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Important Security Notice for the
Unicenter Message Queuing Service (CAM)

Last Updated: July 19, 2004

Affected products

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The Computer Associates Technical Support team wishes to alert our customers to a potential security risk that has recently been brought to our attention. A potential buffer overflow condition exists within the Unicenter Message Queuing Service (CAM); if this were to be exploited this could cause CAM to exit. This affects all currently available versions of CAM (v1.05, v1.07 and v1.11) running on Microsoft Windows, NetWare or OS/2 operating systems.

A resolution to this problem has been published and we advise our customers to apply the relevant patch to all systems running CAM. The following table details the patches (the version may be determined by running the 'camstat' command).

CAM v1.05 QO44056
CAM v1.07 QO44054
CAM v1.11 QO44057
CAM v1.05 QO44055
CAM v1.07 QO44053
CAM v1.07 QO44058