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CCC/Harvest 5.1.0 Release Notes

Jan. 2002


CCC/Harvest 5.1.0 addresses the following needs:

  1. New enhancement requests from Harvest user group

  2. A complete Web browser based interface for both Admin and Workbench

  3. Functions/platform support replicating those found in Harvest 4.x but missing in Harvest 5.0.2

  4. Fixes for customer escalated issues on 5.01/5.02

    Operating Environment Support

    Harvest Component OS
    Client – Window GUI Win98, NT, Win2000, WinXP
    Client – Command line Win98, NT, Win2000, WinXP, Solaris, AIX, HPUX, Linux, Tru64
    Server NT, Win2000, WinXP*, Solaris, AIX, HPUX, Linux
    Agent Win98, NT, Win2000, WinXP, Solaris, AIX, HPUX, Linux, Tru64, MVS
    Web Server MS IIS, iPlanet, WebSphere, Apache
    Web Client IE5.5 or Netscape 6.1/Mozilla 0.9.5
    Harvest SDK (C++ API) NT, Win2000, WinXP, Solaris, AIX, HPUX, Linux, Tru64
    Harvest COM wrapper NT, Win2000, WinXP
    Harvest VCI interface NT, Win2000, WinXP

    Note: Win95 support is dropped due to the maintenance termination from Microsoft. Netscape 4.7 will not support Forms tab, Interactive Merge, and Compare View processes.

    * - pending the certification for Oracle 8.1.7 on WinXP from Oracle

  5. Win98 – Window98

  6. NT – Windows NT 4.0 service pack 6a

  7. Win2000 – Windows 2000 (sp2) Server and Advanced Server

  8. Solaris – 2.6, 2.7, 2.8

  9. HPUX – 11.00

  10. AIX – 4.3.3

  11. Linux – Red Hat 7.1 [New platform support]

  12. Tru64 – V5.0, V5.1 [New platform support]

  13. MS IIS 4.0, iPlanet 6.0 (sp1), WebSphere 4.0.1, Apache 1.3.20

    Other Products Installed With Harvest 5.1.0

  14. Enterprise Communicator (PEC 4.3)

  15. CAI/PT ODBC Driver (v. 3.11)

  16. CA Cryptographic Engine

  17. SCC based VCI support

    IDE Version Certified
    Microsoft Visual Basic, Visual C++ 6.0
    Sybase PowerBuilder 7.0.3
    IBM VAJ 3.5.3, 4.0
    Visual Cafe 4.5.1
    Rational Rose 2001a.04.00


    New Enhancement Features in Forms

  18. Form attachments

    The user may attach a file or a URL to a form. For example, a testing script, change doc, or testing result can be attached to a form. Any number of attachments may be added, and users may also remove attachments. Attachments are stored in the database.

  19. Add the ability to re-enter a custom form wizard editing session. A custom form wizard session can be re-loaded if the corresponding form record has not been created in the database.

    Start the Form Wizard from the Harvest Administrator. Enter the name of the existing form to continue a previous Form Wizard session on that form. Once the custom form has been added to the database, the form can no longer be updated.

    New Enhancement Features in View Version

  20. View Version in External Editor

    The View Version utility in the Windows IDE now supports viewing of files in an external editor. The file will be opened as the type registered with Windows.

  21. View Version from within the Harvest IDE has been enhanced to support the viewing of all text file types.

    New Functions and Enhancements in the HSDK

    The following Harvest processes have been added in the this release:

  22. Cross Project Merge

  23. Take Snapshot

  24. Execute UDP

  25. HSQL

    The following enhancements have been made to the existing HSDK:


  26. SetVersionNumber[new]: allows the selection of a specific version.

  27. SetItemPackageObjId[new]: selects latest versions in view for items in package.


  28. SetPackageName[change]: takes an index value, allowing specification of multiple package names.

  29. SetPackageObjId[new]: select package by objid, allowing multiple items to be accessed via an index value.

    New platform support for the HSDK:

  30. Red Hat Linux

  31. Compaq Tru64 UNIX

    A new COM API for integration needs on Windows platforms

  32. The functions supported in COM API will be identical to those in the Harvest SDK C++ API.v

    Function Enhancements and Usage Improvements in the Web Interface

    The functions and usability for the Web interface are greatly enhanced.

  33. Support interactive merge process.

  34. Support UDP process on the server-side.

  35. Support cross project merge process.

  36. Support Compare View process.

    Note: Must use IE5.5 or Netscape 6.x/Mozilla 0.9.5 to execute the Compare View process.

  37. Support form attachments.

  38. New content page is displayed for any Harvest process execution.

    Harvest context is refreshed when the movement of a package or version occurs.

  39. User is able to modify Harvest view path for check-in/check-out operations

    Add the default view path and client directory in the left hand side context area as well as support the anchor concept.

  40. Ability to delete one or many change packages and package groups.

  41. New Directory Chooser added to the user context setting and Check Out page.

  42. Improved page layout: Context history is accessible below the Current Context display. Default View Path and Default Client Path settings have been added to the Current Context display.

  43. Improved Edit Context page: added client machine, default username and password, and default client directory. These settings will be used as the global defaults for the agent login page.

  44. The implementation of form tabs is supported via IE5.5 or Netscape 6.x.

  45. Reports in Harweb Administrator:

    Custom HSQL reporting interface: Web SQL. The Harvest administrator can enter any SQL query to to the Harvest database and rertieve the output in an html table.

    Reports include access report for Harvest object, project summary, user summary, user group summary, repository summary. For each project, user can generate reports for life cycle, state, view, access, package group, approval definition, and related repository. For each state, user can generate reports for process, and state access. Admin can get the modified item, reserved item, and user group reports based on each user. User list report is available for each user group. For each repository, user can get the item list and repository access reports.

  46. The Administrator has the added ability to navigate and set access to the repository item paths.

  47. Reports in Harweb Workbench

    New reports: package history, version list, latest version list, modified item, reserved item.

  48. Harweb runs on WebSphere Application Server Single Server Edition 4.0.1 NT/Win2000/Linux.

    Escalated Customer Issues Addressed in This Release

  49. Command line hco package filter option does not match Harvest 4 behavior.
    (STAR#11278817, #11203859)
    The package filter option will now check out the latest version in view.

  50. Multiple network card support on AIX.
    The problem is resolved with a LicenseIT patch. Contact technical support for details.

  51. Harwind recursive checkout: If the directory to be checked in is more than two subdirectories down, it fails.

  52. HSQL output column order.
    The order of the columns in the output from HSQL will now match the order in the SELECT clause.

  53. System parameter [package] is empty for package-level check in.

  54. Errors converting versions from Harvest 4.1.2 when data is empty or compressed.

  55. VAJ interface GPF while adding project.

  56. Unable to use commas in the SQL statement for a CADbCombo control in a form.

  57. Radio buttons on form are disabled.

  58. View Version: file should be deleted from TEMP directory after viewing.

  59. Tngmesg.hlp missing from Windows installation.

  60. Data source with underline character on UNIX platform.
    (STAR#11295295) (No fix yet, will doc this)

  61. Support iPlanet 6.0 SP1

  62. Support a "no prompt" UDP execution in Windows GUI.

  63. Remote agent "deadlock" with hco.

  64. VCI project conversion from 4.1.2 to 5.1.
    VCI project files created in Harvest 4.1.2 can now be used after conversion to Harvest 5.1.


    Functions Available in Harvest 4.1

  66. The Harvest command-line hco option for package filter, -pf, will now filter on latest versions in view for those items in the –pf <package>. This is consistent with Harvest 4.x. A new option named package option, -po, will filter on only those versions specified in the package option, -po <package>.

  67. Provide hft - footprint command line program

  68. Shared working directory option in the check-out process

  69. Duplicate Repository object

    To duplicate a repository, user can copy a repository and paste into repository tree. Definition of text extension in source repository is copied over.

  70. Reports

    Summary of project and repository, project life cycle, and related access information will be available via Administrator GUI and Web Admin interface. Package history and details are available via Workbench GUI. Default Reports via InfoReport viewer will be available via Harweb.

  71. Allow customer defined port number in the communication layer

    User can alter the default Harvest port number in the communication layer. The current default is 5101.

  72. Add Cross Project Merge, Take Snapshot, UDP, and HSQL to the Harvest SDK

    These functions are available in Harvest 4 SIK. Take Snapshot is the most demanding one.

  73. "Save changes" to life cycle diagram

    Allow user to modify the life cycle diagram and save the changes to the diagram. The change involves the state icon shown in horizontal and vertical location.

  74. User based install – Administrator account not necessary to install

    Harvest 4 adopts this approach. Client is only available to whoever installs the product.

  75. Network (save space) Install

    Harvest 4 network install just installs the client to a network drive. The user can run it from there. Harvest 5 requires COM registration for many components. Because of this you cannot run it by just clicking on the icon from a network drive.

  76. Update utilities: rcstohar and sccstohar

    Bug Fixes

  77. Package description: GPF if 256 chars limit is exceeded

  78. View paths are not displayed in the sorted order in version path picker

  79. If package name contains backslash, double click causes GPF

  80. Fix the problem on package finder which does not filter the approved package based on state

  81. For installation on Windows platform: remove spmail.exe and use hmail.exe

  82. Allow cross project merge command line to handle multiple packages

  83. Remove the load repository 32767 files limitation on Windows platform

  84. Command-line hup cannot set the assignee to be "No Assignee"

  85. Remote agent: file permission bits incorrect on UNIX platform during execution of check out for browse mode process.

  86. The performance of conversion from Harvest 4.1.2 to Harvest 5.1 was improved.

  87. STAR #11473200-1: Agent in deadlock. Synchronous hco executions using the remote agent resulting in a locked hco process.

    Installation Considerations for 5.1.0

    Non-Admin Windows Client Installation

    Installation of the Harvest 5.1.0 client on a Windows NT/2K machine without Administrator rights may encounter the following error when starting the client interface:

    "The procedure entry point__lc_collate_cp could not be located in dynamic link library MSVCRT.dll"

    To workaround this error run the following from a command prompt:

    mv.exe msvcrt.1 msvcrt.dll

    mv.exe msvcirt.1 msvcirt.dll

    Restart the computer.

    Migration to Harvest 5.1.0

    Windows – 5.0x to 5.1.0 Upgrade

  88. The Harvest 5.1.0 install for Windows has been modified to comply with CA installation standards.

  89. Previous Windows releases of Harvest must be uninstalled before Harvest 5.1.0 can be installed.

  90. The user is prompted to specify a location for installation of CA products (Harvest, PEC, CAI/PT ODBC). The default location is C:Program FilesCA. Please note this location is not the %HARVESTHOME% but the install path. The %HARVESTHOME% will be one directory below the install path. If a shared component (PEC, CAI/PT ODBC) is already installed, then the new version will be installed into the current installation location. Otherwise, it is installed under the selected CA install folder.

    Client/Server/AgentOnly Pre-Installation Steps

    Perform the following steps to prepare for the installation of Harvest 5.1.0:

  91. Back up any custom files (i.e., UDP scripts) in the %HARVESTHOME% location if necessary.

  92. From Add/Remove programs in the Windows Control Panel, un-install the Harvest client and/or server.

  93. Restart the computer.

    Client/Server/AgentOnly Installation Considerations

    The steps described below are meant to clarify the selection of the install location for the Harvest product components. For detailed information on all installation dialogs, see the CCC/Harvest Install Guide 5.1.0, Chapter 1 "Installation on Windows Systems."

  94. Run the installation setup for the Harvest 5.1.0 client or server.

  95. When prompted for the install location, do not select the old Harvest 5.0x %HARVESTHOME% location (i.e., <path>CCC_Harvest_5.0). Either select the default location path (C:Program FilesCA) or choose a new location.

    Note: The install path is the location for CA products, not the %HARVESTHOME%. The %HARVESTHOME% will be located one directory level below the install location.

  96. See the CCC/Harvest Install Guide 5.1.0, Chapter 1 for further detailed instructions on installing the client and server on Windows platforms.

    Server Remote Database Installation Considerations

    The Harvest database resides on a different host machine than the Harvest server in this configuration. Follow steps 1 and 2 above in "Client/Server/Agent Only Installation Considerations". Next, the Harvest database schema needs to be updated:

  97. Locate the SQL script "Upgrade.sql" found in the %HARVESTHOMEInstalllog directory. Run the "Upgrade.sql" script against the Harvest database using the Harvest table owner. For example:

    sqlplus harvest/harvest@<service> @Upgrade.sql

    where <service> is an Oracle TCP/IP service name to connect to the remote database machine.

    Note: For those users running "Harvest server versions", you will need to run Upgrade.sql against every database instance or user.

    For further information, see the Harvest Installation Guide 5.1 Ch. 1 "Installation on Windows Systems".

    UNIX – 5.0x to 5.1.0 Harvest Server/AgentOnly upgrade

    On UNIX systems, the following Harvest server components require upgrading:

  98. CA Licensing – Lic98

  99. Harvest server – version 5.1.0

  100. Enterprise Communicator (PEC) – new version 4.3

  101. CAI/PT ODBC – v3.11

    AgentOnly installs (no Harvest server), require the following components be upgraded:

  102. Harvest Agent – version 5.1.0

  103. Enterprise Communicator (PEC) – new version 4.3 The installation locations for the above components do not need to change. Each component installation will provide the upgrade to the current version.

    See the CCC/Harvest Install Guide 5.1, Chapter 2 "Installation on UNIX Systems" for detailed installation instructions.

    Server: Remote Database Installation Considerations

    The Harvest database resides on a different host machine than the Harvest server in this configuration. Upgrade the components indicated above for the Harvest server. Next, the Harvest database schema needs to be updated:

  104. Locate the SQL script "Upgrade.sql" found in the
    $HARVESTHOME/install/etc directory. Run the "Upgrade.sql" script against the Harvest database using the Harvest table owner. For example:

    sqlplus harvest/harvest@<service> @Upgrade.sql

    where <service> is an Oracle TCP/IP service name to connect to the remote machine.

    Note: For those users running "Harvest server versions", you will need to run Upgrade.sql against every database instance or user.

    See the CCC/Harvest Install Guide 5.1, Appendix A "CCC/Harvest UNIX Installation for Remote Database" for detailed installation instructions.