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CA20090107-01 - Security Notice for CA Service Metric Analysis and CA Service Level Management

Issued: January 07, 2009

CA's support is alerting customers to a security risk associated with CA Service Metric Analysis and CA Service Level Management. A vulnerability exists that can allow a remote attacker to execute arbitrary commands. CA has issued patches to address the vulnerability.

The vulnerability, CVE-2009-0043, is due to insufficient access restrictions associated with the smmsnmpd service. A remote attacker can exploit this vulnerability to execute arbitrary commands in the context of the service.

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Affected Products

CA Service Level Management 3.5
CA Service Metric Analysis r11.0
CA Service Metric Analysis r11.1
CA Service Metric Analysis r11.1 SP1

How to determine if the installation is affected

  1. Run the ApplyPTF utility (preferably the latest one from CA) on the machine where SMA/SLM is installed.

  2. Select the option "List PTFs applied on local or remote nodes." and click Next.

  3. Enter the hostname of the machine on which SMA/SLM is installed in the "List PTF(s) on Node:" input box and make sure that "List Node Type" is set to "NT". In the input box "Write Output to File", you may set the complete path to a text file where the output may be written, for example, "C:\ptflist.txt". Click Next.

  4. Select "UNISLM" in the Product section and click Next.

  5. The list of fixes that have been applied on SMA will be provided in the output section and also written to the file specified in Step 3.

  6. Manually verify if the output contains the following line:

    1. If the product version is SMA 11.1x, the line should be "PTF Wizard installed T5LX006".

    2. If the product version is SLM 3.5, the line should be "PTF Wizard installed T5LX007".

    3. If the product version is SMA 11.0, the line should be "PTF Wizard installed T5LX008".

  7. If the line is not present, then the product is vulnerable; else, it has been patched.


CA has issued the following patches to address the vulnerabilities.

CA Service Level Management 3.5:

CA Service Metric Analysis r11.0:

CA Service Metric Analysis r11.1,
CA Service Metric Analysis r11.1 SP1:


The only workaround is to disable the smmsnmpd Windows service in the "services.msc" application. However, doing so will also disable all SNMP based metric data collections if they are being collected.


CVE-2009-0043 - SMA smmsnmpd command execution


CVE-2009-0043 - Michel Arboi of Tenable Network Security

Change History

Version 1.0: Initial Release

If additional information is required, please contact CA Support at

If you discover a vulnerability in CA products, please report your findings to the CA Product Vulnerability Response Team.