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CA's Official Statement Regarding the New Daylight Saving Time Change

Last Updated: November 03, 2013

Pursuant to the US Energy Policy Act of 2005, Daylight Saving Time (DST) will be extended in March 2007 to begin at 02:00 a.m. on the second Sunday of March and end at 02:00 a.m. on the first Sunday of November (the "DST Change"). CA is in the process of evaluating relevant CA products to determine the impact, if any, of the DST Change on such products. Current information regarding unaffected CA products is set forth in the product matrix located here. Updated information will be posted on a regular basis. Please check this site frequently for updates. If you have further questions, please contact CA Technical Support for your specific product(s) at: Contact & Support Essentials.

CA shall support its customers, consistent with its published policies and customer agreements, in connection with any issues associated with the DST Change. CA shall provide product fixes for any CA products affected by the DST Change ("Affected Products") on a when and if-available basis as part of CA maintenance and support, and in the form of a maintenance release or regularly scheduled major product release (each a "Release"). Releases for Affected Products shall be made available to CA licensees who are current subscribers to CA maintenance and support on a when and if-available basis. CA licensees shall be required to (i) provide the appropriate operating environment to enable implementation of any Release; and (ii) perform any necessary DST maintenance or administration in connection with (a) licensee's hardware and non-CA software; or (b) licensee's CA software products that require such DST maintenance or administration regardless of the current DST Change.

Neither this statement nor the below product matrix shall serve to (i) affect the rights and/or obligations of CA or its licensees under any existing or future written license agreement or services agreement between the parties relating to any CA software product; or (ii) amend any product documentation or specifications for any CA software product.