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Potential Vulnerability in Oracle's JRE

There is a potential vulnerability in Oracle's JRE as delivered with CA Gen 7.0, 7.5, 7.6 and r8. Please follow the links below to Oracle's web site and follow the steps provided to correct the problems.

Potential Vulnerability Information
Oracle Java SE Critical Patch Update Advisory - June 2011

Java JDK, JRE, and SDK contain multiple vulnerabilities. For details, see
References: CVE-2011-0862, CVE-2011-0873, CVE-2011-0815, CVE-2011-0817, CVE-2011-0863, CVE-2011-0864, CVE-2011-0802, CVE-2011-0814, CVE-2011-0871, CVE-2011-0786, CVE-2011-0788, CVE-2011-0866, CVE-2011-0868, CVE-2011-0872, CVE-2011-0867, CVE-2011-0869, CVE-2011-0865

BID 48122 - Oracle Java HotSpot Certificate Validation Security Bypass Vulnerability

Oracle Java HotSpot is prone to a security-bypass vulnerability because it fails to properly validate a self-signed certificate provider. Successful exploits will allow attackers to bypass certain security restrictions.

Oracle Java SE and Java for Business Critical Patch Update Advisory - February 2011

Java JDK 6u23 and earlier, 5.0u27 and earlier, and 1.4.2_29 and earlier contain multiple vulnerabilities. Details and patches are available at
CVE references: CVE-2010-4452, CVE-2010-4454, CVE-2010-4462, CVE-2010-4463, CVE-2010-4465, CVE-2010-4467, CVE-2010-4469, CVE-2010-4473, CVE-2010-4422, CVE-2010-4451, CVE-2010-4466, CVE-2010-4470, CVE-2010-4471, CVE-2010-4476, CVE-2010-4447, CVE-2010-4475, CVE-2010-4468, CVE-2010-4450, CVE-2010-4448, CVE-2010-4472, CVE-2010-4474

Oracle Java SE and Java for Business Critical Patch Update Advisory - October 2010

This Critical Patch Update contains 29 new security fixes across Java SE and Java for Business products. For details, see

Sun JRE 1.5.0_06 Numerous

See Sun security alerts site for more info.