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Unicenter Network and Systems Management
CA Common Services
Security Notice

Issued: August 24, 2005
Last Updated: August 24, 2005

Important Note from CA Support: CA Message Queuing Patches are Now Available to Address Several Security Vulnerabilities.

Unicenter NSM 3.0/3.1 specific components affected

Unicenter CA Common Services (CCS)
System Performance Option
Unicenter Explorer / Jasmine Infrastructure

Affected platforms:
All platforms.

In order to ensure your systems are operating in a safe and secure mode, please make sure you are running the most current versions of the CA Message Queuing component in your environment.

Customers with vulnerable versions should upgrade to either CA Message Queuing v1.07 Build 220_13 or v1.11 Build 29_13. CA Message Queuing patches that address these issues can be downloaded from here.

The complete security notice is available at this link.

Currently available Unicenter NSM Master Image patches can be obtained from
Unicenter Network and Systems Management 3.1 0403 Solutions & Patches
Unicenter Network and Systems Management 3.1 0000 Solutions & Patches
Unicenter Network and Systems Management 3.0 0211 Solutions & Patches

CA strongly recommends the application of the appropriate CA Message Queuing Patch.

Customers wishing to patch their Unicenter Software Delivery 4.0 SP1 CD sets can do so using the patches available from here.