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TO: Users of Unicenter TNG MVS Manager Option 1.2 for NT
FROM: Computer Associates Technical Support
DATE: January 17, 2001
SUBJECT: MEMO 1.2 Service Pack 2(MEMO12N02)


Agent Technologies Support. Enhancements to support automatic
configuration when communicating with the upcoming Agent
Technologies version of the SSM agent were added. This will
be a feature available in OPS/MVS 4.4.

"Completed" State. A new state (used only for CPM) representing a
completed job flow was added.

Documentation Added. Additional documentation was added to the
"What's This" help areas of the SNMP port GUI.

Previous State Field Width. The width of this field was
increased to prevent obscuring its contents in certain

API Log Level. Problems with using the API Log were corrected.
The proper level of error logging can be configured.

Set MODE Before STATE. If both MODE and STATE are changed at the
same time, we resolve them in the proper order.

Community Names. Customers may now use non-PUBLIC community names.

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