissions are lost during native upgrade.   upgrade        
    AC1252949   HPUX-IA64
1432 T313311    
22 Regular Fixes a problem on RH5 with identifying the parent process in AC proc table.   SEOS_syscall        
    AC1252955   LINUX
23 Regular Fixes an issue on 32-bit Linux where the KRB login sequence is incorrect.   Install        
    AC1252959   ALL UNIX
24 Regular Fixes an issue when defining xowner in GPOLICY, DEPLOYMENT and GDEPLOYMENT causes an error.   sepmdd        
    AC1252960   ALL UNIX
25 Urgent Fixes an issue when defining xowner in GPOLICY, DEPLOYMENT and GDEPLOYMENT causes an error.   sepmdd        
    AC1252960   ALL UNIX
26 Regular Fixes an upgrade issue when the install_base script does not remove the eAC directory.   scripts        
    AC1252961   ALL UNIX
1411 T243540    
27 Regular Fixes an issue where syslog is garbled when the locale is SJIS.   sepmdd        
    AC1252962   ALL UNIX
1416 T243548    
28 Regular Fixes a panic on HPUX IA64 with STOP.
    AC1252994   HPUX-IA64
1414 T540041    
29 Regular Fixes an issue where two passwords are kept and accepted on a Domain Controller.   Agent        
    AC1253014   WINDOWS
455 T4CC079    
30 Regular Fixes an issue where devcalc returns inaccurate results if a policy contains one or more groups in the auth statement.   policyfetcher        
    AC1253042   LINUX
1421 T243554-9    
31 Regular Fixes a problem in the trace where garbage characters appear for multi byte file names.   Engine        
    AC1253047   WINDOWS
32 Regular Fixes an issue where seos.error.bak and seosd.trace.backup are not protected when the location is changed from the default.   Engine        
    AC1253058   ALL UNIX
33 Regular Fixes an issue where selang fails on commands that exceed 260 characters.   selang        
    AC1253076   WINDOWS
34 Regular Fixes a problem when using the embedded user store where User Name is not shown.   PUPM        
    AC1253104   ALL
35 Regular Fixes a problem of incorrect deviation for objects with PACL or CACL.   policyfetcher        
    AC1253114   LINUX
36 Regular Fixes an issue where dbmgr -c -c creates a database if anything but N is given as a reply.   dbmng        
    AC1253156   ALL UNIX
37 Regular Fixes garbled characters in the message file.   other        
    AC1253163   ALL UNIX
38 Regular Fixes an issue where AC does not block an ssh connection although stream mode is enabled and appropriated rules are defined in the database.   SEOS_syscall        
    AC1253172   SUN
1422 T3DB021    
39 Regular Fixes an issue where incorrect devcalc results for HOSTNET objects were returned.   SEOS_syscall        
    AC1253195   LINUX
40 Regular Fixes an issue on HP-UX when sshd hangs if AC is restarted several times, is running a 3rd-party sshd, and a sshd session remained before AC was started for the first time.   SEOS_load        
    AC1253217   HPUX
1431 T3E7090    
41 Regular Fixes an issue where the deviation report is incorrect when a policy includes the authorize command with accessors as XGUID, XUID, HOSTNET, HOSTNP, HOST (for TCP class).   Base-Utilities        
    AC1253248   ALL
42 Regular Fixes a problem where UI login to Unix with UNAB fails.   Agent        
    AC1253252   ALL UNIX
43 Regular Fixes an issue where filtering ADMIN record by object does not work as expected.   Engine        
    AC1253274   ALL
44 Regular Fixes an issue on x64/ia64 where the license check does not work.   Watchdog        
    AC1253300   WINDOWS
45 Regular Fixes an issue where dbmgr exports the invalid property name "name" when a native group or user has the full_name property.   dbutil        
    AC1253301   WINDOWS
46 Regular Fixes issue with where the script does not show the list correctly and configures the wrong encryption methods.   other        
    AC1253316   ALL UNIX
47 Regular Renamed support.tar.Z to include host name. The file is now named   other        
    AC1253326   ALL UNIX
48 Regular Fixes an issue on HP IA64 where the file is missing.   Install        
    AC1253327   HPUX
49 Regular Fixed a problem where the command that passes the DomainUser name from Windows to Unix inverted the "" to "/"   other        
    AC1253333   ALL
50 Regular Added support of multiple hosts to the DIST_SRV_HOST customization/silent install parameter.   Install        
  AC1253344   ALL UNIX
51 Regular Fixes a problem where "chown: cannot access ''" appears in rpm install.   Install        
    AC1253359   LINUX
52 Regular Fixes an issue where a user is unable to filter an audit record that has multiple access types.   seosd        
    AC1253389   WINDOWS
53 Regular Added support that lets the user provide multiple distribution servers during AC install (interactive & silent).   Install        
  AC1253398   WINDOWS
54 Regular Added the option, on Linux, to enable running seosd at scheduling policy SCHED_FIFO instead of SCHED_RR, if needed.   seosd        
    AC1253404   LINUX
55 Regular Fixes an issue where selang hangs when file rules contain \32.   selang        
    AC1253407   ALL UNIX
1434 T243591    
56 Regular Fixes an issue on Solaris where an application built with AC SDK crashes with core in lca_Err and lca_Terminate_r when the kernel extension is not loaded.   API        
    AC1253411   ALL UNIX
57 Regular Fixes an issue where a user belonging to the _restricted group having permissions to logon to the server and read files is able to create a file   seosd        
    AC1253413   WINDOWS
58 Regular Fixes an issue when a logout event is audited, where a blank user is audited in addition to the terminal service user.   seosd        
    AC1253429   WINDOWS
59 Regular Fixes a problem with dbmgr -b/-r <relative path> that shows:
Unable to fetch error description. Error code is 0x390A. A Backup directory should be given in full path
    AC1253446   ALL UNIX
60 Regular Fixes a problem when, after upgrade from AC 12.5 to 12.5 SP1, the "distribution_server" registry value is empty.   Install        
    AC1253463   WINDOWS
61 Regular Fixes an issue on AIX where a PACL rule does not work if a program is started with a relative path and is running before AC starts.   SEOS_syscall        
    AC1253475   AIX
1437 T3DB023    
62 Regular Fixes an issue where the presence of '\' in Object Name results in the API application process consuming all available CPU and hanging.   API        
    AC1253494   ALL UNIX
63 Regular Fixes an issue where a login policy cannot be deleted although all users and groups are removed.   policyfetcher        
    AC1253508   ALL
64 Regular Fixes a problem where a FILE record with a trailing slash is not deleted from the kernel and the rule is still enforced.   SEOS_syscall        
    AC1253522   ALL UNIX
65 Regular Fixes an issue where updating a SPECIALPGM record in local mode generates a false audit record.   selang        
    AC1253524   ALL UNIX
66 Regular Fixes an issue that events are not routed to the Tibco queue when PUPM actions are performed, so ELM does not receive any AC PUPM events.   WebGUI        
    AC1253542   ALL
67 Regular Fixed an issue where a generic rule does not protect a file with length of 1024 chars, when the length includes a trailing zero byte.   SEOS_syscall        
    AC1253555   ALL
68 Regular Fixes a message formatting issue when a user and owner are defined for a new FILE record in Endpoint Management.   WebGUI        
    AC1253561   ALL
69 Regular Fixes a problem where a user with the AC User Manager role could not create a group in Enterprise Management.   WebGUI        
    AC1253589   ALL
70 Regular Fixes a performance slowdown on Windows 2008 Server.   seosd        
    AC1253675   WINDOWS
462 T537478    
71 Regular Fixes an issue on Solaris 10 update 7 and higher where running dbmgr -b <dir> returned wrong message: AC is shutting down   SEOS_syscall        
    AC1253150   SUN