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CCC/Harvest 4.1.1 Service Pack for Windows NT Servers and Windows NT/9x/2000 Clients

Following are descriptions of the resolutions to problems that existed in CCC/Harvest Release 4.1.0. Installation instructions are located at the end of this document.

Issues Resolved in This Release

  1. When selecting a version through the package view and executing the interactive merge process, the user no longer gets a blank window.
  2. Interactive Merge now properly handles the string ======= when contained in the text of a file.
  3. The import and export utilities ( and now work with Oracle8.
  4. The Multisite forms ("Multisite Site Definition" and "Multisite Mapping") can now be used in Harvest Explorer.
  5. The CCC/Harvest server will no longer terminate abnormally for a promote that does not have all the approvals completed.
  6. In the Session Log on Harvest Explorer, the cursor is now correctly placed at the end of the last line of text.
  7. In Harvest Explorer, the version chooser date picker now offers a range of hours from 00 to 24.
  8. In the Workbench and Harvest Explorer, versions created in different years are now sorted in the correct order.
  9. Errors are now correctly logged in both hinteg.log and hinteg.err.
  10. The Harvest Windows extension now pops up a dialog to warn the user an error has occurred during processing. This error report augments the current error reporting done in the Session Log.
  11. Creating a new package where the default initial state has been deleted now sets the default initial state correctly to the current state.
  12. The trigger on the Defect Tracking form field "reported by" no longer pads the name with spaces. Searches using this field now complete successfully when the desired name is found.
  13. During interactive merge, Harvest Explorer now displays the same error message (E0587 Merge failed; resolved version has no difference) as the workbench.
  14. Form Chooser searches complete successfully when the desired information is found regardless of location in the form. ALL values on ALL tabs of a form are now searched.
  15. When a file does not exist during an HCI command, a non-zero return code is now correctly emitted with the E0859 error message. This ensures subsequent processing continues or not as defined by the user.
  16. When selecting a viewpath in the Set Context function of the Harvest Windows Extension, the dialog now opens up a tree expanded down to the current view path.
  17. Checkin and checkout in the Harvest Windows Extension can now successfully handle file names with embedded spaces.
  18. In both the Harvest Workbench and Explorer, the conflicting last line of text for Interactive Merge is no longer truncated when this line does not end with a carriage return.
  19. A repository viewpath created through a checkin to one environment is now visible to all current and newly added environments using the repository in their master view.
  20. Harvest can now execute UDPs that do not specify an extension (e.g. .exe, .cmd).
  21. Cross environment merge now correctly creates new viewpaths and makes visible ALL the versions created with the package being merged.
  22. The Package History report is now sorted correctly by month/day and year.
  23. When using the version chooser in the Workbench to select one or more versions NOT in or below the current viewpath, the versions passed to a UDP are now fully qualified to include the correct absolute path.
  24. In Harvest Explorer, a user with view access for forms can now correctly execute searches. The Forms... menu selection on the Tools->Find menu is no longer grayed out if view access is defined for the user.
  25. Error "E0701 No server -version Release 4.0.1 is available at broker..." now correctly displays 4.1.1 as the valid version of the server.
  26. The Network Security Interface for CCC/Harvest is now available. Users in a Windows NT environment can now automatically login to CCC/Harvest without inputting a username/password. If the user's network username does not exist in CCC/Harvest, a login window will pop up. The security interface functionality is similar to the CCC/Harvest Unix Client.

  27. To use this interface:
    a) Start a CCC/Harvest server with the authentication turned off.
    b) Verify the NT username exists in Harvest. If not, create one or modify an existing one.
    c) On the client side, use CCC/Harvest Configuration to set the broker location to where you wish to connect.
    d) Start Harvest Explorer or CCC/Harvest (Workbench or Admin). Your Harvest session starts automatically without requiring a second login.
  28. A blank inadvertently placed at the end of a repository name will no longer cause the repository to be inaccessible during checkin or checkout. The blank is eliminated so the repository and the repository path correctly reflect the same name.
  29. The Harvest Windows Extension has been enhanced to allow the creation of a package in two ways:
    a) The CCC/Harvest->Set Context window now has a 'New' button associated with the Package pull-down menu. When clicked, the button displays a dialog box to enter the package name to be created. This newly-created package is then used as the package context until it is changed by the user.
    Note: The "new" package will only get created after the user clicks 'ok' or 'apply' on the Set Context dialog.
    b) There is now a "Create Package" option on the CCC/Harvest menu, which comes up when the user right-clicks on any file or folder in the Windows Explorer. When this option is selected, a dialog box comes up to enter the package name to be created.


Installation Instructions for the Server

  1. Exit CCC/Harvest and shut down the Harvest server(s). Make sure all users are logged off before shutting down the server(s).
  2. Shut down the PLATINUM License Manager.
  3. Download the file
  4. Make sure you have write access to the files being overwritten (see below).
  5. Unzip the patch file into your %HARVESTHOME% directory.
  6. From the DOS prompt, change directory to %HARVESTHOMEinstall and execute the following batch file, substituting the name and password of the Oracle user that owns the CCC/Harvest tables:
  7. 411upgrade.bat <oracle user> <Oracle user's password>
  8. Restart your computer, make sure the License Manager is running, then start at least one server.
  9. Installation Instructions for the Client

    1. Exit CCC/Harvest.

    2. Download the file for a client update.

    3. Make sure you have write access to the files being overwritten (see below).

    4. Unzip the patch file into your %HARVESTHOME% directory.

    Pre-Requisite(s): CCC/Harvest 4.1.0

    Files New or Being Overwritten: