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March 02, 2001
CCC/Harvest support level 2
Santa Barbara, CA

This patch include harserv.exe, which is for issue 10744588: Version Chooser sorts versions differently between harvest 3.0.1 and 4.1.2. When using Version Chooser from harvest 4.1.2 workbench, if you select "Modified" in Item field, "Latest in View" in Version field, the output of the versions looks like:
abcitem1 0...
acbitem2 0
abditem3 0
which is different from harvest 3.0.1.

After apply this patch, the output looks like:
abcitem1 0...
abditem2 0
acbitem3 0
In oder to apply this patch, you have to upgrade to harvest 4.1.2 server (NT) first, then replace harserv.exe with this new one.

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